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The markets continue to move down

This is not going to play well unless Xi gives the Don what he wants.

Expect to see some twitter spin.

Oh! I know blame Powell.

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Reporting: The markets continue to move down
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RE: unless Xi gives the Don what he wants.

And even IF/WHEN Xi doesn't...

TheRUMP will either claim VICTORY OR never mention the word tariff again.

Xi is NOT running for election....

More egg on the face of the guy with the orange face....

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No matter which way the 'easy to win' thing goes expect to see twitter spin.

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I won't even pay attention

to the market till it drops below 24,000 on DJI. That's how far it would have to go now just to be a 2% drop in market value. It's not even a 10% "correction" till it drops to 24,600 or down 2600 points. A 2% drop in market is barely a sneeze.

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Good point about the 10%.

I remember thinking that back at the 10,000 level, or maybe less.

The flip side is the panic by some who see -5%, or -$6000.
Many "investors" these days are algorithms, but there are still many of those crazy humans involved.

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Based on perception rather than reality

It's not the same as cash in the pocket. Also, if you look at the total change in the markets comparing the first two years of the current president, you'll see that the increase is still several times that of the previous president during his last two years. There's always an Eeyore in the room who's ready to speak when things are otherwise going well. He'll complain about an empty punch bowl rather than noting that punch was exceptionally good.

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you only mention stock market

When it goes down, never up.

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Stock market....nope

Watch the bond market.
That's the big guy that runs the show.

Stock market.
That got a brief bump from Ryan's tax cut for the wealthy but it was bound to fade.

Now we have the Don raising taxes on the poor and middle class with his tariffs.

We will see how well that plays out in the next election.

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I'll throw this in, for kicks.

Xi is acting very much like The Man with the Upper Hand. If he's right, it's not good for a country with its leadership not having a clue about world events.
If he's wrong, or acting, he still has the advantage. He has no electorate to worry about. The Chinese Minister for Citizens' Rights is ...
demoted to work in a Walmart factory in Guangdong.

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Next to the fireworks factory.

Which is next to the school.*

* Look it up.

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This just in:
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Sure you can

China is paying the tariffs.

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(NT) And the market's on the rise again
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Yes they are

The Don best hope the economy does not start to move down before the next election.

We shall see what his tariffs bring.

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I have to ask.

"_And_ the market's..."
Does that mean you took Bob's post as straight information? That China _is_ paying the tariffs in lieu of them being passed down to US consumers?

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(NT) Oh. OK. I guess you read that on Twit.

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