The lights have finally come on?

Donald Trump confesses US Presidency is 'bigger job than he thought'

Donald Trump has admitted the presidency is "a bigger job than I thought", a leading Republican has revealed.

After meeting the President-elect last week, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told USA Today the billionaire businessman was starting to appreciate the burden of the Oval Office.

Mr Gingrich said: "He commented, 'This is really a bigger job than I thought.' Which is good. He should think that."

The newspaper also reported Mr Trump had been unaware he would have to replace the entire Presidential staff upon taking office.

Mr Gingrich criticised the President-elect for his unfounded assertion regarding illegal voting, saying: "The president of the United States can't randomly tweet without having somebody check it out.

Yeah...right, he should think that...He should have "thought that" 3 years ago.

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Reporting: The lights have finally come on?
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Too bad BO didn't realize it EVER.........

He continues to treat the position as one huge personal party.

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(NT) Obama TOLD TheRUMP a couple weeks ago
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I stand corrected....

It took him 8 YEARS to realize it now that he's LEAVING it. I guess even egomaniacs come to the conclusion one day that they can't always get what they want.....because the PEOPLE WILL stop them.

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RE:It took him 8 YEARS to realize

NO it was 8 years after he took the job that he said those words....He knew when he took it even BEFORE he won...he was giving some advice to the ignoramus that was filling his boots.

Pense might be having second thoughts.

- Collapse - took him 8 years

to realize the job is hard, JP...he never said so before Trump. It was all 'easy-peasy' to him because he really didn't have to do much since he had so many of his agencies and underlings doing what he wanted them to do and he fired everyone who didn't agree with him. What was so hard for him? He was great at giving lectures to Republicans, great at intimidating, blackmailing, twisting arms, and lying to his own Dems to get Obamacare passed, even better at partying with celebrities including trash-talking 'stars' that his daughters could 'look up to', praising groups like OWS and BLM, encouraging protestors even when they are destructive, insulting cops and the military every chance he got, supporting groups that he was totally against while campaigning like gays wanting to get married and Planned Parenthood, suing States that had the balls to defy him, and handing out EO's like they were candy even when they destroyed our economy and businesses.

What makes you think Pence is changing his mind?

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RE:great at intimidating, blackmailing, twisting arms,

I know the answer to that one....Donald J. Trump.

Remember Ted Cruz?

So it’s very likely we are talking about a whole lot of cajoling, seducing, bribing, arm-twisting and deal making to decide the nominee. We might even be talking about threats, blackmail and physical intimidation.

I LOVE IT!!!!! It's like shooting fish in a barrel

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where do you hang your fish to dry?

Salt them first?

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Salon was as wrong as the rest of the

media, both left and right, JP.....Trump fought back to win the Primary....they nearly all TRIED but failed in their attempts because they weren't 'street fighters' and Trump wasn't afraid to be one, even if it had to be a temporary thing. It worked in the Primary and it worked in the General Election against a REAL street fighter. She lost because she wasn't as good at it as he was because he was able to pull a switch on her at the last minute by actually become more 'presidential' than SHE could be....she kept up the street fighting and HE went to the POLICIES instead. SHE counted on 'her' media......HE counted on the PEOPLE and his own instincts.

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A job bigger than expected

Some might find that so intimidating that they'd give up right away.

Some might find that to be so challenging that they'd welcome the opportunity to test their own limits.

I've heard it said that the only people who have never failed are the ones who've never tried to do anything.

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LOL, sounds like every....

....fixup job I start around here. Last one was to ONLY replace noisy front struts on my van. Then I had to replace the broken stabilizers I discovered, the other "knock" sound. Then I had to replace the almost worn out brake pads. Then I had to bleed the brake line. By end of it I was glad I'd chosen to use premounted new spring struts instead of also needing to compress off the old springs just to save some money by using struts only.

Next job is oil filter and change oil, and it's 35 F outside. I think I'll spring for the $30 labor charge and let Jiffy Lube do it for me instead.

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(NT) Good to see you were doing something productive

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