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Reporting: The Don's taxes
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One needs to wonder

if these folks really have anything productive to do.

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Remember my prediction.

Trump until 2020, then no Trump, or 4 more.

Is there an omen in Paul's prophecy, in 1Thess I think, about the Last Trump? (KJV)

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Make the Don look bad.

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So lawmakers getting paid to

speculate and investigate is legislative "productivity"? I say we need to dump them all and find more folks that know how to cooperate.

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Forget it.
With so many of our pols being far left or right they can't talk to each other.
If we dumped the whole crew and elected a fresh batch not much would change.

Hopefully this is just a phase were going through and the voters will tire of it and start sending middle of the road people to Washington.

Pols that can do a little give and take to move things along.

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He's already been under audit for a

a number of years....if there was anything shady with foreign countries, I'm sure they would have found something already (especially with a liberal IRS for the last 12 years and Trump as a candidate and President for the last three) and leaked it. This is nothing more than harassment and you can bet a court fight will be in order or any Congressional committee would be able to grab ANYBODY'S tax returns...all with no reason to do so other than spite/revenge. a 'suspicion', or for political reasons. Huge civil liberties issues here...….just pass laws that give them complete access to your life no matter who you are, and throw in another one that does away with attorney/client privilege since Mueller already violated that one and got away with it..

The only fur that will fly with this will be coming from the hide of all those Dems because I can see a SCOTUS reaming in the near future....Trump's lawyers will fast track it, I'm sure. Unless you have a REAL CRIME to investigate, you are NOT allowed to legally go on a 'fishing expedition' to investigate a PERSON. In this country you investigate crimes THEN make the connection to the PERSON, not the other way around.

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From what I can tell

Being under audit does not prevent you from releasing your tax returns.
That's an excuse the Don is using.

The dems want those returns so now they are asking the IRS.

If they get those returns they will nail the Don's fat head to the cross.

The Don knows that so he will push it up to Scotus in hopes of blocking it.

All part of the political game.

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How predictable....

"If they get those returns they will nail the Don's fat head to the cross." You and the rest have been saying since day one that every item that hit the news was the 'smoking gun' that was going to take him out and you continue to get egg on your faces. As I said....they have NO reason to legally get his taxes because they only SUSPECT there MIGHT be something there they can use. IF the IRS HAD anything after so many years of auditing him back to back years, they would have ALREADY leaked it since BO politicized that department/agency early on and weaponized it to go after political opponents. The USA laws do NOT ALLOW fishing expeditions....IF the DEMS HAVE a CRIME they want to investigate, fine....but you are NOT allowed to investigate a PERSON and HOPE you find a crime, Bob. THAT'S why nothing will happen except court hearings until SCOTUS rules on this garbage BS.

The Dems put ALL their eggs into Mueller (even to the point of wanting to have a BILL written to protect him from being fired....they really believed, as you did, that Mueller was going to find Trump 'guilty' of SOMETHING and that didn't happen. They ALL said they would accept his findings and now can't handle another loss. It's ridiculously insane to continue with this crap and it's a real loser for 2020 for anybody who supports this trash.


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The Don

Got elected because the dems fielded a loser and the Don fed you BS and you bought it.

From what I understand the request to the IRS is to see if the IRS is doing it's job.

Of course that's nonsense but it might fly with the courts.

Mueller report.....all we have so far is a summary from a Don lover.

Did you expect the dems to accept that?

No egg on my face I recognize the fat head for what he is.......conman/salesman.

He keeps feeding the righties junk and they buy it.

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Mueller is the one

who is working with Barr and Rosenstein to do the redacting before the full report is released. Do you believe that Mueller is a 'Don lover'? Do you think that the Dems believe that Mueller is NOW a Trump supporter and will help hide portions of the report to protect him when they believed he was a god until a week ago and would be their salvation?

The only ones buying BS are the liberals who had full faith in crap 'news' agencies like CNN and MSNBC for years just to realize they have been continuously lied to over and over.....and not one of you can admit it.

Do you admit that the dossier was a lie, that the FBI knew it all along, they lied to the FISA courts four times, that the HILL and DNC paid millions to foreign agents to create it (FERA laws broken as well), Comey committed a felony by releasing confidential docs to his friend to leak to the papers in order to get a special counsel appointed, that NO AMERICAN was in a conspiracy with Russia to throw the election to Trump BUT that the HILL's CAMPAIGN was in a conspiracy with UKRANIA to throw it to HER (more FERA laws broken), and that there's plenty more REAL evidence that points to everything that Trump has been accused of actually pertains to the DNC and HILL instead, including having BO's AG Lynch told the FBI to NOT recommend charges against HILL according to emails from the 'lovers'....????????

Has CNN or MSNBC or any other liberal station reported ANY of this information to the people?

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The Dems

Are not going to buy into a summary from a Don closed.
They want to see the full report.

As for that other nonsense you pulled off your grudge list about a dossier it has nothing to do with a summary or a full report.

The DNC and Hill are lilly white....have you noticed they are not being investigated?
That annoys righties when things are not going in the direction they want.

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Good grief...

Actually, your buds ARE being the SENATE (Lindsey Graham is the Chair of that committee) and Nunes and HIS committee in the HOUSE are submitting two dozen names for indictment to Barr....

The DNC and HILL are NOT lily white as you suggest and that fight isn't over by a long shot now that we have an AG that actually knows how to do his job....he's done this before, if you recall.

The dossier has EVERYTHING to do with Mueller's report because even McCabe has stated that "no dossier, no FISA warrants" and NO Trump campaign investigation would have happened in the first place....which means NO Mueller. Follow all those dots HONESTLY and you end up with NADA....even Manafort would have probably never been charged because the Seventh District in NY had already had all of that information about him more than ten years ago and CHOSE NOT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT until MUELLER sent it over to them to indict/charge him. And don't you find it 'amusing' that the dossier/FISA warrants were ALL targeting Carter Page and yet HE'S NEVER BEEN CHARGED WITH ANYTHING? The KEY person they claimed to be going after is SUING the FBI for destroying his life FOR NOTHING, just like they did with Richard Jewell (who wound up killing himself).

The DEMS are the ones who can't let their hatred of Trump go, even to the point of not accepting their "god's" findings.....They have a few months to actually find a candidate that ISN'T a whack job or Trump wins again, to their hysterical dismay. Rather than actually do the work they were elected to do, they are perfectly happy to keep wasting tax payer money on more witch hunts that go nowhere. Will you ever be disgusted enough with that crap after two years already that you complain or vote them out? Didn't think so.....The Dem party is deliberately killing itself in order to become a new party of Socialists, and for the life of me, I don't know why they believe this is a good idea.

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If the dems

Field some left wing loony in 2020 then all the Don will need is a pulse and he's in.

Some of the dem dislike is quite normal......prez from a different party.

Some of the dislike is due to the way he acts and what he says......90% lies.

The objective is to make the Don look bad for 2020.

The dems are not going to accept a summary from a Don lover.

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So when the actual report

comes out in a week or so with redactions for legal reasons, will the Dems then refuse to accept it again even though Mueller is part of the redaction process going on? Is Mueller a Don lover?

90% of what came out of BO's mouth were lies, but the liberal media refused to call him on any of it....and they are still not allowed to travel in that direction.

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When congress gets the report and it's got big chunks blacked out they may not accept that.

Mueller is just a bit player in what goes and what stays in the report.

Barr....the Don lover..... is the one with the magic maker in his hand.

No idea what Mueller's personal feelings are about the tell me.

BO fibbed 10% of the time....the Don lies 90% of the time.

Lies include just making up stuff because he does not know what he is talking about.

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You're still dreaming....

especially if you believe that BO 'fibbed' only 10% of the time. He lied nearly every time he opened his mouth....and he continues to do so when he talks about his administration and all the scandals that were attached to it.

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Acted like an adult not like this 12yr old we have driving the bus today.

A 12yr old that changes direction so often you get dizzy trying to follow him.

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So he acted like an adult????

I've seen a number of videos that contradict that.....and even though he acted like an adult, according to you, you DIDN'T deny my statement that he lied nearly every time he opened his mouth. Trump exaggerates lots of times, he embellishes to make a point....but BO deliberately, as an 'adult', outright LIED to the people all the time and got away with it because the liberal media never called him out on it. "Adults" don't have to go out of their way to try to prove how 'cool' they are....and it was something that BO used often to divert attention from crap he was doing behind the scenes.

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BO was a great prez

It's going to get even better when AOC is prez.

Now that will give you something to rant about and also build your grudge list.

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