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Well well...
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You and he were right on target

We should do a list of comparisons between JFK and Obama. JFK for a space program and vision, Obama not. JFK for standing up to foreign governments, Obama for bending the back in obeisance. Probably more.

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I remember that thread

and it looks like he was right.

I'm really confused about this. On the one hand I never liked the Constellation program. It seemed too complicated, (not that it would ever be easy), and too long in development, with a large 5 year or so gap in-between the shuttle retirement and the next available manned launch vehicle, which, by the way, was conceived and agreed before Obama became President.

That 99 billion dollar price tag over the next 10 years seemed excessive as well.

But against that, I can't see private firms being able to match NASA's manned flight achievements any time soon, and America must have a planned and reliable presence in space. It is the only nation that can do it.

What am I going to do for the next 5 to 10 years without anything to watch at NASA TV?

I had to giggle at a comment made on Jerry Pournelle's blog site; "I'm learning Chinese, so when the next man lands on the moon, I can understand what he's saying". I think they have a point.

I don't know where NASA is going now, and it concerns me.


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I don't know where NASA is going now...

unmanned exploration only. We are at the end of America a space faring nation.

When future historians look back I think they will see the moon landing in 1969 as the high point in US history. Not sure when exactly they will mark the end point, but I am pretty sure we have passed it.

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But he has embraced Ronald Reagan's desire to do away with

nuclear weapons as voiced in 1985 when he was president, and then afterwards when he said that the goal of his 8 years in the white house was to get rid of those "evil weapons of personal destruction which are his main focus now ?1992 or /1993. I heard both clips played on the TV and I'm sure of the content.


On the other hand Rupert Murdoch who is "sure we have Democrats employed at Fox News", drew a complete blank when asked to name one. He was sure Roger Ailes could come up with a couple of names though. When asked if Fox News should be sponsoring Tea Bag evemts like the big one for Michelle Bachman, and featuring Sarah Palin and covered by another FNC operative he said no that that was inappropriate for a news organization.

I think he may be growing a brain. Roger Ailes won't like that.


- Collapse - guys

In one thread you're complaining about taxes going up, in another thread you're complaining about government cutting spending.

I know, I know's more important to send someone to the moon than have healthy citizens on Planet Earth.

Do you want a 3D big screen TV or do you want food on the table and a roof over your head?

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we want to....

...find a place out there we can go and get away from all the creeps back here. Wink

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Until you scrape together enough money to get off the planet

Turn off your computer, tv, radio, phone, you'll feel a lot better.

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No mention of JFK in article

JFK help put man on the moon, didn't JFK also help put American Advisers in Vietnam?

Which (new)war do you think Obama should get involved in, Besides the ones you already have going?

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misdirection again?

Nobody mentioned war.
Nobody mentioned Viet Nam.
Eisenhower instituted NASA and entered Viet Nam conflict first.
JFK urged the Space Race and sending men into space and to the moon.

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I will now misdirect you to Bush
In terms of the cost, Bush gave an estimate only for the initial downpayment on his space plan. He said it would cost $12 billion over the next five years, but only $1 billion in new funds. The remainder would come from money reallocated under NASA's five-year budget. Thus, it would be for Bush's successors to figure out how to finance the costliest part of the plan.

it would be for Bush's successors to figure out how to finance the costliest part of the plan.

Bush followed JFK and "man on the moon"

Like I said 3D Big Screen or food on the table and roof over your head?
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Since money makes the world go round, and sends men in space

From my post

Bush gave an estimate only for the initial downpayment on his space plan. He said it would cost $12 billion over the next five years,

From James OP

Others say it is wasteful to abandon Constellation after $9 billion in federal money already has been spent on technology specifically designed for those missions.

Monday's budget proposal would increase NASA's overall budget by $6 billion over the next five years, even while it cuts the agency's moon-exploration program.

And NASA's scheduled $99 billion investment in human space exploration over 10 years "appears to be on an unsustainable trajectory," the report said.

A billion here, a billion there, after awhile it starts to add up.

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a trillion here, a trillion there...

...from Obama's first year in office and yes, it starts to add up.

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May be

the banks should fund NASA. That's where the trillions went and they seem able to lose it easy enough.

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Must be nice....

A Billion dollars is the new penny?

Like I want everything but you don't want taxes.

I can't help you.

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get rid of waste first

Have you seen the size of these starving welfare and food stamp recipients? Many of them can hardly waddle down the street to refill their grocery carts. Food stamps or the charge card for such being used at McDonald's to stuff another milk shake down their kid's chubby faces. Even in the 70's I remember them pulling up with a car full of kids, like a variety pack, every one with a different father, sending them in one at a time to cash in a food stamp on a candy bar. Yes, even then they could be used on "candy" since it was "food". Enough change gathered since there was no food stamp below a dollar, in waddles big Mama to get a pack of smokes. Hilarious they come around to cash their "paycheck" as they called it and the store takes it because it's a govt check from the welfare dept. What exactly did they think they were being paid for? Have more illegitimate children?! Now with the cards, I have no idea what they are doing to crook the system, but if there's a way, you can be sure it's being done.

Yes, I'm against welfare to the rich too. Tired of seeing banks and businesses being bailed out. Banks should have had deposits backed only, and the rest left to them to deal with. Where do we get the idea a foolish bank shouldn't fail? If deposits are all backed and the bank fails anyway, then obviously they have problems that go beyond the economy.

Why bail out people who already gained more than others by taking fools' loans on terms they knew they'd never be able to meet later, or should have? Yes, support the actions of the foolish, tax the hell out of the wiser, and surely a country will grow strong and prosperous.

We've already been taxed through Greenspan and Federal Reserve policies of monetary inflation through extremely low interest rates. Greenspan who can't see bubbles. Greenspan who can't find inflation, until he discovers it happen in wages trying to catch up to all the bubbles his easy money policies engendered. As yes, then he decides to clamp down and head us into a deep Recession, and who can be sure where that will end after this dead cat bounce is over? Keep rolling those printing presses, churn out those dollars, devalue ours eventually, especially if China and Arabs start dumping dollars on us they've been hoarding till now. Yep, one day those chickens will come home to roost and Rev. Wright will be up there crowing about it too.

Reward the profligate and foolish, raise taxes on the wise to pay for it, and sail into prosperity in our battered economic boat with it's tattered sails, sloshing waters in the bilge, barely pushed by the hot air of Change and Hope shouted by our Socialist captain at the helm.

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I hope you feel better now

Don't blame everything on Obama...he inherited a "MESS", and still YOU want him to burn $12 billion on sending a man to the moon, when will THEY ever learn?

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Greenspan called onto carpet

My question to Congress would also be where were they when all of this was going on and why didn't they reign in Greenspan? If I could see it coming, as I put into many posts in the past, then why couldn't they? Greenspan is the main culprit, but Congress was complicit in it also, especially Barney Franks, his lover at FNME, and others working the real estate bubble from the other side.

On Wednesday April 7, 2010, 9:49 am

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is defending his record before a panel investigating the roots of the financial crisis, saying his policy at the Fed of keeping interest rates low did not encourage risky lending. In opening testimony before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Greenspan responded to critics who say the Fed failed to regulate risky lending to borrowers who could not afford the debt. Those loans became the toxic assets that sparked the crisis. He said the Fed did not have the authority to regulate the nonbank lenders that issued most subprime mortgages.

Panel chairman and former California state treasurer Phil Angelides said the Fed had issued guidance on predatory lending, but had not regulated it. He referred to internal Fed documents in which staff recommended "broad prohibitions on deceptive lending." "Why in the face of all that did you not act to contain abusive, deceptive subprime lending?" Angelides asked Greenspan. Greenspan pointed to a series of actions he said the Fed took, but Angelides countered that the Fed's actions covered only 1 percent of the subprime lending market. "You could've, you should've and you didn't" regulate the lending activities, he said. (more in article)

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He's got nothing to worry about

It all started with Carter...or was it Clinton?

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The lights went out...

...allowing Greenspan a chance to escape. Quick, issue an APB!

Seriously though, all Greenspan worries about now is his historical legacy. How much that means to him determines how hurt personally he is over all this.

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...taking food and shelter from starving waifs of the welfare state. Hardly!

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(NT) and nobody in the article mentioned JFK
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I was surprised

......... JFK would be presented here as a good guy.


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Morally the man was a waste, at least in his sexual life. Camelot was born from a sense of entitlement that many supporters with glazed eyes seemed to accept, even venerate. I suspect they were like those who in the days of Samuel (bible) cried out "Give us a King!" so they could have someone designated as royalty too.

Moving aside from all that, some things he did as President were good. The best was his adding to the space vision and being a bully pulpit for putting man on the moon, although he didn't live to see it himself. His Cuban Missile Crisis was defused by capitulation with Russia over our missiles in Turkey, but did help ease the Cold War before taking it Hot. I believe his Bay of Pigs invasion was ill conceived and he'd have been better off working to turn Castro more to the US, which is where Castro first looked for help, than causing Castro to become entrenched irrevocably with the Soviet Union. Batista was a ruler who deserved to be removed and having the mafia tossed from Cuba helped the people there, although it landed them and their corruption directly into Miami, which they have continually corrupted since then.

I think those who excoriate JFK the most don't do it so much because of the man, but because of the sheeple who adored him, failing to find any fault in him, which faults were considerable. Of course the media failed to do their job at the time. Goldwater being portrayed as someone ready to nuke the world while the Kennedy boys were lifting every skirt they could get ahold of and the press looking the other way.

Recently we saw the same media blindness in the fawning over Obama, one even getting "a tickle up" his leg, as he put it. The same sort of sheeple reaction. It's no wonder those who saw it all before in that fake place called "Camelot" are more determined to make sure the truth of any new Camelot is exposed for what it really is.

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So more gets turned over to private industry

And have them pay for it. At first thought, I can't take issue with that.

But, the first order of business is to increase taxes and regulations on private industry?

That's where we have problems.

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Problem is...

it will be years before any private space program can achieve orbit... until then we will have to rely on Russia, Japan or whomever to lift astronauts up to the ISS. And forget Mars, etc, in our lifetimes. That's just not gonna happen.

The US was great once. Sad to see it pass. People from other countries may not understand that.

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The launch this morning was gorgeous, though...

the era almost at its end.

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(NT) Yep, beautiful to watch.

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