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The advantage and disadvantage of dual lens dash cam

Dec 12, 2017 10:20PM PST

Now more and more private car causes the more and more crowded road, some people cross the road, run the red light, even ride the electric car, motorcycle to break the traffic rules so that the traffic accident happen frequently. Therefore, the dash cam is increasingly popular in the last two years. Today let’s look at the dual lens dash cam.

Current situation: due to different brands of dash cam, the price varies widely.
Reporter shopping online finds that there is all kind of dash cam brands, and the price varies widely. Its price is about 300 to 1000yuan, with the development of the dash cam industry, the market appears all kind of dash cam, such as rear-view dash cam, E-dogs dash cam, GPS dash cam, dual lens dash cam, etc.
The driver selecting carefully find that now the big brands of dash cam is basically single-lens, the dual lens was produced in the last two years.

Question: is it necessary to buy a dual-lens dash cam?
The reporter found that many drives in the purchase of dash cam, they would like to buy a dual-lens dash cam because this can shoot in front, but also behind. But others say there's no need to buy a dual-lens dash cam.
It is recommended to purchase a single-lens dash cam with stable performance, which is designed to record the picture in front of the car while it is driving. The rear camera of the dual lens is installeddifficultly, but also the picture is bad, the copy machine is in the majority.

1、The rear camera pixel and angle of dual lens dash cam is low. If the front lens is 1080p, 140°, but the rear lens is only 720p, 100°.

2、The dual-lens expect much processing of chip of dual-lens dash cam. The chip is the key of the dash cam and the most expensive part. Dual lens dash cam is not only bad quality of the lens, but also the cheap chip cannot ensure the stability of the dual lens dash cam.

3、The rear window of the car is usually covered with a dark film, so the rear lens of the dual-lens dash cam is even more unclear. And the installation of dual lens dash camis more difficult than a single lens dash cam, considering these points, so it is recommended that the drivers choose a single lens dash cam.

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Apr 2, 2018 12:51AM PDT

any reviews about garmin dash cam?

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There are reviews, however
Apr 2, 2018 10:22AM PDT

The price made me shop elsewhere. Here's the interesting camera I picked up on Amazon.

As to dual carcam, here's what I did. I installed one at the front and then another at the back. This was cheaper than the Garmin setup.
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