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Thanks to Tom, Molly, Veronica, Brian and Rich

I'd like to personally thank you all for spending 10 hours entertaining us when you deserved to have the day off. I was getting exhausted following you guys. I can't even imagine what it's like to talk for 10 hours straight.

I didn't win anything, but I did manage to get a call in and I'm grateful for that. Thanks CNET crew.

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Reporting: Thanks to Tom, Molly, Veronica, Brian and Rich
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(NT) Oh man, I missed the whole thing :(
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(NT) me too, I was travelling. I'm glad everyone had fun! :o)
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I agreed full 100% percent. The WHOLE CNET crew put in quite a lot into this helpdesk and I'm sure everybody thanks them for that.

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Bump They did an awesome job for what I saw I didn't watch the whole thing but I did watch some of it.

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(NT) amazing help-a-thon! i kept my word in calling too, lol
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(NT) I agree Jon, thanks guys!!
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Yeah, thanks

The whole show was excellent. Thanks for all your work. Of course, the best part was when Veronica pulled my name out of a bowl to announce that I won one of the PlayStation 3 consoles. That was almost as cool as the show itself (okay, maybe I think that was cooler than the show).

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which one were you? we didn't catch the usernames Wink

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Who was I? I was the one with a quesiton for Veronica...

Earlysound (Veronica),

I was the married guy in KC that you so expertly advised about Gateway games for my wife. When I told her the story she laughed so hard! It made for great story telling at our 2nd thanksgiving meal on Saturday (her side of the family). Her family is all athletic, and mine is the nerdy family. They all got a kick out of it. Wish I had recorded it all.

By the way, I just called in and left a voicemail on the BOL line, and I forgot to say how awesome the whole 10 hour helpline show was. You guys are amazing. I was actually stuck at home studying for my job all day Friday, but your show was on in the background getting me through it all. Impressive 10 hour show.

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Congratulations - Parab

Nice man! A PS3!!! Gratz on that, also gratz in portuguese Happy
I tried to call almost all day, probably 4 hours worth of tries, no luck at all Sad

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no luck for people outside US

i didn't call because i was out of skype credits, but i thought i would not make it anyway

and i didn't see anyone outside US in all the time i was watching/listening to the show (about 2:30 hours)

and Veronica looks very funny when they have the camera on someone else, but she is in the image... it's like when you turn on the webcam and forget that there's someone watching you!
that must be hard, many people looking at you all the time, and you can't see their faces...

and i didn't know how nice was Brian Cooley... i'll find out what he does in CNET and watch

and man... i want a PS3!

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my ear thing kept falling out. i had oddly-shaped inner ears. maybe that's why i hear so well!

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Speaking of hearing . . .

There were times on the phone where I couldn't hear any of you. And then a few seconds later, Tom or Molly would be incredibly loud. Might have been my phone . .

The only thing I heard from Veronica was her laughing and then snickering at me. Wasn't sure how to take that =)

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I think it's time to tell you the true V, the reason you have oddly-shaped inner ears it's because your the last Elf alive in the world.

I know I know... Big pressure right?

But don't worry, we can try to find a male elf somewhere. They say that blonde girl Legolas, is actually a dude. Happy

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hobbits? elves?

legolas may be a man, but you will never convince me that those hobbits are not "a little strange"

even if he dates a very beautiful girl in a lost island...

and try to search, maybe you could find an earphone for elves in there...
look, i have found a mp3 player for hobbits!

ohh man, how i wish i had extra money to buy all of those thinkgeek t-shirts! (it may be cheap for you americans, but it's not that cheap for me!)

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Brian Cooley

I never really watch any of his car segments cuz I live in New York and have no need for one. Public transportation is pretty good here.

But he's pretty cool. I was pumping the sound out from my reciever and his voice sounds like God. Maybe it was the bass, but either way, he was aces. And he kept at it for the whole 10 hours without getting a coarse throat. Someone needs to tell me how to do that.

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you don't learn how to do that

i guess you can't learn how to do that... you gotta be born like this!
and a glass of water once and awhile helps a little bit...

or... it's just the PS3's magic power!

and lucky you, public transportation in rio de janeiro sucks! and private transportation sucks too! on wednesdays i have the chance to hear tuesday's BOL and real deal on my way to my university, which is 15 minutes away from my house when we have no traffic...
and when i have more than 1 BOL episode to listen, sometimes it takes long enough so i can listen to all of them...
that's why my agenda always starts at 10am, even if i have classes at 8am :/

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Great show

Great job to the cast and crew, i was there through about 6 of the hours, it was hard to call in but i did get a few of my questions asked by other viewers.

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Missed Out


I had to work.


Heh. Bet it was awesome, though.

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Missed the whole thing because of college football.

Had to watch the ags kick some longhorn a**.

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