Beauty Personified,

This seems a do-it-yourself question. But it might help if you explain in some next post what exactly you mean with 'text files' and why you are so eager to delete them. And also post your OS (what version of Windows).

The two do-it-yourself approaches are:
1. Delete files as you always do. Shutdown and stay off the machine overnight. First thing next morning, open Word, insert disk 1 and after clicking OK on "agree" exit Word. Then go into Windows Explorer and find all files modified today. It must be a rather small list. Post it here for advice (full filename including folder).
2. Note all the files you want to delete, but don't delete them yet. Delete the first and open Word to see what happens. If nothing special, close Word. Then delete the second one. And so on, and so on, until you find one that causes the problem. Restore that from the recycle bin, note it's full filename and continue until you deleted all files. Post the list of suspected files for advice.

I think you can concentrate on Program Files (warning: never delete anything from Program Files, unless you know what you're doing), Windows (warning: never delete anything from Windows, except from the temp-folder, and Temporary Internet files from IE) and My Documents and Settings.

Waiting to hear from you with the results of either #1 or #2 (or maybe both).