Texas denied right to have Voter ID's

even though there is already precedent set in the Supreme Court for it for Indiana. The DOJ 'argument'/justification is that it doesn't allow for 'poor' and minorities because Texas is such a large state that getting those free ID's would cause a hardship. Funny how those poor and minorities aren't in a hardship position when it comes to getting to a Social Service agency to register for welfare, foodstamps, and other giveaway programs they are 'entitled' to. This decision was handed down by a Fed court in DC (surprise, surprise) with two more states' cases for the same voter ID coming up before them next week. Supreme Court, here we come again.

And, here I always thought that a picture ID had to be given in order to get your EBT (foodstamp) debit card and welfare check. Or did they do away with THAT law, too? I know whenever anybody I personally knew signed up, the first thing they were asked regarding documents was a driver's license or a state picture ID card.

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Reporting: Texas denied right to have Voter ID's
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Georgia's solution is.........

the state will send workers to ones home and create an ID right on the spot providing all the proper documentation is provided by the would be voter.

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(NT) Now that's smart. Rob
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What are you worried about?

Texas will go to Romney anyway. You should be more upset about Ohio, where the Republicans tried to tip the scales in their favor and failed, and now the results will be fair. That just sucks, doesn't it. Wink

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How so?

Are you speaking of the additional three days to allow active military to vote? Are members of the military more likely to vote either for Romney or against Obama? If so, why would that be true? And, of those last three days, would those be the ones used or needed by Obama supporters to get to the polls? There are 35 pre-election days, absentee opportunities and election day itself to cast one's vote. Isn't that enough? I'll also ask that if you think allowing three extra days for military to vote would tip in favor or Romney, would you also think that denying military but allowing those three days for the general populous to vote would tip the scales for Obama. It would seem the converse would need to be true if the Ohio proposal gave Romney an edge. As such, I'd wonder what it was that made Obama voters need that additional time. Any answers?

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It wasn't an "additional three days"

They tried to take three days away from everyone who was NOT in the military. There's a difference.

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That's not an answer

The original intention was to give the vote talliers time validate their count and be caught up prior to the general election so as to reduce the burden at that time. You seem to think it was a conniving plan to reduce the Obama vote. Whether it would or would not was part of my question of you. I wanted to hear your explanation of why and if you thought excluding the military instead would cause the vote to shift toward Obama. Thus, I'm wondering what you think there is about the military vote that favors one candidate or another. I'd think that, since military people represent a very broad spectrum of the American population and possibly include more who are from families of lesser wealth, why would their vote not parallel that of their civilian peers? Again:

If military personnel would vote against Obama...why? and if there's a segment of the general populous that favors Obama and would wait until the last three days to vote...why is that? Maybe there's a problem that needs to be fixed in another way.

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More to add
Military vote expected to be at all time low

(Take you pick of links)

So why would the president, who's had plenty of face time photos made with GIs, do anything to lessen their vote? He should be doing more to encourage them to do so, IMO.
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Like the Dems aren't using the DOJ to

try to tip the scales in their own favor, Josh, by denying States the right to require Voter ID. If poor and minorities can get their sorry butts to a social service agency to sign up for freebies, even in very rural areas, why would it be such a hardship to get to a DMV or other State agency to get a free photo ID in order to vote legally?

This administration spends more money and time trying to browbeat States into submission than they spend actually working in DC........other than to sign an Executive Order, BO hasn't worked at anything in DC in nearly a year because he's been too busy on the road campaigning. He never STOPPED campaigning, Josh, and now he's just tossing out 'directives' to his agencies from the road.

The Dems, especially, condemned Bush for not helping Katrina victims for three days.....even though Federal law says he couldn't do anything until the STATE invited him (he contacted the Governor AND the sorry-a$$ed Mayor of NO three times and was told they didn't need his help and turned him down, before finally giving the OK....and even THEN only because Carvell and finally the Mayor went on TV wanting to know where the FEDS were). Now the Dem's are crying 'foul' because Romney, in keeping with his faith and compassion, went to LA and met with Governor Jindal on Friday.....BO isn't going until MONDAY because it doesn't fit into his campaign schedule.....that's a whole WEEK from when the hurricane hit. The only thing he had done was on Tuesday notify FEMA to be ready.

Dems and liberals can't have it both ways, but still try to.

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I also didn't like when groups would offer

transportation to voting places on a discriminatory basis. I don't care which party does this but we know there were buses and vans that pick up voters who were either pledged to a party/person or deemed more likely to vote in favor of such. This practice is a deliberate and purposeful attempt to offer someone an advantage and at least as bad as other manipulative schemes that have been charged.

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That doesn't tip the scales in the Dems' favor
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Here ya' go Josh
Weary warriors favor Obama

If this is true, aren't the Ohio Republicans doing the president a favor by wanting to allow military additional time to vote? Wink
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Five weeks....

of early voting already in place and somebody's going to whine about military personnel getting 3 extra days (a weekend) to cast their votes. I believe that Ohioians are above such dysfunctional sillyness.

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Wasn't it FL in 2000

that the military absentee ballots came in just prior to the election closing date and were discarded as not being there in time to process them all so none of them got counted?

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(NT) I do not remember the details.
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My recollection is that they were counted

Probably twice, if Katherine Harris was involved in that.

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Be happy in your wrath Toni. Me, I can't see why the Social

Services agency couldn't create a photo ID, which would simplify all of this.


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