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Terrible, Stupid, & Borning Subject Lines

Why oh why can't people put what their actual subject is, in the subject line? Here's a clue, it's called a Subject Line. Put something there which actually gives a clue to what the discussion will be about. What clue does one get from;

Have you heard about.....

I just saw this on TV.....

I was watching the News and.....

(yeah, we figured that's where you saw it)

This is so ridiculous it's absurd.


(we all got one, what's so special about that?)

Just received good news
Just received bad news

(maybe we can overlook those, obviously they are personal news, if we care about the person we are going to look.)

This is Cool!
This is Hot!
This is Neat!

You gotta See This!

Did you hear the one about....

You Though YOU Were Having a Bad Day.....
(great, if we read about someone else's we will have a good day? Thanks for the warning)

Why agree with this?
Why disagree with this?
Do you agree with this?
I can't agree with this!
Who could agree with this!

This Just In!
Do You Remember This?

Sign of the Times.
A Sign of Our Age.
(theres a lot of those, this must be one more)

For Those Old Enough To Remember
(does that include those too old to remember much of anything anymore? Thanks for the age reminder and showing how much we've already forgotten)

One Year Later
Two Years Later
Three Years Later
Four Years Later
Five Years Later

(for gosh sakes, what is this, an almanac post coming up?! Can anyone guess what one item from X years ago might be hiding in such a post?)

It's a Brave New World
Orwell was Right
Aynn Rand was Right
"Anyone" Was Right.

(warning; this usually means some doom and gloom posting, best avoided on a "Ever have a bad day" type of day)

They're Back!
(great, hope you enjoy them, I'll assume it's your relatives and bypass the post)

I Don't Know What is Worse

(looking for qualitative advice? We don't either, unless we feel like looking at some worse things that day)

Was This Posted Before?
(probably if you had to ask, and thanks for warning us off)

Another Smoking Gun!
(Dear God, it must be a battlefield out there. Too many smoking guns, not enough dead bodies.)

Talk About Blunders
Talk About Screwups
Talk about...........

(maybe we will, and maybe we won't, but we sure won't unless we overcome the urge to bypass the post that fails to tell us what the Talk is about)

I could go on and on, but there's probably other out there who can remember some real groaner, over used, eye blurring, "avoid this at all cost" type of Subject lines used way too many times.

Is it too much to give an idea of what the subject actually is? If you think non informative subject line is going to pull people to view your thread, I think only those with too much time on their hands will take the plunge, instead opting to read a thread with a subject actually stated in which they might have some interest. But, keep putting them up there and many of us will keep avoiding them.

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Is that you

In reply to: Terrible, Stupid, & Borning Subject Lines

Andy Rooney?

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In reply to: Is that you

No, not Andy, but I wouldn't be surprised he'd feel the same.

He'd also question why there had to be 6 different posts dealing with fuel issues instead of all in one or 2. There are 7 fuel related posts on page 2, although two of those ARE about autos to save fuel.

What is it? A competition to see who can get the most posts on a particular subject into "their" thread?

Oh how I wish someone would go wacko with the "merge" function on this forum if it exists.

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(NT) (NT) Maybe you need to find another forum

In reply to: gas/ethanol

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I did

In reply to: (NT) Maybe you need to find another forum

Remember? Still, I keep hoping......

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I remember ...

In reply to: I did

... still doesn't explain the coming back just to complain.

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Sorry if you missed

In reply to: I remember ...

all my other posts recently. Nope, didn't come back just to complain, been posting all along, just not as prodigiously as others.

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Haven't missed your posts ...

In reply to: Sorry if you missed

... actually noticed you were posting a bit more lately. Still wonder why you return if you are so bothered by certain posting styles. The occasional concentration of subject lines that aren't specific is nothing new. Neither is the phenomenon of several threads on related topics.

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It was the right time

In reply to: Haven't missed your posts ...

figured it was the right time to mention it since people were already discussing bold blue lines and CAPS used in posts.

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Having a bad day there James?

In reply to: Terrible, Stupid, & Borning Subject Lines

All I can suggest is since at least one of those was my line, maybe you shouldn't bother reading here? Sheesh, such a critic!

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Do I hear a squeal?

In reply to: Having a bad day there James?

It's not so much on the weekend, but during the week I'll drop by to check out some threads and when so many are obscure on what they would contain, and then so many threads on essentially the same subject, I end up looking at a few of the others which I can tell the subject on and might find of interest. I don't have time during the week normally to open each and every thread like those who are here day and night.

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(NT) (NT) maybe you shold find a part time job

In reply to: Do I hear a squeal?

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(NT) (NT) Which ones are the borning ones?

In reply to: Terrible, Stupid, & Borning Subject Lines

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In reply to: (NT) Which ones are the borning ones?

the ones with odd keystrokes in them, the rest are just boring.

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Boring or borning....

In reply to: borning

I think I'll just go on posting as I usually do, notwithstanding.

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Now let me see.........

In reply to: Terrible, Stupid, & Borning Subject Lines

Gotcha! Devil

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Makes good sense to me James

In reply to: Terrible, Stupid, & Borning Subject Lines

'Course those that 'have a life of reading and making posts in the SE forum will disagree with you as they more than likely click on "next unread message" reading every post instead of looking at the index to choose a subject to read. They even sometimes even tell someone to 'get a life',.... how ridiculous.

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That's how we have....

In reply to: Terrible, Stupid, & Borning Subject Lines

....talked to each other since the beginning.

Though we sometimes ask for help with our computers, household appliances, automobiles, varmits in our homes, heating/cooling sustems, plumbing, electrical, general how-to's, recipes, jogs to our memories, buying advice for this or that, we are not a Help Forum, so often do not state our purpose in posting, which should be done in a Help forum. In fact, a subject line with only ''Help!'' or ''Wow!'' would draw the attention of our members.

This forum is where folks converse about stuff from A to Z. Some might prefer to just look for topics that interest them, but more just want to talk to each other, as if we were all sitting in a living room. In real-life conversations we don't always start a conversation by announcing the entire subject. We say, ''I saw a great story on TV today. Or, '' I had a good day.'' Or, ''I wish this hadn't happened.'' Those are common conversation starters.

I grant you those ''startersd'' don't appeal to those who only want to talk about only selected topics, so have to hunt those ''boring'' subject lines to see what they are about. Sorta like moving around a crowded room listening for what this group or that group is saying that might be of interst.

Our members are diverse as to age, backgrounds, and intersts, and that diversity is what has sustained SE for quite a few years now. Some of them even visit topic-specific avenues apart from CNet, but check in here regularly to see what's going on.

This is just how we are, and it suits us.

Speakeasy Moderator
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Yep, and "check in here regularly to see what's going on".

In reply to: That's how we have....

is what a lot of us members who have been around a long time who 'have a life' other than the SE forum. Having a non stupid subject saves time, don'tyathink.

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John, I believe....

.... that what is "stupid" or "not stupid" lies in the mind of the beholder.

What is interesting or not interesting is in the mind of the beholder.

I doubt there is anything that can be all things to all people.

On a personal note, there are things I don't enjoy seeing here, like old grudges being revisited in a veiled way. But those involved seem to enjoy it, else they wouldn't do it.

Speakeasy Moderator
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Well, In my opinion using a 'subject' title with

In reply to: John, I believe....

a so called "stupid" title... "...to talk to each other, as if we were all sitting in a living room" having a chit chat like a ladies sewing circle, is fine in the Replys, but in the main root subject title, a so called "stupid" subject should not be used, so someone can skip without opening/reading. Just seem logical to me, saving time.

And yeah, I also see about the "old grudges" even here against James.

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Main Subject

In reply to: Well, In my opinion using a 'subject' title with

Yes, that's my point, the starting post, I don't care what gets filled in the subject line within the thread. Just seems the thread opener should give a clue on what it's about. On the older software we would see the start and the internal subject lines which often changed, so we had a clue about what was going on without bother to pop open the thread to find out. I find myself now looking instead to see if there are a decent number of replies before bothering to open those mystery threads.

John, who could have grudges against me for anything? A really good grudge is only valuable if the one it's aimed at is around more. I'm not here enough anymore on a regular basis to make it worthwhile.

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So as I said to John ...

In reply to: Main Subject

... just skip the thread if you feel someone is wasting your time.

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When it is a 'stupid' Root post in the Index

In reply to: So as I said to John ...

who wants to skip it? I do a lot of skipping even when it is not 'stupid'. I am not of the leasure time as you seem to be.

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It's too bad you're not

In reply to: When it is a 'stupid' Root post in the Index

You ARE retired aren't you? Just cuz it will make you jealous, I'll brag how much additional leisure time I have to spend outside of SE! LOL. I love life Happy

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Evie and JR ............

In reply to: It's too bad you're not

We have some snarkiness going on here that is just plain childish.

To JR: You are back to your old tricks again. What you may be trying to accomplish is #1 not working, and #2 just making you look silly.

To Evie: You are taking the bait again. What you may be trying to accomplish is #1 not working, and #2 just making you look silly.

I like you both, so take my comments as you wish. It pains me to see two intelligent and nice people writing such things for all to see, regardless of who said what first.


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Thanks, I thought this thread was over with yesterday, but

In reply to: Evie and JR ............

was baited at the beginning instead of debate over the issue, and again baited this AM.

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In reply to: Thanks, I thought this thread was over with yesterday, but

There does be the fishies that will bite anything that looks like food.

Then there does be the fishies that have more discriminating tastes.

The "Grandaddy" of the pond didn't get that distinction by biting everything dangled in front of him. Happy

Take care, and watch your diet,


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(NT) (NT) Yes, Can't We All Just Get Along?

In reply to: Evie and JR ............

Collapse -
Reply to So as I said to John ...

In reply to: So as I said to John ...

.. just skip the thread if you feel someone is wasting your time. Posted by: Evie (see profile) - 05/01/2006 5:49 AM

Most often I do. I will check out threads that seem to have an interest in them by a number of posts in reply. Am I wasting your time?
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James, if you will open your CNet email

In reply to: Main Subject

in your profile for a short time, I'll send you a CNet email to remind you concerning your question.

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