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Temporary freezing of screen after partial hardware upgrade

Just got a few new parts and installed windows on a new M.2 drive, previously was installed on a different drive so this was a clean install. Replaced old i5 3450 and mobo with a ryzen 3600 and MSI gaming plus, and added new RAM. So really all I kept from before was my hard drives/ssd, and the PSU. Had some issues with a clock_watchdog_timeout blue screen locking up but that went away after I fully updated windows.
Now the issue I'm having is occasional stuttering and temporary freezing. I'll sometimes still have mouse movement but clicking doesn't do anything until it catches up? Then it's like all the clicks and keystrokes catch up all at once.

I have all my parts connected right now but it was still happening even when all I had was the ram and video card connected to the motherboard.
I'm guessing something went a little wrong when I was trying to get drivers and updates downloaded while my computer was freezing every 5-10 minutes with the blue screen.
Wondering if there's something I can do to fix it short of just reinstalling windows. I just did it a couple days ago so if that's my best bet I don't mind. Just want to see if there's something else to try.

Unrelated but I am also running into an issue where every Chrome page times out instead of loading. No issues browsing on Edge or Firefox, and my speed test is fine. Less of an issue as I was thinking of switching to Firefox recently but if anyone can help out that'd be appreciated.

So here's a pathway to my speccy: RkELMSwSjfwd5ta3xr55LDs in case that helps. Thanks!

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Reporting: Temporary freezing of screen after partial hardware upgrade
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Is this the usual where

Folk often report this after they re-use their OS drive. We do the usual of latest BIOS, then fresh OS install along with the drivers noted by the motherboard maker and re-test. Usually fixed.

Not much help for folk that want to save their installed OS.

You can try google and "How to change your motherboard and save Windows 10." I find that to be very hit and miss.

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OS on new drive

I put in a samsung 970 evo M.2 drive new and installed windows to it, so I'm not re-using a drive specifically for that.

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Ryzen builds are very finicky if

The BIOS is out of date, the RAM isn't just so and the post OS driver and app work is not done. I'm running into many new to this and they start with "I installed the OS and some drivers. Isn't that enough?' (no.)

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Reading the Speccy.

1. RAM is not reporting in. Could be a sign. Checking BIOS.
2. Video driver is what Microsoft supplies. Do not rely on Microsoft to get your drivers. Do this the old way.
3. BIOS is one version old. I update this before I call it in.

The RAM not reporting in is trouble since I can't see if the RAM is overclocked, unsupported, etc.

So I'll pause with with the RAM is unknown so ask the motherboard support (MSI forum) about the RAM and don't read much into crashes when you use Microsoft supplied drivers.
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RAM Seating

Just wondering if an incorrectly installed RAM module could cause this problem? Back in the DDR-2 days a friend had a similar issue. I re-seated both RAM sticks and the problem was resolved. I wouldn't bet on this as a solution but, hey, it can't do any harm to check, right?

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The only time harm happened.

The owner forgot to unplug the PC and there was power to the boards. Be safe, remove power at the source.

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Boot up a copy of memtest and let it run for a errors allowed.

If you do get errors retest with just one ram stick.

When you post an addy for speccy post the complete addy not just a piece.

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