Restart the computer> when the first window pops up, press and hold F8, do this quickly> a new screen will appear, your mouse will not work here, use the down arrow button and choose debug mode, click it> now windows will start normally but slowly> once your logged on and all of your programs are loaded go to task scheduler and do what you do to get the error message, your done with this part.

Run the debugger for awhile using other programs as well, like mail, video, sound or any other areas that do not work smoothly. The debugger can be used on line as well it will just be slow.

After you've done this then restart the computer. again hold F8 as before and this time choose start normally. Open the task scheduler again after you log on. Has it been repaired? Let me know if the error disappears.

So what your doing is debugging your system then running it again to make sure it work properly using the regular, customary mode for Windows Vista.