Talk about CLOSE.....Puts Roy Moore's crying to shame....

Democrat wins Virginia House seat in recount by single vote, creating 50-50 tie in legislature

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — A Republican seat flipped Democratic in a wild recount Tuesday — with the Democrat winning by a single vote — creating a rare 50-50 tie between the parties in the House of Delegates and refashioning the political landscape in Richmond, Va.

Democrat Shelly Simonds emerged from the recount as the apparent winner in the 94th District of the House of Delegates, seizing the seat from Republican incumbent David Yancey. A three-judge panel still must certify the results, an event scheduled for Wednesday.

Of the 23,866 votes cast in the Newport News district on Election Day, Yancey held a tenuous lead of just 10 votes going into Tuesday's recount.

But five hours and much nailbiting later, after painstaking counting overseen by local elections officials and the clerk of court, Yancey's lead narrowed before it gradually disappeared and then reversed, allowing Simonds to beat him by one vote.

The final tally: 11,608 for Simonds to 11,607 for Yancey.
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Reporting: Talk about CLOSE.....Puts Roy Moore's crying to shame....
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Looks like this has moved back to a roll of the dice.

Stay tuned.

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RE:Stay tuned.

REJECTED/DISMISSED...And the election results are certified...Perhaps NOW he'll get the message....OR will he still live with FALSE hope until the actual swearing in, in Jan....

Will HE show up in DC to be "Sworn In"?

It was fairly cool down in ''s a wonder the tears didn't freeze on his face....

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Looks like Moore tried to tie this up in court and it failed.

Stay tuned.

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Why should he accept it?

Obviously the LIAR and the DEMS haven't accepted the results of an election from over a year ago....

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(NT) RE:Why should he accept it?
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RE: Why should he accept it?
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I didn't say I didn't agree with you

and that he should accept the loss even though I believe he was set up deliberately to lose it. I just pointed out that by not accepting it, he's not acting any differently than the LIAR and the DEMS who ALSO can't accept THEIR loss, and yet you are pleased that they don't. The hypocrisy from the left has gotten real old.

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RE:he's not acting any differently

I think he IS acting differently...

Have you got any links showing Democrats contesting(through the court system) the results of any election with such vigor?

Not taking NO for an answer?

You asked Why should he accept it?...

No mention of YOU thinking he shouldn't....

then you got on your high horse and focused on the Dems...

Losing and complaining is not the same as losing and not accepting the results.... and going to court....

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Can you say "Al Gore"? How about "John Kerry"?

DEMS/LIBERALS don't understand hypocrisy....

"high horse"???????????? Seriously?????????????? You don't think that people like Congressional DEMS standing on various stages, including the well of the House/Senate calling for Trump's impeachment since day one is 'high horse' actions/responses to LOSING even though there were/are actually NO reasons for it?

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Can I say Al Gore....sure I can

Is this what you're talking about?

can YOU say Republican George W. Bush

Bush Goes to U.S. Supreme Court

For their part, Republicans pressed on with their opposition to any hand counting.

Bush campaign attorneys filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to overturn the Florida high court’s ruling

The appeal marks the first time the nation’s highest court has become embroiled in the raging legal battle between Bush and Gore in one of the closest and most contested presidential elections in U.S. history.

Who threw the first rock?

Who will throw the last rock?

RE:standing on various stages, including the well of the House/Senate

Standing in the well, flapping their gums?.....Is that taking anyone "to court"?

In Canada, politicians can and do say lots of stuff they would never dare say/repeat outside of the HOUSE.

Parliamentary privilege is a legal immunity enjoyed by members of certain legislatures, in which legislators are granted protection against civil or criminal liability for actions done or statements made in the course of their legislative duties.

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Read this sentence and YOU figure out

who threw the first rock......

"Bush campaign attorneys filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to overturn the Florida high court’s ruling"

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RE:who threw the first rock...

Which "first rock" at you referring to?

The Bush camp Thursday afternoon filed a “motion to intervene” in the Gore lawsuit.

Motion to Intervene?

What's up with that?...Are YOU talkin' 'bout ME?

Bush being a buttinski?

noun, plural buttinskies. Slang. 1. a person who interferes in the affairs of others; meddler.

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You won't like to hear this but,

from what I've read, I think Moore should dummy up and accept what happened. I don't always think that, because someone else has had a tantrum over losing, such tantrums are now OK for either side. My own personal view has been that, when being critical of someone or what they've done, you must show yourself to be far more respectable than they.

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You have to understand 'Toni World'

For years the world has not been turning in the proper direction.

She has a multi page grudge list.

If a dem did something in the past that she did not like it goes on the grudge list.

If a repub does the same thing today it's fine because a dem did it in the past.

That's how 'Toni World' works.

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I didn't want my reply to result in criticism

of a forum member. IMO, it's not appropriate to do this. If I have a beef with a person's comments that I feel needs to be stated, I address that person directly.
There is no such thing as a wrong opinion. I know that some opinions are not based on good research nor have a logical foundation but we're all entitled to our own regardless. That we sometimes feel as though other people live in worlds of their own, it might be better to consider that as a gift and not a punishment. Sometimes the way people express themselves is a bit rough on the ears. I'll grant that. If given proper consideration, this offers an opportunity to be introspective and possibly examine our own thinking. But, at the same time, they've a right to be here if keeping within policy guidelines.
My general comment about how we conduct ourselves here is that we can speak as though all we want to do is be heard but we can also speak as though we'd like someone to listen. Being heard is easy but getting someone to listen may take a bit of effort. I would ask of you to not make such comments about other members if you want me to listen. TIA

To my knowledge, the above comments have no connection to any specific biblical scripture so should be taken as non-threatening. Happy

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Members have their view of the world.
If you understand that view then their post make sense.
If you do not understand that view then their post do not make sense.

Perhaps you are correct in that I should have made my post more generic.

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You assume too much.....especially with the "it's fine"

Especially for someone who doesn't know me at all. YOU just don't like having the hypocritical past of the Dems pointed out to you.

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Both parties

Do the same thing.
I understand that.
It was not proper in the past and it's not proper today.
To give today's party a pass because the past party did it is not right.

It's called politics and playing to the base.
Whatever party is out of power becomes critics of the party that is in power.
It's a repeating cycle.

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So, in your 'non-apology' to me

with your snide remark about it being "MY WORLD" admit that BOTH parties do the same thing.  You just don't like having me point out that fact and call it an obsession of mine or 'ranting'........and therein lies your hypocrisy which you show frequently.

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Re: non-apology

You don't point it out.

You go back 2/4/8 yrs and drag up something that BO or the dems did to justify what the repubs are doing today.

It was not right 2/4/8 yrs ago and it's not right today.

The repubs took something like 50 symbolic votes to toss BO-care now the dems are starting down the same road with their impeach Trump votes.

I suppose it gives them something to talk about come election time.

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RE: snide remarks

YOU believe snide remarks deserve an apology?

Be careful how you respond.

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I've never said that he SHOULDN'T accept it....

and I believe he should......I've asked "why should he" when it's been a month since the election and yet the Dems haven't been able to accept their loss for over a year now. I'm only pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of the other side when that shoe is on THEIR foot.

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RE: You're asking "why should he"

when YOU believe he should?..

You want a second opinion on YOUR thought process?

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Who is there that will take on the job of referee

and allow that the last snowball has been thrown? IMO, a polite acceptance of a person's loss makes them look better (for later) than does a whining temper tantrum. AFAIC...and you'll like this...Hillary is done for good. Had Trump lost and acted like a chump about it afterward, he'd have been done too.
Now I'll spare those members who want to have fun by jumping on my words and claim that Trump never stopped acting like a chump. That kind of talk is much too old and worthless other than for some folks twisted self-satisfaction. It's not just a few politicians that need to grow up.

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Send them both

When it's THAT close, there should be some special considerations in what to do.

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Hit the wrong key

Send them both?

might as well send nobody....2 people with opposing points of view? Each one cancelling out the others vote? Pay expenses for 2 people that cancel each other out of the equation? Waste of money and resources?

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People must have representation

Sending them both on such a split, since it's legislative, gives both sides equal representation. Otherwise you have one voter who over rules all the other thousands.

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RE:gives both sides equal representation.

Not really...

IF the Dem gets the ONLY seat that is vacant, the control is in neither sides hands, 50/50.....IF you put 2 people from different parties in...the Reps retain control...51 Reps/50 Dems.

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If your talking about Moore he lost by 20k votes.

If your talking about Virginia there is a special way to settle it.
Roll the dice.

Looks like it's now moving to the courts.

Stay tuned.

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