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Tainted media john kerrys discharge papers

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The recent resignation of CNN's news director, Eason Jordan, after his outrageous remarks about our military at an international forum were reported on the Internet, is only the latest in a series of media scandals, of which Dan Rather's forged documents were just one. Media bias does not consist in having liberal or conservative opinions but in how you do your job -- or don't do it.

One document whose authenticity is not likely to be questioned by the mainstream media is the honorable discharge on Senator John Kerry's web site. Yet who in the major media has investigated why that honorable discharge is dated during the Carter administration, when Kerry's military service ended years earlier?

This is the same media that spent months investigating George W. Bush's military record and, even after key allegations were revealed to be based on forgeries, continued publicizing rumors and innuendoes. They didn't stop even after the President signed Form 180, opening all his military records to the public.

But who in the major media has asked why John Kerry would need to be issued an honorable discharge during the Carter administration, years after leaving the navy, unless his original discharge was less than honorable?

One of Jimmy Carter's first acts as President was to issue an order granting amnesties to draft dodgers who had fled the country during the Vietnam war and also allowing an upgrading of military discharges that had been less than honorable.

There is more to this than simply a strange date on an honorable discharge. The covering memo refers to U.S. Code Title 10, sections 1162 and 1163. Anyone who bothers to read those sections will discover that they are about unusual circumstances for issuing discharges from the military services.

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Reporting: Tainted media john kerrys discharge papers
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The sections of U.S. Code cited by Professor Sowell...

...pertain solely to members of the Uniformed Services who are discharged under less than honorable conditions. There can be no doubt, Mark, that Sen. Kerry received at best a general discharge under less than honorable conditions and lied about it from the first moment he entered public life in Massachusetts.

There can also be no doubt that he had the discharge upgraded as soon as the possibility presented itself - and continued to lie about it.

There furthermore can be no doubt that had he signed SF 180, Sen. Kerry's little house of lies would have collapsed around him.

What's most disgusting is that the press ignored all this and spent all kinds of time chasing after the lies that Dan Rather, Mary Mapes and the rest of the pukes at SeeBS purveyed about President Bush.

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and just think all the kerry supporters

wont beleave it they still refuse to relize the pack of lies he fed them and the manipulating that went onSad

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What difference does it make to the supporters of the winning side if the supporters of the losing side still refuse to relize the pack of lies he fed them and the manipulating that went on?

Whats the difference between a lie and not telling the whole truth?

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but at least he released his records

why didnt kerry but the article i posted told you why.
but thats ok bush won kerry lied and lost.

just remember that.
why didnt kerry releas why took 12 yrs to fix his discharge why did he lie?

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why didnt kerry but the article i posted told you why.

I read the article but I couln't find where it said why Kerry didn't release his records

Can you please cut and paste the parts of your link which show WHY?

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it dosnt say why

but it says didnt so you tell me why
unless hes afraid of the truth comeing out.
but a man with nothing to hide would release his records.

but since the double standards ok with you ill just simply say you all need to relize Kerrys hideing his record you dont want to know why i do

but then i see bush released his records with nothing to hide.

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so you tell me why

I don't know why. Neither do you.

It doesn't matter to Kerry whether I know why or not. He's not going to tell me.

At some point he might figure he might as well stop talking about his record. If he made another statement about it then there would be probably more questions. It would never end.

You know that politicians don't answer the question you ask, they answer the question they want you to ask.

Did you ever hear the term "flogging a dead horse"?

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well to bad the coward made such a statement huh?

it was bush who said he was in nam, it was bush who released his records, and where was your fair media demanding kerry to release his?

if you beleave he is an honerable man with nothing to hide so be it.

i and others see him for a yellow coward.

and 12 yrs to get his discharge lol wonder how much he paid to get it fixed

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where was your fair media demanding kerry to release his?

can you direct me to the post where I said the media was "fair"

or that any politician always tells the truth

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well then point me to

your link demanding kerry to release his papers

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(NT) (NT) you first
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no need as its a nown fact

the biased media was not going to prove kerrys a liar.

the swiftys did prove it
face it the dems picked the worst man for there choice.
and with dean leading will be replay in 2008 dems lose again

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You were

Wrong when you said the article said WHY kerry didn't answer and you're WRONG again

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and he still hasnt released records

the lie continues

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Whatever the reason he had discharged changed, it was after the draft dodger amnesty program was enacted, and probably a lot more were changed too.

Doesn't mean I don't wonder what it was before, just not surprising to me it was changed at that time.



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Good for the goose, good for the gander

The White House did not dispute the authenticity of the tapes or respond to their contents.

Mr. Bush told Mr. Wead: "As you said, there are some code words. There are some proper ways to say things, and some improper ways."

But when Mr. Wead said that Mr. Bush had in the past publicly denied using cocaine, Mr. Bush replied, "I haven't denied anything."

Mr. Bush said: "I wouldn't answer the marijuana questions.

By your standards since President Bush didn't answer questions (about marijuana) and didn't deny (about cocaine) then he had something to hide.

Thus, as you called Kerry a liar, Bush is also liar, for the same reasons. He has something to hide. So he is a liar.
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Bush wasn't running based on his drug record.

That's a huge difference.

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My point was

how Mark determined a person was a "liar", and how the statements or lack of statements, made or not made by Kerry and Bush were similar.

And that according to Marks standards both men should be classified as liars.

If people will lie about one thing they will lie about another thing.

Bush wasn't running based on his drug record.

Campaign slogan

Vote for me I never admitted I used cocaine

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but he released his records

the coward, who ran away didnt so tell me what is he hideing.

and not answering is a lie
if he said the earths flat thats a lie

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your statement

not answering is a lie

The White House did not dispute the authenticity of the tapes or respond to their contents.

Presidents statement

Mr. Bush said: "I wouldn't answer the marijuana questions.

Conclusion you believe the President is a liar

OR is it only when Kerry doesn't answer that the person is a liar?

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how can not answering be a lie?

but we were talking about kerrys records as you try to change the subject so as you allways complain about me stick with it.

but we know you cant answer it kerrys hideing something, bush released his records, kerry said he would then didnt

why wont he why didnt the media jump all over him, what would been if bush didnt release his records would the media over look that?

you well know never the medias pro democrat good thing the voters saw him for what he was

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how can not answering be a lie?

You tell me.

You're the one that said because Kerry didn't release his records (same as not answering) he was a liar.

why wont he why didnt the media jump all over him,

You tell me, i don't know I'm not the media

the voters saw him for what he was

Why don't you sit back and savour the moment. And stop worrying about Kerry's war record?

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Don't make me lock this thread

You two guys are playing a game of 'MAAAA, HE'S LOOKING AT ME'.....and it's gotten old, old, freaking OLD......

Knock it off...


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When the truth is against you, try to change the subject.

President Bush is always convenient when some truth about the left's former fair haired boy is discussed.

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President Bush is always convenient


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(NT) (NT) Now boys! Play nice.
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Your guess is

>>>>>My guess is Kerry was a victim of Post Traumatic Stress >>>>>>>

In four months' time? If he couldn't take the heat and stressed out in four months, can you imagine what we would have for a President had he won and all the stress that goes with THAT job?

Thanks for the laugh this morning........I have to wipe the coffee off the monitor now.


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Maybe the PTSD is why.....

Kerry couldn't remember if he was in Cambodia that Christmas???

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Hey, Rob

No points off for spelling. We all try to express ourselves to the best of our abilities and should be judged by the content of our statements and our syntax.

Be a bigger man.


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