My T-Mobile features are not available for T-Mobile Prepaid customers so no you dont get records to play spy with user who has your phone.

the trouble i sorta learned from tmobile pre-paid phones is that those phones could be sold to WHOMEVER with fake names and fake info ~remember its prepaid (the term i use is DISPOSABLE) so if u cancel the phone is useless to others and to ur friends account as long as she makes sure its deactivated. If you had the phones serial number which is when you dial *#06* when u had it you could turn that phone into a useless brick once you give that info to TMOBILE assistance ~but its rare cuz its too much trouble for them~

That phone could still be used but not on her account cuz tmobile prepaid phones could have there SIM cards switched put in with a real account holders activated SIM and the phone will search signal and activate and be used like a normal phone. Real shame but it happens