I did something you can do as well and I'd encourage you to do so. I went to the ASUS support site and looked up the manual for that board. I found the page with the front panel connectors and that's part of what you need. I can't draw a picture here but let's try this. Consider


as the layout you describe.

1 and 2 appears to connect to the power LED, 3 and 4 connect to the power on switch, 5 and 6 connect to the hard drive LED, 7 and 8 connect to the reset switch and 9 shows no connection.

The power LEDs for the front panel and HD will be polarized but you won't need to bother with the HD connector anyway. Polarized connections only work one way. The reset and power on switch won't matter which wire connects where.

Since you put this in some Lenovo case which probably was a proprietary system, you will probably need to do some adapting. You may need to manually trace the route of each wire to it's respective component if you don't have a wiring diagram. You're only really looking at 6 wires that should be connected but only the power on switch is critical. I don't know what you're looking at coming from the front panel. If it's a single connector with all wires connected, you get to figure out how to separate and use the ones you want. You may well be able to carefully extract the needed wires and plug them onto their MB pins one at a time. Sometimes these connector pins can be removed by looking at the side of the plastic connector for small holes that reveal the side of the pin that snaps it into place. You just insert a sharp object into that small square or rectangular hole and carefully pull on the wire to see if it will come out. Good luck.