By "Disk cleaner" are you referring to "Disc Cleanup" in System tools?

By "I went to Internet options and fix the settings down to bare min." do you mean you went to Temporary Internet Files settings and set "Amount of space to use" slider all the way to the left? How many MB is it set for? It should be set for at least 50 to 100 MB. These Temporary Internet Files are actually cashed web pages and images from web pages so that when you return to a web page that you have previously visited the computer doesn't have download the entire page all over again, making your Internet surfing faster. My Internet surfing usually doesn't start to slowdown until Temporary Internet Files reach about 50 MB. Only when your surfing starts to slow down should the Temporary Internet Files be deleted, unless you want to always delete them so there is no record of the web pages you've visited. But still the Temporary Internet file size should be set to at least 50 to 100 MB.

Also, in Temporary Internet files Settings, "Check for newer versions of stored pages" should probably be set to "Automatic".

Hope this is helpful.