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System Freezing...

Hello all, I have a challenge with my AMD Athlon system freezing up when accessing the internet. I have to shut it down for at least ten minutes or so before trying to log-on again. Maybe after 15 - 35 minutes it will freeze up and I have to reboot in order to shut it down properly.

I have ran several different anti-virus programs, several spyware programs and norton which have not detected any viruses and the spy ware detected deleted. I still have this challenge.

The modem has been changed thinking that was it.

Only when I access the internet, on boot up several times and twice over the last few weeks when doing work w/out the internet. Come to think of it, sometimes when using java chat function also.

Thank you for any ideas just short of throwing out the window!!!

AMD, Win 98SE, 512k ram, 20g hd.

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Reporting: System Freezing...
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Re:System Freezing...

This can often be the result of an overheating system, especially if you have a brand name system with an AMD CPU in it, because brand name vendors use AMD chips in their lower end systems where they cut corners like crazy to try and make as much of a profit as possible.

Easiest thing to do, is start by removing the case (or one side of the case if it's a tower design) and see if the increased air circulation helps. If it seems to help, but not enough, try having a small fan (a 5-7" fan should do the trick nicely without being too loud) blowing into the exposed portion of the case.

If that doesn't work, you can rule out heat as being an issue and come back here for another round.

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Re:System Freezing...

Try this simple test to see if heat is the culprit.

Pull the case cover, point a fan at the internals.

Better? Same?


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Re:System Freezing...

It sure sounds like like a "heat problem". Open case and if you haven't, clean out the dust bunnies, etc. Next, verify *all* fans are running and not intermit operation. If the problem seems to go away, then that's it. If a bad fan, replace ASAP. If a bad CPU fan, then its very possible the cpu could be failing and needs replacing as well, AMD is a very poor performer under heat stress and outright fail. If the p/s unit fan is going, well change that too, or replace the whole power supply, it very doubtful to fix, just replace. If the problem has gone too long the overall mtrbd. compoenets will tend to breakdown as well, so alot can become "iffy" and really hard to pin-point, thus as a last resort think mtrbd. setup replacment if it comes to that. You didn't mention what AMD cpu you have, but if its a t-bird class they're very prone to heat failure and since its old, think cost effectiveness of any repairs(sorry).

good luck -----Willy

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In Addition, Just 'Cause It Wasn't Mentioned

...."Low Resources" can also cause this type of issue. Try this: Restart your computer. Wait for it to load completely then, right click on My Computer, choose "Properties", then the "Performance" tab. The System Resources should be at about 90% or more at startup.(Mine starts at 93%) Most computers have all sorts of programs running that don't need to be. Click on the link below and follow the instructions in Parts 1-4 to clean up the computer and shut down some of the unnecessary start up programs at start up which sometimes cause conflicts and a resource drain:

Hope this helps, too.


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One Thing To Note

The low resources only applies to Windows95/98/98SE/Me, it doesn't apply to WindowsNT/2000/XP since they're based on a different core.

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Yewanchors, Agreed ! Still, Although Not Really 'Resources'....

....similar issues can happen on Windows 2000/XP for similar reasons as on Win 9.x/ME. I have customers who have experienced "freezing" and computer "hangs" on Windows 2000/XP which occurred because they had way too many start up programs loading. Whether you call it CPU usage, bad program performance, system memory, or system resources, the effect can be similar. As you correctly stated, the NT kernel handles memory, or resource allocation, differently, but the "effect" is very similar and can be helped in much the same way. The conflicts from multiple programs, and the freezing problems, were cured after shutting down unnecessary "services" and start up programs in XP's "msconfig".

For example:

How to free up Windows XP system resources

Hope this helps and thanks for pointing that out.


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Re:System Freezing...

I am having a problem with my computer freezing up,every 1/2 hour.The system is IBM model#45U im useing windows xp.I have sent it to get it cleared.It was cleared and i started fresh again, they only left window`s xp on it. It worked good for 3 days and started freezing up again.Everything just stops dead.I have to shut it down manually, then turn it back on again.I lose what ever i was doing on the computer too. PLEASE HELP

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Re:Re:System Freezing...

The problem is, this could be hardware or software. You don't tell (and probably don't know) what they cleared, and how they cleared it, nor (just as important in my opinion) who 'they' are.

Assuming (and note this is just an assumption) 'they' formatted the hard disk and reinstalled Windows XP (or whatever the correct way of doing this in Windows XP is) from scratch, and reinstalled all necessary drivers including motherboard drivers and all patches and nothing more but current antivirus and reset the BIOS to it's defaults, and assuming you didn't download and install dangerous programs in those three days, assuming all this, it is likely to be hardware and not software, so whatever they did turns out to be quite unnecessary (with hindsight).

Possible hardware issues include heat, insufficient power supply (especially if you put new hardware in the machine yourself), failing memory or intermittent motherboard failures.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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Re:Re:System Freezing...


First, because this could be a problem with the "Blaster" worm, please download and install the "Blaster" patch from the link below:
Security Update for Windows XP (KB824146)

After installing the patch above, then please visit the link below and run the free online virus scanner that it provides:

Panda Online Scanner

After that, if you come up clean, then please visit the Windows Update site and install all the Critical Updates that are listed for your computer. To do this: While in Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" in the upper left, choose "Windows Update".

If none of this takes care of the problem, I suggest taking it back to the location that was supposed to have fixed it. This time, as Kees mentions, find out exactly what they are doing. If YOU are doing something that causes the problem, s

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Re:System Freezing...

HELLO: My computer is freezing up every 1/2 hr to every using window pro ,the memory card was replaced with 256.00mb because we couldnt play nascar started to freeze. we cleaned every thing and started fresh .it was good for 1 week then it started to freeze again.i have done the clean up for files, do norton ever 2nd day.and no parisites found.i checked event viewer and it says : AMLI:ACPI Is attempting to write to an illegal 1/0 port address (oxcf8)which lies in the 0xcf8-0xcf8 protected address range. This could lead to system instabillaty. Event ID 5.
AND THE OTHER MESSAGE IS: AMLI: ACPI Bios is attempting to write to an illegal 1/0 port address (0x70) which lies in the 0x70-0x71 protected address range. This could lead to system instability. Event ID 4if yhe Bios is the problem what do i have to do to fix this problem. thanks Bev.

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Re:Re:System Freezing... Beverly. The machine's BIOS is not for Windows XP.

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