synaptics touchpad pointer problem on hp mini 110-3135dx

The pointer as I move it automatically highlights and opens anything under it. I want to manually open and highlight it myself with a tap. I am on windows 7 and just downloaded the updated synaptic thingy - to no avail. I have tried everything and cannot get this to stop! I am extremely frustrated, it's kind of like auto complete on google-It does not help!

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Reporting: synaptics touchpad pointer problem on hp mini 110-3135dx
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Clarification Request
I read that you

I read that you updated the driver but not a word if you explored the settings of the touchpad.

Maybe it's defaults are not what you want?

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Clarification touchpad pointer

Thanks for your question. I neglected to say after I installed it, I went through all of the settings as I had before with no ability to change the problem. You said maybe its the defaults. What do I do?

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I just wrote that I went through all of the settings after I downloaded. I think you did not see my post saying I did that? Anyways, it did nothing. In the mean time I have been reading many posts and it seems pretty clear that this problem is terminal. After all of my readings of people's many and various efforts the answer is clear, which is to shut the synaptic function down and use a mouse instead. So, that's what I am about to do! I am weary of this problem and going to move on. Thank you for your efforts. Punky007 signing offHappy

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Sorry to read that.

At this point you need to be a consumer that got a bad meal and return it as unacceptable. Since you checked all the settings, it appears we are done.

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Yes, after poring over many threads on this problem, it is a product failure. Someone said they contacted synaptics who insisted he had viruses. He ran all these specialized detectors and found nothing; and then ynaptics was unresponsive. Yes, as consumers we should not put up with this. I am sending an email to microsoft and synaptics about the research I did on the internet and that it comes to shutting down the touchpad and using a mouse - and that I would never use a synaptics product again unless they assumed responsibility for a degenerate product. Anyways, thanks again for trying to help.

Best of Luck,

E. Lewis

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I have a few synaptics pads

At the office we have moved to almost all laptops and we are able to adjust it to our liking.

HOWEVER the netbooks we have are only for demos. That is, we don't use them much to find the issue you are having. Did you try a laptop? They cost about the same.

Or why not get a mouse?

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Mouse or laptop?

I didn't know these netbooks are demos - what does that mean? I can't afford a laptop right now since I was laid off. I bought this mini in late 2011 and immediately doubled the memory. I just found a couple of mouses laying around, one's a wireless blueooth. With some research it appears that this netbookj does not have the feature for hooking up bluetooth and I need to down load stuff. From looking at HP support site, I see that the website has downloads for that but I cannot make it happen because HP first makes me run their detector program that gives me a huge list of downloads that I either need or are just suggestive and then I cannot get back to the download they originally said I needed to download for my system on this particular product. It's just all too complicated and frustrating, not for lack of intellect but due to low frustration tolerance on my part and the constant process of finding only partial solutions and confusing interventions due to HP site not working properly, synaptics crap product, etc... In order to do what I need to, I have to piece it all together from a variety of confused souces- goddamnit, I want everything to be clear and in one place! I should say that this is the 1st time I have ever tried to do any more on a computer than handle documents , load pictures and occasionally run maintenance. I never read the manual since all of what I did was limited and obvious. However, just in the last month I have been looking at everything in this computer for hours on end, opening and fiddling in order to know what it can do and what is involved while taking care not to do anything that will make the computer inoperable. Anyways, I should probably read the manual and post for the bluetooth issue separately. I, however do feel confident about my conclusion with the touchpad due to reading tones of threads on this topic that only dead end after a myriad of efforts to solve this. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks for readng through this as I know it's a bit self involved and off topic.

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Sorry About Abusing the site

Yeah, I wrote too much extraneous nonsense, however, I want to report that I disabled the touchpad and switched to a regular table mouse and I am thrilled now that it is not a battle every time I move the cursor over the page!!

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About demos.

Since we would not be very productive on netbooks we use them to demonstrate our apps. Why on a netbook? Because some clients are concerned that the apps could require them to upgrade their machines.

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Thanks for clarfying - it lets me know that netbooks are quite still in process with kinks. Where would I go to understand the state of netbooks in the context of the overall computer picture? What is different about netbooks as opposed to laptops other than their small size and less memory and less processing capacity? What is the impasct of the smallness factor? I am stuck with this mini for now due to lay off.

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What is different.

These are made for the price point and not competing on speed or much else. Since some folk need such a low priced machine, performance and even bugs like above can be sacrificed.

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Interesting to Know

That is interestng and completely clarifies everything now! Oh so true that "you get what you pay for!" There is a huge differerence between a volkswagen and a ferrari - now I know I definitely have a bicycle! I already knew notebooks have limitations but I did not know they compromised at the level of putting things in this that do not work!!? I understand that that what I have cannnot do what a laptop can, but to put garbage, like that touchpad synaptic 2 in there is abuse of the consumer - it is sneaky and misleading marketing to claim that this mini has a touchpad when it does not work! Oh well, bend over again as a consumer.

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