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Switching from Internal to dedicated graphics

My friend has a problem with his laptop and I'm trying to solve it for him but nothing seems to work. The problem is as follows: He got an old laptop for cheap and the previous owner replaced the graphics card from an Nvidia one (I don't recall which one) to an AMD 7970 and also switched from windows 7 to windows 10, but his laptop has Intel Integrated graphics which is preventing him from playing most games due to the fact that said games won't choose the right graphics card.

Now this is where the problem gets worse, I tried reinstalling the drivers but the computer freezes, and when I finally install them it says an error occurred and that I should contact AMD so I restore the system to a previous point and let it be. Then I also tried using AMD Crimson to change the graphics card that certain games use but to no avail since the software doesn't even open now... I also tried messing around with the Intel options and the AMD Crimson options back when it used to work but it was no use. So from my research all I'm left with is disabling it on the BIOS settings but I wanted to know if there was a different way to fix this...

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Reporting: Switching from Internal to dedicated graphics
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When you get "one of those"

You know to try the factory issue recovery media first. Finding just the right set of drivers and apps to fix this is as you found out almost impossible. I can't tell you since I don't own any model with the 7970 and you omitted make/model number too.

Here, not one laptop in the past 6 years had me selecting which video card to use. There was a lot of progress in the drivers and apps so this issue faded. Except it seems for folk that change OSes.

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Thank you for your reply.
I can't tell you what make/model it is since the previous owner was the one that changed the graphics card and he never mentioned it, plus I don't know how to check that, I tried looking up on the msconfig but from the codes there it said it was an Nvidia one (which is incorrect).

I can try to provide more information if you want. I really want to fix this for him...

It is hard since I don't "physically" touch the computer. Everything I do is done through screen share or video which is extremely impractical but I just can't get my hands on his computer, but he's careful when following my instructions which is a plus.

Anyways, thanks for the reply and if you or someone can help me figure this out I am willing to give out any additional information that might be needed.

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Then we are at an impasse.

Since no make/model of the laptop is known my advice is to try the factory issue restore media to go back to stock which will work unless there is a hardware issue.

This is a very rare laptop. So few allowed changing video cards that it's not one I would ever guess which one it is.

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I mistook your question for something else. You wanted the make/model of the laptop right? Well I do not know for sure but I can search it up really quickly.
When it turns on it says: "Style Note"
And he says it's a "Clevo 150em" but I can't find anything when I search "Clevo 150em" that resembles a "Style Note".

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Yes, it's one of those.

Clevo is some maker that will make and then is resold by so many out there.

My answer is to use the factory restore media to get back to a working setup. If that fails, it's a hardware issue you take up with it's maker.

While I deal with a lot of laptops, the problem I'm running into that as the more the design fragments the tougher it is to find a page about how to clean install Windows. I've done a lot of clean installs but not a Clevo that had changeable graphic cards. The maker should have that install routine, what drivers and APPS!!!! to install in what order.

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Where do I find that?

Well, thank you so much for your time and if it isn't asking for too much, could I keep in touch with the progress in case I need more help with it? If so how should I contact you? e-Mail, or just by replying to this post?

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Wrong title.

I accidentally wrote the wrong title. Sorry.

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Try a new post if you want folk to see your progress.

As to my email, the spam proof contact is to click on my name and drop a line there.

If you meant to ask where to get factory restore media that would be asked of Clevo or the seller. Clevo has no presence in the US so we only see them when folk carry them across an ocean.

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