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switching between desktop speakers and a usb headset

Nov 28, 2007 2:56AM PST

Please let me know if there is a practical way of switching between desktop speakers and a usb headset.

The point being that I wanted to record my voice using the headset microphone. Is changing the default devices in XP the best and/or only way to do make that switch?

I have discovered that I can use the headset for Skype and the desktop speakers to stream audio:

To use your USB device and your PC speakers simultaneously, please perform the following steps:

1) Go to Start menu -> Settings -> Control panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices.
2) Open the 'Audio' tab and select your sound card as Sound playback Default device.
3) Open the 'Voice' tab and select your sound card as Sound playback Default device.
4) Go to Skype -> Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings and select your USB device as 'Microphone' and 'Speakers' selection.
Thank you, Skype support,for that information.

Here's the history:
I added a Gigaware USB Headphone Set to a Dell Dimension E510 Desktop.I am using Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2.

I had asked about this before and was told:
?I?ve bought a switch box for that. Like
No recommendation. Just the first google hit for switch headset speakers.There are others also.?

I just called plantronics and they said there is no product available to switch between a usb headset and desktop speakers attached to a sound card. I called Radio Shack and they said the product they had is no longer available and was not for a usb headset anyway. My search efforts only found the Plantronics

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