Switched computer parts to new case, won’t turn on.

May 27, 2018 7:20PM PDT

I just bought a new phanteks entho pro tempered glass and a new gtx 1070 sc and 750 watt power supply. I took my old asus motherboard and put it in the new case. I do not have a usb3.0 input on my motherboard, and I took off the WiFi cables because I use Ethernet anyway. I tried to plug everything in that I could. I plugged the power sw connector to the right spot I think and the led’s I also plugged in where it says to on motherboard. There was only one fan connector from my case so I plugged that into the only plug on my motherboard for a case fan. When I turn the power supply on, the graphics card led’s come on and so does the motherboard fan. Also my USB ports work on the motherboard. But my bottom fan does not spin on the case and the led lights in the fans will not work either. I’ve plugged in the hdd/ssd and I had to use one of my older cords to plug that in. Also I have a lot of cords left over that I didn’t use from my old case. This is my first attempt at a pc build so I need any help possible. Thanks!

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Reporting: Switched computer parts to new case, won’t turn on.
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Clarification Request
No display
May 27, 2018 7:21PM PDT

So the problem is I have no display and no led’s and the power button on the case is not lighting up either, and the lower case fan isn’t working but I only found one plug for it anyway.

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No need to light a power button.
May 27, 2018 7:38PM PDT

That would take more wiring than required for a power up so I'd ignore that for now.

A fan that is not plugged in at this point should not be mentioned as it's just a distraction and you know what to do next.

The new 750 W PSU can be suspect as well as your build. There are common gaffes that cause no power up issues. Such as the power on connection is on the wrong pins to just a dud power button.

1. Do you have an Ohm Meter to test that switch?
2. Do you know the old fashioned jumper the power on pins to test if the problem is the switch or not?
3. Do you know not to use all the motherboard standoffs? I find many machines with extras shorting out the backside of the motherboard.

Tell more.

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May 27, 2018 8:35PM PDT

So I do not have a ohm meter, every connector that was plugged in before on mother board I took a picture of. I plugged everything back in except the USB ports for front of case and some of the sata cords I think are what they’re called. My old case had an optic drive but I didn’t want to bother putting it in the new case. I did plug in the hdd/ssd to the sata port, but there’s like 2 more black ports open and a yellow port with nothing plugged in them.

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I tried
May 27, 2018 8:41PM PDT

I did it as well as I thought I could. Seemed like every spot on the motherboard has something plugged into it and then it’s run to the psu. Just seems like something is either in the wrong spot or I’m an idiot. I’m not sure and I’m a little angry because I just spent another $800 because geek squad said my gpu was messed up and they wouldn’t transfer my components to my new case for me....

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When a GPU is messed up
May 27, 2018 9:30PM PDT

I usually just put in a new GPU.

Can you go back to what worked? Then just install one new part at a time?

Also, there's not enough detail here to work with. If you started with a bad computer and didn't fix it, you could be transferring the real issue to the new case.

-> Start very small. Again, I can't tell you how small you can make it but for a power on and BIOS screen we don't need a case. Just PSU, motherboard, CPU+HSF, one stick RAM and a video system. Again, not enough detail so I can't tell if we can use onboard video for this barest of builds on cardboard.

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May 28, 2018 1:07AM PDT

You need to take 5-10 pictures and post on an image hosting website and drop links in so we can take look at what you've done.

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Pc boots up downloaded new drivers.
May 28, 2018 6:19PM PDT

So I managed to get everything to come on and work correctly. I’ve noticed that now my frame rate on fortnite only drops to 100 at lowest and sits around 230. Before it would sit around 180 and drop to 0 sometimes. Still not sure why I’m dropping so many frames but it’s playable for sure. Anyway my only problem now is that I have 1 of the 2 case fans working and no led’s are showing up for the fan as well. Also the case has a usb3.0 cable for front usb’s But I have no usb3.0 port on my motherboard. I was wondering if there are adapters for usb3.0 and my hd led’s are plugged into the right port on my motherboard just don’t seem to be working, so not sure why that’s happening.

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