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Nov 1, 2016 7:21AM PDT

Switchable Graphics and Slave Configurations , Nvidia Cards Catching Fire , Iray not supporting Geoforce GTX cards as millions of people rush out to buy Nvidia GTX cards to improve their graphical rendering and I couldn't be more confused or weary about making a computer purchase.

My 3D program doesn't support the 530 adapters in Switchable Graphics and I was wondering if disabling it would result in the loss of processor speed or if the slave configuration would completely lock me out of the GPU's control panel as it's done in the past as I look for a new system. Intel says to go straight to the board manufacture about that BIOS information but I'm shopping , not building so sometimes that can be tricky.

Another concern is that do the GPU drivers created for a Switchable Graphics Program correspond the same once the slave configuration is disabled ? What conflicts are their and how do you avoid them ?

I need to have some idea about the BIOS and the Switchable Graphics in a system before I buy it. It's absurd to pay a thousand dollars for a computer and not be able to open your software or and even more absurd to be completely locked out from the control panel of your discrete GPU.

If their is a better configuration and is it possible to avoid the Switchable Graphics all together in the market with out building your own system ?

I use a 3D program named ICLONE6 and do some rendering with 3D Delight in DAZ. ICLONE6 does not support the 530 adapter much like Auto Desk hasn't in the past.

Can any one help make this process less confusing ?

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Clarification Request
Now you've confused me.
Nov 1, 2016 8:36AM PDT

On desktops I select which GPU by where I plug in. And never encountered your issue so I worry you are dreaming up this issue. On laptops they come all sorted out and again never had an issue and across hundreds of laptops the only time it was a problem was pilot error or the owner had tinkered too hard.

Chicken Little issue?

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Oh My ! The Sky and Chickens are falling at Auto Desk too !
Nov 1, 2016 12:44PM PDT

Between me and IClone and Dell you would of thought one us could of had the intelligence to right click on the computer and select the Discrete GPU Control Panel or know how to apply a fix so that you could select the GPU but of course the SKY IS FALLING and of course all three us are in a dream state. @ It generally wouldn't be an issue with most users unless your computer software doesn't support the 530 adapter and for some one reason it continues to be a problem with the very market that has the highest demand. So as you sit their in confusion let me finalize with a recent post from Auto Desk and their moderator with a member having the same problem in their Auto Cad program.

I also note that I just probably need to buy another computer and stop worrying about having to return it if that's the case but all of these systems are generally custom built so in the broad term of this post I agree that the problem isn't as bad as it was -

Here's a Auto Desk Post from May 2016 With an AUTODESK EXPERT ELITE

The technology for the dual video configuration is called "Optimus" by NVIDIA and "Enduro" or "Dynamic Switchable Graphics" by AMD. The problem occurs because the switching software chooses the wrong GPU for AutoCAD.
1. Disable the integrated (or switchable) adapter in your computer BIOS to force the system to use only the high-end graphics. The bios setting may be labeled along the lines of "default video," "integrated video," "Intel video," "Optimus," or "Enduro."

2 . From your video driver control panel, manually set the proper GPU for AutoCAD to use

Problem - Some computer systems may use a master-slave video configuration. Intel HD Graphics is the master and NVIDIA/AMD is slaved to it. All display signals go through the Intel chipset no matter what card is being used. With this configuration, the second option above is the only solution. The BIOS will not have a setting to disable dual graphics.

And about the only driver you can get that works, once you fix the problem above, is from here if one exists

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I was unclear.
Nov 1, 2016 1:08PM PDT

But I stand by my words here. Your first paragraph is:
"Switchable Graphics and Slave Configurations , Nvidia Cards Catching Fire , Iray not supporting Geoforce GTX cards as millions of people rush out to buy Nvidia GTX cards to improve their graphical rendering and I couldn't be more confused or weary about making a computer purchase. "

That's three times in your first paragraph you write "cards." Then your reply mentions the 950m and what appears to be laptops.

Very very few if any laptops have graphic cards. And everyone I've used has worked just fine when it came time to run an app that demanded the dedicated GPU to take over.

Can you be a bit more careful in your words and posts?

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Yes ! My tech terminolgy could use an update but
Nov 1, 2016 3:38PM PDT

Every day we have Daz users talking about buying a Nvidia GTX card to improve their rendering - I asked the people at IRAY/Nvidia and this was their response about the use of GTX cards for rendering purposes . - Ok, but at Nvidia we do not recommend Geforce series cards for IRAY support, as GTX is mainly designed for Gaming and runs with low level Direct X API , while for IRAY we only recommend the Quadro series graphics cards which works with the low level APIs like the OpenGL, OpenCL and comes with full support for IRAY.
The entire industry and their claims seem a little quirky to me.

1070 and 1080 Nvidia Cards - Offering free thermal pad after massive problems with over heating-
Nvidia GTX 1080 & 1070 EVGA Cards Reportedly Catching Fire & Dying Due To Overheating VRMs

And guess who's technology it was for Switchable Graphics. Nvidia ! These companies know exactly what's coded in their BIOS systems and theirs no reason on earth for any one to be completely locked out of their discrete GPU. Re stocking fees and return shipping is a pretty good loss for anybody and it really makes me mad for a company to try to tell me that their BIOS coding is my software problem.

I like Nvidia and am impressed by their technology but I'm perplexed by some of these antics.

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I'd skip mention of the mobile switching for now.
Nov 1, 2016 4:07PM PDT

And yes I did find the Nvidia flaming 1080 video. seems like AutoDesk and Nvidia do work.

I'm just someone that's been around the PC scene before the Z80 so can you clear up what the concern here is?

My guess is you want to spread the word about Nvidia EVGA issues. If I was on a desktop I'd want the 1080 today but for now I'm shopping a mobile solution.

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That's probably correct.
Nov 1, 2016 11:08PM PDT

I'm sure the 1080 would be a good purchase as most of the high end Nvidia cards.

Some issues need to be addressed in the form of whether the CPU or GPU is doing the actual rendering such as in this article below. It's a point we go over every day and the entire lot of us are as lost as the average consumer.

I have tried to make a very loud point out of the Switchable Graphic Issue. I don't know what's so hard about If 530 adapter is false = 1060 Nvidia Discrete GPU is true as the same with the drivers or as I have previously complained this post . I guess I'm just mad about having to give up my system and having to shop for a new one over the internet. Dell was honest and that could of ended very differently.

If this is technically correct ( Below ) It's just fraud and their just being absolutely ridiculous !

The role of the GPU in traditional rendering engines
The GPU is not used for any aspect of “normal” renders with VRay advanced, Mental Ray, Maxwell or any other traditional renderer. It never had. It will get there, but it is not right now. The GPU – known for ages as “the graphics card” – for the most part does nothing more than displaying a visual representation of a digital model, on the 2D space of a monitor screen. That’s it. It doesn’t help the CPU – most likely the contrary – it delays it as the CPU is actively creating queues and prepares frames fro the GPU to render on screen. Yes, yes, the GPU is rendering – all the time – the frames you see on the screen, not your final production rendering.

Would make virtually no difference rendering something with a workstation or rendering node with “on-board” graphics/IGP, GTX 780, GT 610, Radeon 7750 or any Quadro. The fact that machines labeled as “workstations” marketed to people “rendering stuff” come options that contain “workstation” GPUs, mainly Quadros & Firepros have nothing to do with “rendering” itself. It is a delicate balance between vendors  trying to create an all-around product, capitalize on marketing promises for better compatibility and reliability and increase their margins upselling the more expensive workstation cards.

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As I have yet to encounter these issues.
Nov 1, 2016 11:16PM PDT

I did see such years ago I can't say they didn't happen. Today it seems to work in current ready to use laptops and desktops. Desktops we just connect to the GPU and we're done.

What I'm getting the feeling here is you are concerned it won't work.

All I can offer is it does for my coworkers that run CAD apps.

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Exactly !
Nov 1, 2016 11:32PM PDT

I don't want to have a custom computer built and have it sent to the house , only to find out I can't open my 3D software - Then I could be stuck with a thousand dollar computer that I can't use for the purpose I bought it for and a thousand dollars worth of 3D content I can't use. So yeah ! I'm a little paranoid. lol
Thanks for the insight !

One of our local retailers have just started carrying some high end Computers from IBUY so maybe that will be the safest route for now. I'd rather shop like that any way where you might get 10 or 15 days of lead way !

Thanks Much !

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