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Surprised not to see something about Hunter Thompson here.

He went out with a bang as was his wont.

Rob Boyter

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(NT) (NT) Uncle Duke dead?! Say it ain't so! :-)
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Sorry Doug, 'tis so and that's just how I explained it to my

son. He's a big Doonesbury fan I have all the annual collections up to 1990 and he's read them half a dozen times. I'm raising a child part of whose frame of reference pre-dates his own birth. Of course that happened to me as well so I guess I learned it at my Mother's knee.

I'm afraid he wrote - 30 - to his life story with a shotgun. - 30 - is how newspaper men tell the composing room that the story is finished.

Rob Boyter

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-30- Jack Webb melodrama by that title.

Closing frame said, "In newspapering, -30- means

The End."

I was an 'inkstained wretch' myself once. Got booted out because I insisted on 10-finger typing. Happy
Regards, Doug in New Mexico, fedora on the back of my head.

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Somehow I missed that show, for which I'm grateful.

I like "inkstained wretch" enormously, where's it from?


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'The inkstained wretches in the pressroom'

Back when presses were dirty, oily cast iron monsters, hand-loaded with metal type frames. Also back when very often the publisher was also editor, ad salesman, typsetter, etc.

-30- was a film Webb produced. Always admired him for (as he admitted in public) hiring better actors than he was to make the production better.

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(NT) (NT) Voluntary truncation of anyone?s life is a sad waste
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What's there to say?

I'd like to know WHY he killed himself. Was he ill or in pain? Depressed? Or just stoned?

I am not impressed by "Gonzo Journalism". It was entertainment; not journalism. He was kind of a fun persona for awhile but very self-indulgent and ultimately irrelevant.

Maybe that's why he cashed out.

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'self-indulgent' probably a good guess.

In that lifestyle it often means self-deprecating; can lead to cashing in; hardest critic is oneself. A psych prof of mine and Richard Brautigan went out that way also.
Regards, Doug still alive in New Mexico

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'He stomped terra.'

There's no doubt about that.


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(NT) (NT) he left his mark... may he RIP
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I had never heard of him by name, although I had heard of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Most of my generation unless exposed to him through a "cult following" find these kind of "journalists" or whatever he was, utterly forgettable. By the various and several accounts I've read about how he lived his life, I'm not sure which is a more terrible waste, whatever gifts God gave him that he wasted, or that the drunken and high on everything ramblings of a man were celebrated at all.

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