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SUPERAntiSpyware......Rouge or not?

I recently read somewhere that SUPERAntiSpyware was a rouge anti-spyware product and was listed on but then later was de-listed. Well which is it? Is this product safe or not and if so is it a worthy anti-spyware program compared to others?

Thanks in advance.

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SUPERAntiSpyware - not on the list...
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SUPERAntiSpyware Listed on Spyware Warrior Recommended List
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Just installed the free version of Super Anti Spyware. It found and eliminated malware that McAffee and Spybot failed to detect. Will be switching to MSE as soon as the pre paid sub to McAffee expires.

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If you follow these forums.

Spybot has not been advised for years. And then we have that discussion about M...

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But also not on the short list

of applications with a proven track record of trustworthy performance.Why take a chance

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Actually SUPERAntiSpyware IS on the short list....
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I stand corrected, the biggest problem seems to be

these scam companies using the names/some version of them of legimate software.I saw Super AntiSpyware on the not on the list list and confused it with your software. I apologize for being to easily mislead.
Are there any avenues available to you to combat this sort of thing and are you taking any action.

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It's the same :-)

If you will hover your mouse on SUPER AntiSpyware (not on the list) and SUPERAntiSpyware (Trustworthy Anti-Spyware Products), both are linked to
Both is Nick's software.

Thanks for mentioning that they are both listed in different section. I just sent email just now to Suzi Turner (she owns and Eric Howes (he maintains the to request them to review it and modify the page if needed or necessary.

BTW, I'm a SUPERAntiSpyware user. The freeware will scan and remove known malware. Only auto-updates and real-time protection isn't included in freeware version of SUPERAntiSpyware.

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Eric Howes will be making the change

I thought I share the response of Eric Howes. He'll be be making the change on the page to avoid confusion on SUPERAntiSpyware and SUPER AntiSpyware.

Both are listed in "not on the list" and "trustwothy". It is from the same company -

Eric would like to note that programs listed in the "not on the list" is is not another rogue anti-spyware list which means no problem in using or installing the programs that are listed in the "not on the list" since they are not rogue products.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for clearing this misunderstanding up

as for the not on the list list I understand the programs are not rogue ones, but using the statement on the website that they are not applications with a proven track record of trustworthy performance. I still say why take a chance, I go with the list

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This why Eric Howes removed the "not on the list" listings


Please see

The "not on the list" list is now gone.

Also, please see Eric's message on "Trustworthy Anti-Spyware Products":
You should not rely exclusively on this short list of anti-spyware applications, however. Rather, you should investigate and test a range of reputable anti-spyware programs to find the programs that are best suited to your own privacy and security needs.

I agree with Eric that users should not rely only on the short-list for below reasons:
We know that what works for User A may or may not work for User B and then, what User A need is different from the needs of User B.

You wrote:
"I still say why take a chance, I go with the list"
hhmmm... There are users who are willing to take the chance because they want a another or additional antispyware scanner. That is if the case is .. for example, the antispware that is trustworthy somehow screwed their system due to incorrect removal or if the product has known vulnerability that is until now unfixed. Depending on user's needs, preferences or experience on a product. This is similar to antivirus programs, if one antivirus is free and popular but it proved to fail in many tests by several independent group to fail significantly with "detection" or if it proved few or most of the time to be "late" in providing protection for 0-day malware or if a user noticed that the antivirus failed to stop the infected file executing ... we can't stop a user to look for another one. And if there is only few in the short-list, they should be able to look-up for another in a "not on the list" list.

The lists of Rogue/Suspect Antispyware products should help the users on what to avoid and that is I believe what Eric want. I don't think Eric created a "not on the list" to be use as another rogue or not so good programs listings but to avoid frequent questions from users on whether this and that program is OK or not.




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I just want to say that I was looking at review of a Linux distro (SuSE with Compiz installed, very cool BTW) and I went to download a video demo and a pop up appeared saying that I needed to update flash (or something of that nature) so I downloaded from the provided link and wham! Viruheat was installed (which is a rouge anti-spyware deal) and I kept getting all sorts of different pop ups telling me that I had this infection and that infection (bare with me, this is relevant) So I ran AVG free and it didn't pick up a thing, I ran spybot search and destroy which picked up a few things. But I could not get rid of the annoying virusheat pop-ups so I did some google'ing and found got, downloaded and it got rid of that damn virusheat first shot.

Keep up the good work over @! I will be buying the commercial stuff when I can afford to!

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This software is a scam!

I fell for it. Don't use it. Screwed my computer...It corrected all of the problems that I was I was having but created new more severe ones...and deleted all of the system restore points. I have no choice but to re-install Windows.

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This thread is 5 years old. SUPERAntiSpyware

is one of the best programs available now, I highly doubt that it is the cause of whatever your problem was. It was more likely the malware you were trying to remove.

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Not a scam

The thread is definitely outdated. I've been using SAS for years now and have had great results. It has even led me to eventually purchase the professional version.

Something that should be kept in mind is the fact that even the "best" antimalware and antispyware applications occasionally have false positives. It just happens. However, that is where good observations and a bit of common sense helps in discerning what is a real threat and what is not. When Malwarebytes, which is extremely reputable, detected nearly 10 issues, nearly all from a downloaded program from CNET, I knew something wasn't entirely right. Sure enough, it was a known false positive. The moral of the story is to never use anything indiscriminately.

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