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Suggestions for easy photo editing software, please?

For many years I've been using ArcSoft PhotoStudio v.2.0 (don't laugh!) I used it to crop photos and change contrast and brightness, and that's about all. When I replaced my PC this summer, it came with Windows 7 which doesn't support PhotoStudio 2.0, and this version is so old that ArcSoft isn't supporting it anymore.

I'm hoping you can recommend a basic photo editing program for Windows 7 that does just a few things and won't take me a year to figure out.

Thanks very much for your help! CNET Forum members are the BEST!


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Reporting: Suggestions for easy photo editing software, please?
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Try Irfanview

It can do most basic photo editing and a lot more.

And better still, it's Free!

Try it and see if that works for you.

I hope that helps.

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Mark! Eureka! Thank You!

I've downloaded Irfanview and spent the last hour using it to practice editing and try out all of the buttons. You're right that it does a lot more than what I need, but I can happily ignore those features for now and stick to the basics -- right there, easy to learn, easy to use--for my various projects. Eureka!

And yes, it's free! I am always grateful that people are so willing to share their programs with the world for free, and I'm a little curious as to why they do it as well. But I did see the "make a donation" icon so will definitely do that.

Mark, thank you again for your alacrity in replying and for suggesting that I try Irfanview. As I said in my first post, CNET Forums and their members--especially Mark--are the BEST! (Sorry, Mark, but I'm too old to say, "You ROCK!")


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I "did" Rock

But that was many many years ago, Happy

You're welcome.


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Google Picasso

Another good simple, free, editing program is Google's
Picasso, it is also a good photo organiser and more.


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Boy I must be dumb

Yeah, this is a comment to a 3 yr old reply, but if you think Picasso is simple, give some examples of which are
complicated? I have Picasso and (to me) it has way too much crap that I simply don't understand.
All I want t do is transfer my pics from my small dig camera to my pc and be able to EASILY email them and/or keep them..........that's all.

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Re: transfer, mail and keep

My Canon camera came with software to copy pics from the camera to the hard disk of my PC (either all or only the one not copied earlier, that's just clicking the right button).

That's not standard Windows, however, so you'll have to look into the documentation of your camera how to do that. That's comparable to mp3-players: with some you can use Windows Explorer to copy mp3's to, with others you need the makers software (like iTunes for an iPod).

Once these pics are on the hard disk, in the folders you prefer, they are 'kept' there (unless you delete them) and are as easy to mail as all your other pictures and documents. You don't need any special software for that.


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Yep Irfanview

It's simple and can do the basics, and the latest even has a Paint built in to put arrows and annotations.

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Depends on what you REALLY want.

I agree with the person who suggested Irfanview for the most basic photo editing tasks. It's a good, solid, capable program that is primarily a photo viewer (the best photo viewer, in my opinion), with editing added sort of as an afterthought. I have had my photo files default open in Irfanview for years because it is the fastest and most tailorable viewer out there.

But if you actually want to get into a little bit of actual photo editing (what is generally referred to as "Photoshopping" your pictures) and don't want to pay through the nose, then I recommend the freeware open-source GIMP. It's been around for years and years and years, with programmers around the world continuously tweaking it, and is very nearly as capable as Photoshop itself. Indeed, it comes with a set of filters that even Photoshop can't match.

I use Photoshop and Paintshop Pro (Paintshop Pro is particularly tailored to optimizing digital photos and has very useful batch functions) and GIMP.

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Thanks for the additional suggestions!


Thank you for the additional suggestions! I'll look at both of those. I've heard about Picasso but didn't know what it was used for, and I have seen many references to GIMP over the years but also didn't know what it did. I am really looking for a simple program. I take pictures of stuff to sell on EBAY and pictures of family, friends, and so on. I really need the crop, change brightness and contrast features. Very basic stuff! ;o)

And Flatworm, thanks for the new word for my vocabulary -- "Photoshopping." I guess it's better than saying I'll be GIMPing my pictures...right?

Thanks again for your help. I really LOVE these forums!


- Collapse - for Windows or Pinta for Mac

For my taste I suggest for Windows or Pinta for Mac.

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Thanks for your suggestion!


Thanks for your suggestion about for my Windows PC. I'll check it out and if it's very easy to learn and use, I'll do it! I appreciate your taking the time to reply to my post.


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Paint Shop Pro X3

I am a budget friendly wedding photographer in phoenix, AZ that uses paint shop pro x3. It costs less than $100 bucks. The feature that makes it so easy is the batch edit feature. The software will edit, rename, and file hundred of pictures with just a couple keystrokes. It literally saves me hundreds of hours worth of editing. The pictures look good too. If you want to see some just check out my webpage at Every picture on my site is edited with paint shop pro. They have a free trial version too. That is what I started with. It has to be easy as I am very impatient and couldn't handle photoshop as I couldn't figure it out. Hope this helps!


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Thanks for Paint Shop Pro X3 Suggestion

Hi, Jason, Thanks for reading and replying to my post. I'll check your website and also look at the website and free trial offer. Cheers! - Ellie

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Thank you...downloaded Infraview

Thank you Mark

I'm an Adobe person who change to a CPU without Adobe. Scary world outside a program I've been using for years. I haven't removed all the photos from the old CPU to deleted Adobe and install on the new CPU.
I use the free photo editing on Its a great site, but I need something to use when I'm not online.

About Google's Picassa...there's something about the interface with blogger I don't recall the details of. I think when I deleted photos in Picassa that were on a blog, the blog photo disappeared as well. Blog photos automatically were going to my Picassa album. That was over a year ago.

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