Sugestions for wireless tv

I have just purchased a "Hauppauge - TV HD Stick USB 2.0 TV Tuner with PVR" which I hope to use for two purposes. One to record movies I watch to .mpg(this works) and also to watch TV on my laptop when my girlfriend is watching whatever she likes on the main TV.

For this to work though I want to go wireless. From the main cable box or splitter right before that box to a sender unit. Then at my laptop level, I would want a receiver unit which would then be attached to my USB TV tuner.

I previously had a unit from angeltrax that was ok, but I believe it operated over the 2.4 band which I think is why I had various problems with it. After awhile, I just could not pick up a signal on my TV in the bedroom. Could have been due to the amount of electronics in the house, the cordless phone, and wireless router, to maybe the unit just bit the big one and went belly up.

I know there are like solutions out there that operate over the 5 gig a hertz band, but the best I could find was 2005 reviews. I also see some HDTV wireless solutions, but they seem to be in the 400 dollar range. I don't want to spend that much.

I would like to go wireless so that I could move the unit easily from room to room. Most of the time having the unit on my desk in the same room as the main TV. But being able to move it to the bed room/kitchen when the need arises.

I'm not worried about picking up HDTV quality, just quality digital/analog.

Has anyone recently set up a home wireless solution for their TV's? And if so, could you share the hardware you used and the experience you have/had?

Thank you in advance.


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Have you seen this before?

And why not some Apple TV since that would do almost all you wrote.

You claim you have the USB TV stick so that's done. The TV should have it's own antenna so all I see missing is how to get the collection over to the TV.

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Apple tv goes from the pc to the tv(the way I read that)

Thats not what I am after. What I am after is going from the cable box to the pc.

RF Link 5.8GHz Audio/Video Transmission System with IR Repeater is a product that peforms this function.
?5.8GHz wireless transmitter and receiver with four selectable channels
?Avoids interference from crowded 2.4GHz ISM band applications
?Transmits and receives crisp video and hi-fi stereo even through walls
?Long transmission range of up to 300 feet with clear line-of-sight
?Permits simultaneous viewing of video programs on a second TV/monitor without wires

I was hoping for input into possibly other vendors that produce such as this. I'm like having mutiple choice's. I'm also hoping to hear from someone that has actually used the products.

The description says mutiple tv's. My laptop will be TV 2.

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wow, did I mess up that post

Not sure how to edit posts here.

<quote>was hoping for input into possibly other vendors that produce such as this. I'm like having mutiple choice's. I'm also hoping to hear from someone that has actually used the products. </quote>

<replace text>was hoping for input into possibly other vendors that have like products. I like having mutiple choice's.</replace text>

The correction isn't perfect, but it sure sounds better then the origional posting.


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Sorry no.

I've never seen a product that consumers will accept for this use.

I'm also GUESSING that you didn't run the cable to multiple places and are trying to avoid the second cable tv box.

Sorry but reading the above left me with more questions about the setup rather than any clarity.

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