I downloaded Real player and now can get those video samples using the Real player but I have to wait for a short time for them to load before I can see them. That didn't happen the way it was before. I got the video samples instantly and would prefer it that way. Do you think it has something to do with downloading the latest version of the Video LAN (8.6) and uninstalling the previous version? The samples are MPEG but I read that Windows Media player can play them so why can't my Media player play them anymore and if there is a way how can I revert to the Windows media player? Would i have to uninstall the Real Player. Shouldn't I have three players on my computer(VideoLAN, Real Player, and Windows Media Player)? I'd be willing to talk on the phone at my expense with someone about it if there is a way to do that. I would have to get someones number and call them from my phone or is there a support number I can call. See, I got this computer from a friend(an Emachine about9 years old) and I don't know if I am qualified to contact any service represenatives for free. I'm running Windows 98 with explore 6 and its sevice pack. The cable internet service is very fast and that seems to be doing very well. Also I have seemingly no problem surfing the web. If anyone would, just try to answer the questions you are able to if you have the time. Thank you very much. This takes quite a bit of time to type out so I guess it takes other peoples time also for a long answer.