Sudden ping issues

So where do I start this off. The last couple of weeks/months, I have been having some serious issues with my internet connection. All of a sudden, the connection has been way more unstable and slower, for no particular reason because no new devices or such have been added to the internet. So I don't really understand why it all of a sudden took a turn for the bad. The thing that's been bothering me the most is my connection on my PS4, because when gaming the latency and ping is the most noticeable. Before it went wrong, I would get anywhere between 25 and 55 ping while gaming on my PS4 and my connection was pretty consistent. I use a powerline adapter to connect my PS4 to the internet with cable. Now these past couple of months, I would say I have 70 ping on average, but it sometimes goes as high as 250ms and overall it is just really unstable. I have tried connecting my PS4 directly to the modem, but even then my ping is unacceptably high. My internet provider has come 2 times since the trouble occurred, but every time they would say the connection looked pretty fine and ofcourse when they came over the connection with my PS4 would be fine. Even when no other device is using the internet, my connection on the PS4 is really bad. The problem also doesn't really come from slow internet, because my download speed is around 45mbps, which should be enough. It's just really annoying and I'm pretty desperate right now because I have no clue how to solve these problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Reporting: Sudden ping issues
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"connecting my PS4 directly to the modem, but even then my

"connecting my PS4 directly to the modem, but even then my ping is unacceptably high." points to ISP or ISP gear issues and not your gear. Download speed is one thing, ping time is another. You can't infer one from the other. Example? Satellite ping times are very very high but download speed can be over 1 megabit.

To me this points to an overloaded ISP. You can try another DNS and game server but your story points us back to the ISP or their modem.

As to no clue, the clues are here but I find folk want a fix for their ISP. Do I need to write more?

I do need more from you. Which ISP?

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So what you are saying is that the problem comes from my ISP? So how does it come that whenever they come to the house to run their tests, that they 'don't see nothing wrong'? I'm from Belgium so you probably won't know the company but my ISP is Proximus. Anyhow, thanks for the swift response and the help!

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You write that, when they came, not only their equipment, but also your PS4 was working fine. And when it wasn't, they didn't happen to be there. That's understood correctly?

- What site are you pinging to? The best IP-address to check the connection is a server at Proximus itself (their website, their DNS server, their mailserver, whatever they have). And the best device to do it is a PC or laptop, not a PS4, directly connected to the modem, when no other device is using the connection (especially not the PS4).

Now do this every hour, and copy the results to some document. See if you can find a pattern (like: it's bad every evening from 20:00 to 23:00, or it's bad when it rains). But even random spikes, being well documented by you, might prove it's them, not you.

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Yeah that indeed is correct. Whenever they come over to run their tests, all seems to be fine. But whenever they're gone, that's when the trouble begins. I appreciate your help, and I will do just that. See if I can indeed find a pattern and show it to them so they can fix it!

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hoge ping it seems. finds

So it appears this ISP has variable ping issues.

As to why it passes tests, are they playing the same game, same servers? Remember this pint time varies with time and how many are on their network.

As almost all ISPs oversell their network (they have to in order to make money) you may be itching to have a discussion about how ISPs and the Internet works. I can't do the while discussion. But from the stories it's not your gear. About all you can do is to try other game servers (if you can) and change ISPs.

Parting question. Did you try another DNS?
( )
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Using other game servers is pretty hard on Console I guess since a lot of games only have 1 EU server etc. As for the DNS, no I actually haven't. Should I change the DNS on my router or just on my gaming console?

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DNS change.

I can't guess what you have but here my ISP modem+router locked that change out so I change it on the devices. Also I use a second router to get more WiFi bandwidth so for that router I change it in the router.

There are dozens of possible setups and effects here, I'd try the console change first.

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Thanks a whole lot, i'll try that right away!

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