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Stupid survey question

Sometimes I'm not quite sure what to make of survey questions. We stayed in a Marriott Hotel in Charlotte recently in preparation for a very early airline departure the next day. The company sent us a survey that asked, among other things, who I was traveling with. The included a checklist for various categories (business colleague, child, spouse/sig other, ... and then asked how many people in the group there were in each category.

I thought about putting down something like 4-5 spouse/sig others just to mess with them. I do wonder what they were thinking. I mean, this is NOT Saudi Arabia! How many people would actually admit to having more than one spouse or 'significant other'?

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Homeland Security might be interested if you list

multiple spouses. I never complete these. As well, if you book on line, watch for the already checked option to become a member of their rewards club. These promise plenty of spam and it's not that easy to stop it.

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I don't understand the complaints about spam

not to mention junk mail.

I figure junk mail helps keep first class down. Spam I just put in my spam filter. Others I read and look or delete.


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Re: Junk mail

You can help the post office even more if you send it back. Just watch for those 'Postage Paid' return envelopes in your junk mail, fill them with junk mail and send 'em back. The the post office gets paid twice for it Devil

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Except for the financial ones

No need to have them file something bogus with one of the credit reporting agencies.

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Diana, I don't follow...

I don't follow, Diana. 1st class mail is the most profitable service for the Post Office. Computers and the internet have reduced the volume of 1st class mail. The Post Office says that to compensate for financial loss of the contribution of one piece of First-Class Mail, Standard Mail must increase by three pieces.

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I worked for the post office for a while as a sub

First class mail is like the newspaper. The cost of the stamp and the paper just barely pays for the item itself. It doesn't pay for the payroll to do it. What actually pays for both is the ads.

Bulk mail comes in already bundled and sorted and bar-coded and ready to ship and goes to the carrier already sorted by address. And there is a lot of it (probably more than 3:1).

Unlike the first class mail that comes in in a jumble and has to be sorted and bar-coded and shipped out and re-sorted by the carrier.

In short - been there - done that.


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Diana, the post Office...
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I'm not surprised the quantity of first class and periodicals are going down. I know that I rarely use stamps anymore (that's why I bought the forever stamps) and I didn't renew a lot of my magazines. I am surprised about standard going down so drastically. I wonder if that is because of the increase in spam and infomercials.

I just know what I was told at the post office by the postmaster and the carriers.

I do want to say that the carriers are amazing. They know that x moved in with y and they both moved to z. They know that the snowplow toppled the mailbox so deliver the mail next door to the daughter. They know that a moved out and didn't leave a forwarding address. One time, we had just moved to Tulsa and sold our house in California. They sent the check to a totally wrong address and the post office delivered it to us about a week later. I know that they sometimes get a bad rap like delivering someone else's mail to my house with the same number and the next street over. I just walk it over to them when I walk the dog.


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Basic price info, Diana...

Diana, the Post Office basic price information can be seen in the link below. It starts with First Class Mail Retail Single Piece at $0.44 for 1 ounce.
To quickly get to the start of the Standard Mail part of the list, in the upper left of the page, under
Commercial Price
click on Standard Mail
Then you can compare the price difference with the various forms of Standard Mail. Link:

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Good point, except that power users

(including almost every executive) get mailboxes full of the stuff. 'Look and delete' can cut into such a one's day. Myself, I'm happy with the filters in Hotmail and such, so looking a two or three a day is no problem.

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I usually ignore them also, but ...

This time I wanted to give specific feedback about an issue during my stay, and doing their survey saved me the trouble of looking up contact information. This was simpler, though it is less certain whether the information will reach an appropriate recipient.

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then don't just fill out the card

write the main office. That will get more attention.

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It would be too difficult to customize the "amount of" category for each selection.

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