Sounds like major problem. As far as cable box cant help you most hi-def cable boxes use h.d.m.i. d.v.i. is not used much anymore. May I offer you a little advice? call Dish Network they have some sweet deals for you I just upgraded to there new VIP222 system this unit will run your main hi-def t.v. and also a second anolog t.v. in another room 2 tuners, Order there basic and hi-def service you will receive 20 premium hi-def channels+ all your local over the air channels whether in anolog digital or hi-def + tons of c.d. music channels all for $10.00 extra per month Sorry I dont like any cable co. to expensive and not much to offer also picture quality thru a dish system blows away crappy cable I know tried comcast HORRIBLE ALL THE WAY. stewee