Even streaming SD/low bandwidth content can sometimes be a bit flaky IME compared to a traditional wired connection. A wired connection is what I would always recommend for sending any sort of HD content from a laptop or desktop blu ray drive. Any so called converter box supplying a 'solution' will not be ideal since the bandwidth is still going to be an issue. You really have to spend some good money IME to get a professional wireless solution that actually works as described. Throw in the desire to actually work on the laptop at the same time and you might not be happy with the results. With the cost of standalone blu ray players hovering around $100, you would be better off IMO spending the same money on that instead. I'll also be honest- many of the positive reviews of the product you mention seem to be, should we say, a bit 'juiced' ;).

FWIW, a 720p blu ray is still very nice HD content to watch, even on a 55" display.