Its not uncommon to have a "black screen" just before you see windoze display booting. During that black screen time it is working but may not appear so. You will notice that with only 1 HD present as before but the time will be short.

One cure, just let it take the time it needs and check results after 2-5 added minutes. If no go, then verify you have proper jumpers/setting for a dual(multiple) HD setup. You may have a psu issue. Under a cold start of initial boot-up where it has to get things going, there isn't enough "phummff/power" to spin in a timely fashion all devices, etc.., a warm reboot or on/off cycle gets you there. In this case, you have to replace the psu with a higher wattage unit to better handle this. Also, usage of IDE&SATA drives causes windoze abit longer anyways as it sorts things out during, it just does. Also, be sure you're using the latest bios update. In this light you should verify you entered the proper SATA driver to use in windoze. Try all that..

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