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strange pop up - error login 0x10e0

Dec 15, 2008 4:29AM PST

in the last week i am having very strage error pop up
every 5 minutes i got popup that says "error (login) 0x10e0"
i tried scanning for viruse or mallware spyware with nod32 regcure ccleaner and spyboot S&D but i had nothing.
i even checked hijack this log and it was clear too.
anyone have idea what is this error? how do i fix it?
thank you

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Dec 16, 2008 12:33AM PST

Plz help me
i'm about to format my pc and i dont want to
any suggestions?

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I've not seen this error before,
Dec 16, 2008 4:47AM PST

but just to make sure it is not any sort of malware, download and install MalwareBytes, update it, run it, and let it quarantine anything it finds.

There's a very good description of the problems MBAM can find and resolve in the forum discussion here;

It may not be the same problem as yours, but the procedures suggested by Marianna are the same.

Try that first, and see if it finds anything.


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tnx for your help, i will try it
Dec 17, 2008 5:27AM PST

and let you know the results


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i tried the thigs i read in the thred you recomended
Dec 18, 2008 8:54PM PST

it doesn't help me so i did more research and i found a software that fixed errors i had.
The software calld ms-errors it's a registry cleaner.
hope this post will save time for other.
Thanks for the help.

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Resolved :)
Jan 11, 2009 7:03PM PST

You don't have to buy anything!!!

1/ Just find in your computer the file WUDFHostl.exe (with a l at the end!).
2/ Kill the process tree in the task manager [right clic on the process and then "end process tree"]
3/ Delete the file previously found.

Hope it's help you.

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I have the SAME Problem
Jan 25, 2009 9:34AM PST

I am having the EXACT SAME IE Error Login popup, in VISTA 64 what worked for you OP?

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hi jcbossman
Jan 26, 2009 4:47AM PST

i fixed the error with ms-errors registry cleaner.
The app found some other errors i had and it fixed them too, now my pc preformance much better

hope this post will help you.

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I solved it and cleand my pc
Jul 26, 2009 2:47AM PDT

I bought this soft too
I got to say it's a great one.
easy to use and fixed many errors i had also this strange error the thread about.
Tnx for your usefull post Jcbossman

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blue screen
Nov 15, 2009 1:43AM PST

I read in some other forums some bad solutions and suggestions that told me to delete files and registry keys.

It took me two days and a 100$ technician to reinstall my computer after it wouldn't start up, only to find that the error returned after reinstalling my software.

After buying the ms-errors software and running it twice, the error stopped. Hope this helps somebody out...

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Nov 15, 2009 8:22PM PST

Just as I reported here:

I solved it for FREE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FREE

It was just Malware
A very easy fix

1. I downloaded Malwarebytes and installed it:

2. I updated Malwarebytes (Note you can even use the manual update here:
Or see issue #4 here:

3. Ran a quick scan (it took 10 mins Happy )

4. Removed all found Malwares at the end of the scan

Yes Yes Yes. and I fixed it for FREE

I notice there are MANY free online Malware Removal Guides
I stress to others to find a good/respected (free only) one (anywhere)
And have your issue fixed for free


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Nov 16, 2009 4:15AM PST

Hi kimsland9
Thanks for your suggestion but it wasn't helpful, maybe for other errors it will.
i download it and it didn't solved my errors, like other free software which suggested in other forums. i had to buy the ms-errors, i thought it a waste of money but you know what it solved this error and speed up my pc.

thanks for your help

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Nov 16, 2009 5:09AM PST

The ms-errors solved the error for me while malwarebytes did not.

Kimsland - please stop spamming the different forums trying to promote malwarebytes, it's getting ridiculous

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Malwarebytes is FREE
Nov 16, 2009 5:23AM PST

lol Grin

Malwarebytes would have to be the best
Its mentioned on every single forum. By every single support person, in removing Malware
Even the biggest and most respected forums on the Net Wink

Not only that but its >>> FREE
It certainly isn't Spam, and obviously you do not have enough knowledge to know that.

Malwarebytes is 100% the best free Malware removal tool there is.

Hey I made a guide here (on one of the forums I supported at)
It includes running Malwarebytes Wink All for free

BUT, your messages are Spam, ie purchase some useless NOT REQUIRED program

Hy everyone out there, of the thousands and thousands of members I have supported, I have never told them to buy anything. And all issues were solved for FREE
Do not buy anything, especially, that program (mentioned by others ! here)

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kimsland - i am reporting you
Nov 16, 2009 5:28AM PST

I am reporting you for spamming boards about malwarebytes - I'd appreciate it if you stopped.

MalwareBytes did not solve my problem, it even slowed down my computer.

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I am a Moderator !
Nov 16, 2009 5:36AM PST

PLEASE Moderators, please delete these SPAM posts by the members above

Malwarebytes is perfect and is not Spam
I am highly experienced and I am a Moderator here:
That's right a respected Moderator with 17,000 support posts

If this were at our forum the member would have been banned by now


Its stated to be used by ALL respected Malware removal sites. All of them

Please Moderators, hasn't this gone too far?