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Strange emails how can they be stopped

I have got 15 similar emails so far today
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To: Meghan Rossi
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Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: [Informationcentral] TAKE ME OFF MAILING LIST


Rosalind R Wilson Meghan Rossi <>
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02/22/2005 08:59 AM

Subject: [Informationcentral] TAKE ME OFF MAILING LIST

And have sent this reply to each
You are the 5th person who sent me this I do not have any mailing list other than personal friends ( I checked my addressbook and you are not in it)something is wrong here sorry about the problem

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Hi bobdec

That is spoofing. Just delete them and eventually they will probably stop. You should NEVER reply to one of those or hit any unsubscribe link because all it does is tell the people that sent it that the e-mail address is active. There's not really a way to stop them that I know of.

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Strange e-mails...

Roddy is correct, just Delete! I got some about 2 months ago, for only 2 days. I deleted them without opening, and after 2 days they stopped. Have not had any since.

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Strange emails how can they be stopped

Thanks Roddy unfortunatly I responded yo about 12 people before I got your message but I wil take your advice and hope they stop in is up to 30 messages now. Very annoying

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(NT) (NT) Yes it is for sure. :( You're welcome.
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Would fraud eliminator or one of the other phisling software work for this. I have never used as I only get one or two a month.

Your comments please for my reference should ever the amount increase.


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I don't think so Ray

That is more for using when browsing than e-mail. The best thing for e-mail is to either use a spam blocker which many spammers have figured out ways around, or just delete them without actually viewing them if possible.

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I don't think so Ray
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bobdec, those that

you mention are great for spyware/adware/etc. but they are NOT Spam Blockers. Spam blockers are totally different kinds of programs. I use the same spyware/adware programs that you do bobdec but I finally gave up with spam blockers and I just delete the e-mail when it comes in now. It's just a personal choice. My e-mail host has a spam blocker so I don't get as much as I used to.

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bobdec, those that

Yes roddy you are correct in that those programs are NOT spam blockers as I do not use on either. I tried the google toolbar for awhile but did not like the added tool bar on my screen so I deleted it

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If your email is at your domain you can use SpamAssassin and it is customizable. You can redirect the filtered emails to your own bulk folder or just delete them. The biggest thing is to not give spammers a chance in the first place: Use safe PHP based contact forms on your websites, don't use a "good" address on a safelist or other public site, don't use cover-all email addresses on your domain, and never never use a mailto tag without obscuring it. If your ISP address falls into a list seller or virus propagated SPAM cycle you may need to delete the user name from your ISP account and use a fresh username...that has worked wonders for me before.

Charles Miesel, webmaster

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Strange Emails

After I had some help from a tech at SBC's Tech Support I started getting spammed with boatloads of emails. What I've done (and it seems to be helping) is, because they usually are all about the same or similar things, is create a message rule and use one of the key words that aren't likely to show up in any emails I do want to get through. I also add the sender to my blocked list. Like I said, it seems to be helping. I'm still very disturbed that my email address appears to have been sold by someone at SBC ( all the addresses in the emails are in alphabetical order, with as part of the address).

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I used to get around 50 of those per day

Not to mention phishing scams and other spam letters. I looked into spam blockers but somehow they always seemed to filter out some of my genuine mail and job applications as well.

I use Outlook 2003 at home and tried the built in "junk email" filter, which also proved to be a bit of an annoyance.

Finally I simply set up an e-mail filter, and went through one months spam (with my internet connection turned off) picking out the keywords used(usually dealing with erection disorders and the drugs that cure them), adding them to the e-mail filter telling it to move it straight to the Deleted Items.

One or two still slips through, but after adding the sender or another keyword to the list it has become very managable.

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(NT) (NT) It's that powerful ***** enlargement lobby...
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Never, never, never reply to one!

I apologize if someone already said this, I didn't have time to read the entire thread.

The first mistake anyone can make in this situation is to reply to the unwanted messages.

Just as you don't know who sent them the senders don't know who received them....Until you reply and in effect say I'm a sucker you found me. Your reply just told them that they found a valid email address and now you will get more of the same. In fact now that they know your email address is valid they will probably sell it to other spammers so they can join in the fun.

If you get this stuff and who doesn't? Just ignore it or try to filter it out. Eventually it does go away if only temporarily.

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Ever try a whitelist?

Don't know what ISP you have but I use Earthlink. I love their Spamblocker and have chosen the highest level of protection...a whitelist. No one can get email through to me unless they are in my address book. If someone gets "bounced" they can submit a request and I can add them.

Spamblocker junks Known Spam into a folder which I can look at but never do. They also have a folder called Suspect Email where email that is not on my address list and is not proven spam goes.

Since I use their email program, TotalAccess, (none of the problems and vulnerablities of Outlook & Outlook Express), I get a daily email of what went into the Suspect Email folder with a list of sender and subject line which I can quickly glance at to see if there is something I want to let through. If so, I check it and with one click it goes into my Inbox and my address book. Or I can just open it and read it without adding the sender. If there is nothing, I can wipe out a whole days worth of spam with one click of the delete key. The whole process takes me maybe 60 seconds a day.

I love this method. In the last month, only 3 spams have been able to get around this system and many months there are none. I can give out my legitimate email address with complete confidence that I won't receive what I don't want in my inbox.

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Strange emails how can they be stopped

I ususally use a "catch all" e-mail address for things that are I don't know like the latest HP Advertisment, or other such ads and important to me but not vital or business; that helps a little bit.

I have tried one SpamKiller, but I found it to be quite overbearing and within three days I disabled it and haven't allowed it to run since.

I use IncrediMail a lot, and two of it's features are "Block Sender", and "Bounce to Sender". The "Bounce" sends a reply to the sender of an individual message that says that my address doesn't exist or can't be found; therefore getting my address removed from that one - it will also auto nuke the message after it generates the Bounce Message. And, "Block Sender" does exactly that - it keeps tabs on what is added to it's database, and won't allow that one again.

Between these two features, I do about the best at controlling what would have me be controlled. "No, I don't care that I have won a free gift handbag" - Happy

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to answer this post in a simple yet easyto understand manner

if you do not recognise the sender simply delete it.

virus/ spam / spyware authors play to peoples overwhelming arrogance that if some unknown mail gets into their mail box, geee whiz, they must be really important people.

do yourself a favour.

if something comes into your mail box that you were not expecting, delete it.

don't open it and then ask for information about some sort of all powerful all cleaning, all protective of your email in box cleanser, cause that program is yet to be written.

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If you are using Outlook Express...

I agree completely. The only thing that I would add is that if you are using Outlook Express you should add the sender's address to your "Block Sender" list before deleting.


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i imagine it is the same

for other e-mail clients. the sender and subject are displayed in the in -box......

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Gain Control of WHO you receive E-mail from!

Thanks to a former student of mine who entered my e-mail address into a Yahoo web page of a story she thought I might be interested in (but wasn't!!), I was receiving about 20 spams a day. Like most of the posters here, you can't stop 'em. But you CAN control who you do and do NOT receive mail from. I went 2 and 1/2 years after switching to cable modem, with NO spam at all, until my address was entered into the Yahoo Page. Man, did it start pouring in. Mostly SPORM, or PornSpam.
Someone I sent an e-mail to prompted me to download a program called CHOICE-MAIL, by digital portal software.
It makes senders go to a web page and register their name and e-mail address, and YOU choose whether you can download the message or not. I refuse to download the spam and add the sender's to my BLACKLIST.Spammers use auto-mailing programs, so they're not going to register their name and e-mail with the site. It's started tapering off, but NOT enough for me. It's become a bit of an inconvenience, and I thought I would give it a few weeks, and if it didn't stop, I'd simply delete my current e-mail from RoadRunner, and create a new E-mail address. IF you'd like to try the FREE Choice Mail, here's the link:


P.S. I ONLY give out my hotmail address, and not my Roadrunner address to ANYONE!!! No contests, no freebies, NOTHING>! Nobody's going to send you a FREE laptop or 92" Plasma TV anyway, so why bother??? They just do that to add your e-mail address to their trash lists.

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