sorry, i forgot to include this:

I'm running Win XP Home Edition on a Dell 8400 Desktop. The drive that is messed up is a Seagate SATA 250GB HD, only 1 month old.

Also, to mention, it all began when I was trying to transfer some files from C: to F: It gave me an error message stating that it could not copy over and that my data file was lost, possible due to hardware error or network.

Before I ran the CHKDSK utility, the old files in F: were still intact and working. Now since I have enabled the CHKDSK, I can't get access to F: again since I keep stalling at 84%.

Other info, I ran a boot disk using Seagate Diagnostic tool to confirm that I have bad sectors on my F: This probably explains why I couldn't copy info onto it. But shouldn't I still be able to access the old data though? At least this was the case before I ran CHKDSK.