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Stop the presses! Sarah Palin is whining again.

A bitter Sarah Palin took to Facebook Wednesday night, saying the Fox News Channel had cut her appearances for the evening.

"I'm sorry Fox cancelled all my scheduled interviews tonight because I sure wanted to take the opportunity on the air to highlight Senator John McCain's positive contributions to America, to honor him, and to reflect on what a biased media unfairly put him through four years ago tonight.

Granted, our honored and esteemed war hero has gone through much more than the liberal media can ever do to him in their efforts to harm this patriot. I look forward to hearing his words to his fellow Americans tonight more than any of the other convention speeches. God bless John McCain. Thank you for everything. And happy birthday, my friend."

This prompted a quick response from CNN's Piers Morgan, who took to Twitter to invite her to appear on his show. It appears there was no response from Mrs. Palin.

So basically she's whining that she didn't get to take the stage and whine. I suppose the hurricane that shortened the convention was a "liberal media plot" too.
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Reporting: Stop the presses! Sarah Palin is whining again.
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Oh well

everyone deals with disappoints from time to time. I still think her speech at the last RNC was one of the best.

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Yup, especially the part....

.....where she lied to the entire audience about saying "no" to that bridge to nowhere. Perhaps she didn't think anyone from the "lamestream media" would bother to check and find out that one of the slogans for her gubernatorial campaign was "Build the bridge!"


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I didn't see any part of her tweet

that indicated she was whining or was bitter.......although liberals will always see any type of disappointment from Conservatives to be just that. Does that mean that when your wife forgets your anniversary or birthday and you are disappointed, Josh, you have turned into a whiner and are bitter over it? Disappointment sometimes is just that. She was never supposed to take the stage, as you put it....she was supposed to be a guest commentator....and yes, because Monday was canceled and everything had to be shortened up for the rest of the schedule, there were many speakers and/or guest commentators who were bounced.

Good guys will say and do anything to get a headline anymore............

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Did you even read her post?

The subject of her "speech" was going to be about how John McCain was victimized by the "lamestream media." WAAAAAAAAAAAAA. All she ever does is whine. Whine, whine, whine.

She also had her dates wrong, unless something happened to John McCain on August 29, 2008 that I am not aware of.

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You don't hear these guys whining,

or other Republicans whining about them, not speaking.

George W. Bush: The President Who Must Not Be Named At Republican Convention

TAMPA, Fla. -- Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright turned heads last week by saying that Democrats could very well blame George W. Bush's presidency forever for the nation's problems.

Republicans cried foul, arguing that it was well past time to move on from the former president. After all, they've basically expunged him from their memories.

The Bush name and legacy are noticeably absent from the 2012 Republican convention. The former president unceremoniously announced he was skipping the affair months ago. **** Cheney, the former vice president who remains more revered among the core national-security minded conservative set, isn't speaking, either.

Sarah should grow a set.

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expunged him from their memories"??? Not hardly........only in the HuffPost and liberals' minds. There were a number of former Bush Administration speakers scheduled, including Condi Rice. The Republicans aren't afraid of the "Bush stigma" or Jeb Bush wouldn't be part of the program......but the Dems just love to play that card when they think they can get away with it.

Evidently you didn't notice the video that was played last night with both Presidents Bush along with their First Ladies.......all endorsing Romney. Think what you will (and you will), that is one classy family. Bush II has made it publicly known that he would not speak ill of BO, as he believes it is beneath the stature of a President (even a former one) to speak ill of a currently seated President. Can't say the same for Bill Clinton's way of thinking......he's come out against BO's policies a number of times over the last few years, including during BO's run against Hilliary. He's the one hot wire/loose cannon during the Dem Convention when he gets up there to speak.....nobody ever knows what will come out of his mouth. Kinda like Biden.......

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only in the HuffPost and liberals' minds

Permission to use your quote the next time some liberal brings up Bush?

There were a number of former Bush Administration speakers scheduled, including Condi Rice.

I wonder how/why she got the nod. No I don't, I was just joking.

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The HuffPost

said that Republicans have expunged him from their memories....I only pointed out the lie.

As for Palin needing to 'grow a set'.........she's probably one of the ballsiest women you will ever 'know' in your lifetime, and doesn't need to grow anything........perhaps you're envious of that aspect just as liberals have money envy going on????

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RE:liberals have money envy

ENVY.?..I could see the drool running down your face.

Union 6 months of the year

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I don't

have envy over your ability to sit on your butt for six months......I am angry that unions that have shut down so many USA jobs because of over pricing workers along with benefits that break the company or the state into bankruptcy have corrupted workers to the point that the worker doesn't think there is anything WRONG with the picture of sitting on your butt for six months out of the year instead of actually working anymore.

I don't drool.........but liberals do that a lot when they think of a way to again either GIVE something to somebody else on the backs of OTHERS or when they think of a way to GET something that comes from the backs of OTHERS. There IS no moral or ethical question anymore for liberals. The entitlement mentality has become an epidemic.

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RE: .I am angry that unions

OK it wasn't drool running down your face, you were frothing at the mouth.

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Liberalism 101
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"Ballsiest" LOL

All she does is whine and play the perpetual victim. Poor Sarah. Poor, poor Sarah, victim of the "lamestream media." That's ballsy? LOL

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RE: he believes it is beneath the stature of a President
he believes it is beneath the stature of a President (even a former one) to speak ill of a currently seated President.

I would hope 4 or 8 years the shoe will definitely be on the other foot.

I won't do it to the guy I replaced, please don't do it to me when you replace me.
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IF I even had a clue about what you just said

I might be able to make sense of it.

However, I'll make an attempt at commenting based on what I DO know.......

"I would hope 4 or 8 years the shoe will definitely be on the other foot.".....are you saying that BO will be playing nice and not speak ill of a currently (at that time) seated President? IF so, he will get the chance to prove that in a couple of months and not have to wait that long.

"I won't do it to the guy I replaced, please don't do it to me when you replace me.".......IF you are again talking about BO, he's ALREADY spent the last four years bad mouthing the one he replaced so he hasn't got much room for begging from Romney not to do it to him after January; however, I expect Romney will have enough class during HIS term to not blame BO for the next 8 years that he will serve.

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RE: bad mouthing the one he replaced

if that means talking about the mess he inherited?

He's not the first President to mention what they were left with.

I expect Romney will have enough class

Let's see if he has enough "class' to explain HOW he's going to do all the things he says he is going to do, TONIGHT not AFTER he's elected.

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You mean like how

BO told everyone ahead of time that he was going to 'fundamentally change America' and that 'electricity bills would necessarily skyrocket' under his policies, and how he silver tongued his way into office with plans that HE never outlined to 'fix' everything he blamed Bush for and NOBODY on the liberal side heard any of that warning? They were so busy being bent over at the waist waiting for the Vaseline treatment in slobbering awestruck adoration believing he was the second coming that blood went to their heads that maybe they COULDN'T hear it. I DO know one thing that many DID hear...."Obama money" and they could hardly wait to get into lines to get it like manna from heaven, and they didn't care where it was going to come from.

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I was thinking more around these lines
Let's see if he has enough "class' to explain HOW he's going to do all the things he says he is going to do, TONIGHT not AFTER he's elected.

FACT CHECK: Romney's deficit vow lacks specifics

WASHINGTON (AP) - Mitt Romney promised voters Thursday night that he would cut deficits and put America on track to a balanced budget as president, but he left voters to take it on faith - or not - that he could deliver. The details behind that pledge, and the painful spending choices involved, are conspicuously lacking in his agenda.

No one would expect a presidential nominee's acceptance speech, a tone-setting introduction of the candidate before a huge TV audience, to march through the nitty gritty of a budget. Such speeches are meant to soar and generalize. But the specifics don't exist anywhere else and, without them, there's no telling how he could increase military spending, cut taxes, restore over $700 billion to Medicare, meet the government's core obligations - and bring down deficits.

Could you do that in YOUR household...increase spending with less income, and pay down your debt, ALL with less income?
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I believe that

the Ryan budget (passed by the House) details most of what you want......they have already said during the campaigning that Romney's 57=point plan and Ryan's Budget could be merged and amended into what would make that work. AND right now he isn't planning to INCREASE military spending....he is planning on doing away with the huge $600B cut BO wants done....any increases to military would come at a later date. As for $700B in Medicare being do it by doing away with Obamacare. There are TWO plans out there and he gave five of the most important ones they would do almost immediately......including tax reform, which was NEVER on BO's list. have TWO plans from R&R, and NO plans EVER laid out by BO past and present. But hell, liberals never complained about BO not laying out HIS plan four years ago so why should they ask for one from him now, right?

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where's my whine whine whine post?

did they get married already?

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While I normally vote Republican

I've grown to dislike her.

I've already been labelled a RINO in Speakeasy, sometime ago because I'm not in lockstep with those that equate Democrats with terroists.

I will admit I'm not a political junkie, I don't spend all my time reading to support a political view. I actually enjoy Time Magazine, even though I know it's definately a left of center agenda. Links here often offer opposing views to read. I use to watch Fox cable news, but became weary of it's heavy hand manner on many of the shows.

I actually use TV more like I do books, I look for fiction, I look to be engaged or entertained, not lectured at.

I watched Palin's Alaska series, even saved them in fact. I was hoping for more about Alaska. The title was Sarah Palin's Alaska, but the show was Alaska's Sarah Palin. Some of it portrayed good content about and with her. But the overall aspect ended up to me as a disappointment. Not just because it was political, I expected that. It was just too self glamorizing for me in the end.

LOL, I have to admit, the show with Kate (of the plus 8 fame) did make you back Sarah. No one could hold a candle to the whining Kate did on that show. Of course, it was obviously a play up on the city girl lost in the country and much seemed deliberately overplayed.

Sarah Palin, IMO, was one of the worse vice presidental running mates a candidate has chosen. I'm not saying she's a bad person particularly, but I think she cost the McCain a lot more than she contributed.

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