Stop my computer from starting and stopping booting up?

When I start my laptop, for 4 seconds it shows a black screen, then shuts off. It repeats that process twice. I take out the battery and have it start up on just the power, but that is after the several times it doesn't start up. It will boot up, but I can't figure out why this is happening. If I don't bother it while it is doing its start up, it will take at least 3 times of starting up and shutting off to finally get the HP logo. Then the enormous time it takes for the computer to start up in general. Please help!!!

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Reporting: Stop my computer from starting and stopping booting up?
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Are you saying

that it boots up properly when you take out the battery and boot up from the mains?

If so, I would say that points to a failed and dead battery. Replace the battery and see if that stops the problem.


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Sort of

Well, sometimes, if I take out the battery after it turns on again (late), it won't start up.

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I wouldn't do that.

I would ensure the laptop is fully powered down before removing the battery.

How old is this computer, and more importantly, how old is the battery. The 'general' rule I often see mentioned here is that laptop batteries are good for 300 or so cycles, (or about 18 months), then they can start to degrade.

When a battery degrades funny things can happen to the battery's performance.


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Battery Replacement

Okay, so you are thinking that I should replace the battery on my HP Laptop? If so, where is the best place to get a really cheap one?

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Beware really cheep

It appears the lessons about battery fires is soon forgotten. I can only suggest the ones from names like the maker or battery companies like Everready.

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(NT) Thanks so much!
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I hear it's not the battery. Let's look at what we know and

Think of what else all this tells us.

It's a shame that the model is not known as if it's from the HP dv6000/dv9000/tx1000 line there are issues with those.

But given the battery story it was a prime suspect. Since it is not that (you didn't tell how you know) let's use that to guess what next.

--> If it's like many laptops the vents and heatsinks are clogged. But the speed of the issue suggests that the heat sink is not in it's proper place. I've found too many clogged and along the way found too many with the heatsink rattled around.

The only way to dismiss this one is to open it up to clean it out and replace the old heat sink compound.

Cost? About one dollar of material.

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Uh, how do I get to that?

Uh, I get what you are saying, but how do I get to that on my computer? Like you mentioned above, I have an HP Pavilion dv6000.

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Then it's not the heat sink issue.

The dv6000 is a line with a big problem. To fix it you change the motherboard but it will only fail again. There are class actions over this model.

CASE CLOSED! We know what the problem is now. It's a shame this many posts occurred since if the model was known we could have saved everyone from trying this or that or spending one dime on heat sink compound or batteries.

-> ONE LAST CHANCE. Turn it off (if not off!) and remove the AC, battery then press and hold the power button for 60 seconds. Release, slip in the battery, apply AC and hope. It's rare that this brings back a laptop but not so rare to not try it.

Again CASE CLOSED. The cause, the fix is too well known. I'm surprised to find folk that didn't read about this model's issues but why would a person look or know?

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Hold on

Wait, you just made a bunch of insults about me that are not true. Do you know how much digging I have done to get to this problem? What makes you think that you know everything? No one does, this is called a forum, where you help people not give them advice about how they could have fixed it in the first place. Get it right! And don't do it to other people!!

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Hold off.

I know the dv6000/9000/tx1000 issue intimately.

What did I do you except make a comment that you may not have heard of the class action suit or issues with that model.

But I have found folk with that model carrying it from shop to shop looking for a fix (or forum to forum?) and with each reply about the problem model they are upset to the point they call everyone in the place jerks that don't know a thing and move on.

Don't laugh, it happens. This model is not one I'd wish on anyone.

Good luck in your repairs.

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Re: Computer help forum: Stop my computer from starting and

I guess, the problem is with the battery. maybe you could replace and have another one.

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No, you missed the point.

Uh, you completely missed the point and the entire conversation above. I tried booting up the computer without the battery and with it, they both had the same problem booting up.

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