1. The next time the warning loads, as long as you're SURE the site and program are safe, place a CHECK mark in the box that says: "Don't show this message for this program again".

2. Enable the popup blocker on IE 9. (Open IE9, click on "Tools" in the upper left, choose "Popup Blocker-Turn ON Popup Blocker".

3. Disable the HP "add-on" in IE9.. (Open IE9, click on "Tools" in the upper left, choose "Manage Add-ons" to choose the "Add-ons" screen. Once there, select the "Toolbars and Extensions" section, then check for the "HP Smart Web Printing Add-on" and uninstall it, or disable it entirely.) If it doesn't show up in the list of Add-ons, look to the left side of the screen and use the drop-down menu to "show" - "All add-ons" instead of "Currently loaded add-ons".

4. The Flash player is used for showing various video content available on websites such as Youtube, etc. If you don't want to use Flash, uninstall it from the Control Panel-Programs and Features section.. Of course, it's possible you don't already have Flash Player installed, and if you want to install it, then visit the Flash Player website below and install the newest version of Flash.

5. Of course, it's possible to disable Protected Mode if you wish, which would stop the warnings entirely, but it makes surfing less secure.. To disable the warnings entirely, open the Control Panel-Internet Options-Security tab, then UNCHECK the box next to "Enable Protected Mode", click on Apply, then OK.

Hope this helps.