Static sound coming from TV when volume is off. Help!!

I own the Vizio SV420M 42 inch television. I have had it for about 4 years. It has been a great tv. About a month ago, when I turn the tv on on random occasions I will hear a static noise coming from the tv speakers. I turned the volume down on the tv all the way to 0, and the static is still heard. It is loud. It only stops if I turn the tv off and on again. The static sound will then go away, until I turn the tv off for a while and turn it back on. I have checked all cables, took them out put them back in and nothing helps. I have the Sony HT260H sound bar hooked up to it using an optical cable. I also have a PS4, direct tv receiver, and x box 360 hooked up using HDMI cables. I have been searching online for a month now, with no help. I have contacted Vizio support, and all they could tell me is it's no longer under warranty and they give me numbers to tv shops. I don't want to take it to a shop if it's an easy fix. Please help!!!

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Reporting: Static sound coming from TV when volume is off. Help!!
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Clarification Request
I didn't read if the sound bar works or not.

If the sound bar works the cheapest fix is to unplug the TV speakers. To fix it my bet is the board or boards that drive the speakers.

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Sound bar works,

Yes the sound bar works. After I posted this question I turned the tv on and heard static. I turned the tv speakers back on and started to turn the volume up, once I hit about 35 on the volume, the speakers kinda piped and the static stopped. I haven't tried to turn the tv on again ( heading home from the gym now). If I wanted to unhook the tv speakers how would I do that? Also the static is only coming from the left tv speaker, and doesn't do it every time I turn on the tv, but is becoming more frequent. Thank you.

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"I have checked all cables, took them out put them back in and nothing helps."

Replace the cables, preferably with grounded protection in the new cables. Check the old cables for a break, crack, or animal bite mark (if you have such).
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I had a question about grounding issues. The tv is over 4 years old. I just bought a new sound bar and ps4. I have had an xbox hooked to the tv for over 3 years and direct tv dvr also. No sound issues until I hooked in the sound bar and ps4. Now, being a science teacher I thought to my self. It could be just that my tv speakers are going out the same time I bought the ps4 and sound bar, or it could be them. If it was a grounding issue would the ps4 cause it? It is only hooked to the tv using an HDMI. I am going to buy a new optical cable today for the sound bar, hoping that is the problem. Here are some more observations I have made. The hissing sound happens no matter if the tv speakers are turned on or off. When I pan the balance back to right and left speakers, the hissing sound doesn't change. When I turn the volume up on the tv to about 45 the hissing starts to pop and it stops.

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I'm getting the feeling you don't dive into gear.

For me, since the speaker bar works I would unplug or snip the wire to the speakers. Since I only need to unplug one of the two wires per speaker, what an easy fix. But I understand that folk don't like tinkering anymore.

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Tv speaker

The speaker that is making the static is the internal tv speaker. No wires to cut lol

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There are wires to that speaker inside.
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So you want to do the trouble shooting yourself?

Here's how I would attack it. I would UNPLUG all the devices that is connected to the TV until that noise don't exist anymore. But if you still have the noise then it's obviously the TV or maybe something in the house is causing it. Let us know how it goes and good luck.

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Trouble shooting

When the noise started today, I unplugged each HDMI cable that was connected to the tv. Sound didn't stop. I have tried to unplug the optical cable connecting the tv to the sound bar, static still continues. I then tried to turn the tv speakers back on and proceeded to turn the tv sound up loud. Once I hit about 35-45, the tv speakers made a poping sound and the static stopped and the sound was clear from the tv speakers. I haven't tried it after that though.

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Just turned it on

I just turned on the tv no static. But as I stated earlier, it's hit or miss most times. It doesn't have static every time I turn the tv on. I have observed that the static usually occurs after the tv has been off for a long period of time. Like while I'm at work. When I get home, it usually has the static sound.

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something isn't grounded that should be

it's picking up static charges during the day from something nearby and it's not moving on out when you turn it on. Cell phone or microwave towers nearby?

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No towers

I've had the tv for 4 years now and it's just now starring to make the noise.

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all you can do

Is try other speakers on it and see if the same thing continues, to determine if speakers or cable, or the TV itself causing it.

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