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Starting first HP 4580 SCANNING conceptual question elem...

I have a pied-a-terre away from main home where I need to work the same - print, scan etc.

So I bought an HP4580 that stays there and I bring there i.e. here now a netbook (Acer Aspire One). When I bought the HP a disk came with it, which I have never used. For the reason that this netbook doesn't have a slot for disks. However someone gave me to understand this was not inportant, just go ahead and print etc. OK so I can print (to cut story short). I have never donwloaded any software for the 4580. If it is relevant to present problem I haven't got it anyway I forgot and left it at principal home.

The official instructions for scanning are suspiciously simple. They just say Press scan, review and accept.

Er, my usual FAQ by me for all instructions, WHERE? Review where please?

The button on the machine says "SCAN (USB only)"

Well the netbook is connected by USB cable to printer else I couldn't print from netbook as I do OK? (Don't talk to me about wreless, I have enough probs and urgency) So I guess the scan result should show up on my screen somewhere. Not that I can see. Actually when I press SCAN it prints out 2 paqes
which I would rather do without for now about network configuration and the wireless turned off.

So isa scanning different from printing, and unlike printing needs downloads? Or unliie the printing needs wirelss?

What should I do to get on with my immediate jobs quickest?

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Reporting: Starting first HP 4580 SCANNING conceptual question elem...
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I read your post and can't see where you installed the HP 4580 drivers. Not to duplicate any manual or web site but the choice of no cd/dvd driver is a personal one but doesn't mean you can escape installing drivers.

Let's say you don't want to do the work. Have a friend or support person install and set it up for you.

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Simply YES you need the software

I think all Netbooks don't have a cd/dvd drive. That's why they are called Netbooks and are smaller. You can buy an external drive pretty cheap that you just plug into your Netbook when you need to use a cd. You can download the drivers from the HP website.

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I spent nearly half an hour typing explanationb all the difficulties of putting what you suggest into practice and then I lost it! Headbash!

But in summary I guess the question once again is WHERE do I find what i need?

This site which seems official HP DOES NOT HAVE my device which is calle HP Deskjet F4580.
It has something called HP Scanjet 4850 Photo Scanner

So I found this site which has the HP symbol somewhere but does not seem very convincing
especially when after going through a download install register rigmarole it asked me for $29 which I don't think I need do I? so I didn't conclude but uselsess stuff must now be in my computer.

What should I do and WHERE do I find what I need please? My perspective is I need to scan 10 or 20 documents into my computer TODAY (it is 2.30 a.m. here now). Not lay the foundations for studying for an engineering degree.

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Is this your F4580?
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Went there. Continues to be stultifying..

I went there and tried and it said 'your security setting may be preventing installation of the Active X controls (headbash) nec to use HP download manager.'

I went to IE tools where there is something about security. Mine were on medium-high, I put them on medium which is the lowest they will go. There are also 'privacy' setting (cookies) which are medium and I did not change.

It made no difference.

There is also a bar across my screen and the panel that comes up telling me the above that says (translated) IE is now in execution with additional components disactivated. Click to manage disactivate or remove the additional components.

This leads me to various mysterious things and at some point I clicked on something saying 'execute without authorisation'.

It makes no difference.

Nowhere in anything I have seen is there anything about the ActiveX.

I am stuck.

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I suggest

You download the old fashioned way. That is, do not use the HP download manager.

About IE settings. Since there are other browsers, why limit myself to just IE?

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Thank you for getting me out of this hole

"You download the old fashioned way. That is, do not use the HP download manager."

The product is HP, the site you gave me is HP, I thought I had to do what they tell me (if only I could) and I do not know what is the old fashioned way, I have only used whatever the producers of any product give me.

"About IE settings. Since there are other browsers, why limit myself to just IE?"
Ah yes I had come to this site thro IE because it was in my favourites which are listed in IE only for the moment - see another thread of mine! But I also have googlechrome ahd will try that hoping not to have the same problems, not any others.

Actually I had just bandaged if not cured this because in the site you sent me to there was something about how to scan WITHOUT HP software using Paintbox. This has worked enabling me to deal with ny immediate real-world necessities and I will return to the HP software, which I imagine is preferable, later.

Thank you for your advice - I would have gone round in circles for another day otherwise!

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I understand.

I don't use IE much so when I click on the drivers link it asks me for what OS and no offer of a HP download manager. Since IE is forever changing I can't guess why HP download manager does not work.

Hopefully you can use another browser to get the drivers and files now.

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Done that. No better off.

OK, via Googlechrome (cuts long story short) I have downloaded and installed the product. At least I think I have. It told me I had. It took the sort of time and green thingies going across typical of downloading/installing. Sorry I didn't print out some screens to be sure I didn't dream it.

Because I can't see this thing I downloaded. When I go to All Programs I can't see anything HP nor anything suggestive (except the parasite program I told you about before). Let alone is there any sign of it on desktop.

And the scanning is no better than before. That is, press Scan button and nothing happens. (True too often when I send something to Print nothing happens either which seems to be sonething hard to control with a 'ready'/'not on line' temperamental and uncontrollable function, but at least it has some fairly good days.)

So one reason I wanted this download is I thought it would work better and give me more control. Like my Epson at home which CAN work just on the machine but which I always operate from the computer. There is something on my deskop via which I control all aspects.

So pending solution I will have to continue the paintbrush workaround. I so far get a lot of one-page documents, am not yet able to get a single several page one but hey, second best now!

Any ideas what went wrong?

(But now I am getting serioulsy annoyed. Firstly I need a printer-scanner to use for my jobs, I dont want it to BE my jobs; well I have got one but I would like it to scan and print.

Secondly to have such difficulty there is something wrong with somebody. Is it those who design these systems, those who use then, or just me? In the last case are there well paid jobs for destructive testers of information systems, manuals, software etc?

Sorry for this rant but this may be useful for the designers - I'm not THAT inexperienced so I dread to think how some poepole I know well would make out.)

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Chrome is one idea.

Odd choice but many use Firefox and where it puts a download is under our control. I don't use Chrome enough to answer where downloads go but if I was to research that I would head to and ask it.

I hear you but this is all about the lack of standards and how Microsoft failed to deliver a consistent driver model. It's a shame.

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Have diagnosis but not cure. What do next?

Yes, it is about where it is saved to.
In my defence I think it is not ALL THAT stupid of a normal person to think that something that does say ALL PROGRAMS lists all the programs that are on the computer.

Oh. It IS stupid?

Anyway someone prompted me and I looked a file called DOWNLOADS. There it is. Or rather there they are. 5 files. Yhey are called DJ_AIO_O6_F4500_USW_BasicWin_enu_140 and then (1) (2)...(5) and (0) I presume the (0) but I can't see it all.

But NOW WHAT DO I DO with these?

Again in my defence this has never happened with a download I made before. Usually an icon is put onto my desktop either automatically or by prompts I sleepwalk through. Actually usually 2 icons of which one is a useless nuisance, I think you can use it for disinstalling or something. The explanationn might be the one you give. Perhaps I had always downloaded prgs from IE or Firefox (on my other computer) before. I think Googlechrome is there by semi-accident - but's what's wrong with it? I have the icon for Opera but failed to download/install it properly and I think I may have failed to do so with Firefox.

If I can turn the above 5 files into a functioning scanner now, I could optimize these other things at leisure.

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I think I can answer why 5 copies.

If you downloaded it and couldn't find it, you might have tried 5 times.

Each download will get a new number so try the one without a number. Most these you double click on them to run. If it's more complicated than that then refer back to the instructions on their site.

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I looked at them but...

They probably are identical. I possibly have downloaded it several times, that is when a black arrow passes though the screenb and is quite fast. When I went, I think, through some installing process it said it or something related is already installed which surprised me, so if you want to install it first, disinstall it. It went through all that and was a more visible process with the green thingies than I had seen before with that programme. If it does that, surpising to me there is more than one copy.

When now I clicked on copies 0, 3, 4 which have icons a screen with something on it and in front a box may be a printer they 'extract' something (while copise 1, 2 are blank screens that clicked giveme 'not a valid application'). After extraction it fives me a choce of uninstalling or 'add a device'. I think one at least of my installations told me to disconnect the device so I wonder if it is the programme and the printer need to be married or something - do you know? (frightened to try it)

By the way in the downloads file I saw a Firefox Setup file was languishing.

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Looks like the end.

While interesting there is not much else to do but wait for others to think of what next. I'd have to see this in person to see what else could be done.

However without a CD Drive to install from CD, such installs are notoriously non-intuitive.

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