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<span id="INSERTION_MARKER"> My parents and I currently have Sprint as our cell phone carrier (had them since 2005) and I'm looking at upgrading to a smartphone (likely the Evo Shift) once our current 2 year agreement ends this August. But there's something I'm rather confused on since I'm looking into how much it'll cost to upgrade from a regular phone to a smartphone.

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">On the Sprint website I've put in my current cell phone number and selected "Upgrade Phone) only to find that the prices for phones are quite a bit higher than I have found when looking them up elsewhere. For insance, the Evo Shift, which I've been told sells for $150, says on the Sprint site costs $400 (before "discounts).

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">Now, the site says that if I were to upgrade now (hypothetically speaking, of course), I'd get a $75 discount but that I can get $150 off if I wait to upgrade until August (my current intended plan). But that still leaves the price at $250 after said discount. And here's the kicker: I decided to look the Evo Shift up on the Sprint site without giving my phone number and it says I'd get it for $150 after "Instant Savings" on a 2 year agreement.

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">So I'm confused about how this would and will work if/when we go in to upgrade our phones in August. The Evo Shift is listed and quoted as being $150, but upgrading even when our 2 year contract expires would still leave me paying an extra $100 more than a new customer? That doesn't make any sense, shouldn't existing/long-time customers be treated to better deals/discounts?

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So your question is?

I think you are asking why you don't get a better deal. You may want to start a new agreement to get the new deal.

Why this is, takes a long time to tell. But it is known why.

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phone question


Are you eligible for upgrade discounts yet ?? Has the contract been fulfilled/expired ?? Sounds like it may be too early for discount pricing and you are seeing the non-commitment price on the internet site.

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Contract/Agreement is almost done

We are near the end of a 2 year contract currently, which will expire by August. It says online that the Evo Shift is $400 before any discounts, and that if I "upgraded" by August 1 I'd get $150 off, but that would still make it cost $100 more than it's listed.

I've heard I can either take the discount price or, when the contract expires in August, I can do a new agreement/contract and get the phone for the "nationally advertised" price, which is $150. Is this true?

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Nope- that's new customer pricing

Understand, they have huge incentives for bringing in new customers by providing such 'bait', meaning lower priced phones. They make money off of service and not handsets. Locking someone in for 24 mos. is where they get their revenue stream.

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Let's be clear, if a contract has been fulfilled and a customer is eligible for equipment discounts it doesn't matter if you are a new customer or an existing customer (assuming it is purchased from the carrier directly). If the OP is not currently eligible (and they are not) they need to wait until August 1. Why should Sprint offer another equipment discount before then? Gotta fulfill the existing contract first.

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I am eligible though

On the Sprint site I put my cell number and zip code in for the eligibility of the aforementioned discount(s) and it says I'm eligible and can get any phone for $150 off if I wait until August. But the problem is that the price which the discount applies to is ridiculously high compared to advertised prices (the Evo Shift, Evo and Nexus S are $400, $450 and $550 before the discount, respectively).

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Not exactly

The prices you are referring to sound like the no-commitment price which any customer (in or out of contract) can purchase. If the site indicates you will be eligible for an additional $150 discount in August, you aren't eligible for discount pricing yet.

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But here's the thing

A phone like the Evo Shift can be bought by a non-Sprint customer for $150 (apparently a $250 discount, which the site clearly points to). A $75 and $150 discount are the only discounts the site lists for me. It says if I were to upgrade right now (before the agreement expires) I'd get a $75 discount. I'd get another $75 off if I waited until August when the agreement does expire.

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You are not listening

A new customer is not currently in a contract like you are and qualifies for an equipment discount. In August, you will be eligible for equipment discounted pricing but not until then. If you upgrade in August and purchase a discounted phone, you will have a new contract assigned to your mobile # at that time.

You are in a contract and a new customer is not. Simple as that. You cannot get discounted pricing every 6 months because you want a new phone.

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Well that (in the last sentence) is a given

But I went to my nearby Sprint store, and I was told that I can get the Evo Shift for the advertised $150 if I wait till August like I planned. So hopefully I'll be set.

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