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Spotmau Power Suite .... opinions?

Jun 19, 2007 7:44AM PDT

I'm considering purchasing this product, and looking for feedback. Appreciate hearing from those that have used it. Thanks

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Spotmau Power Suite
Jun 21, 2007 12:16PM PDT

I am not a pc expert, the spotmau cd is easy to use for me.

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Spotmau is not ready for prime time
Oct 17, 2007 5:24AM PDT


I just bought Spotmau to clone disk to disk. I plugged two external USB drive enclosures into my computer. Both enclosures contained IDE hard disks. I booted Spotmau and it recognized four hard drives (the right count) but reported that the fouth disk (second USB) had partition table errors. This is not so. The same disk in the same enclosure is fine under Windows XP.

Spotmau does not provide the NTFS volume name so you have only the drive number and size to go by. It is very easy to clone in the wrong direction.

Being risk averse I down loaded two free cloners from Both did a better job than Spotmau at cloning.

Not recomended. Save you money if you want to clone disks!

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You choose "two" programs
Oct 26, 2007 8:50AM PDT

I too was looking for a back-up program and was looking at Norton Ghost 12. Reading your e-mail you voiced your success with selecting two programs from I went there as you selected and have spent considerable time reviewing the several free programs available. Which two did you pick and find best for the basic use of backing up you computer in case of crash or other problems. Not sure I know enough to make a good decision, but you apparently seem to be versed in that area. Appreciate the help and your recommendations.

I believe there are many of us out here in the same boat who could use the help and advice. Personally haven't had great success at finding the answer on Google searches.

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Nov 4, 2007 7:42PM PST

I just ordered the Spotmau Power Suite. On the order form there is an option, for a small extra fee to hava a cd burned and mailed to you.I forgot to do this.
I sent 2 emails to Spotmau help desk and customer support both advised me to phone customer service. I spoke to a customer "service" rep and he told me he couldn't help me and to email Spotmau.
Judging from the run around I've just been given and their abysmal "service", I wouldn't waste my time dealing with this company.Just a bunch of rip off artists.

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Nov 5, 2007 11:36AM PST

You asked about Spotmau. I am totally unimpressed and really a waste of money.
I shall relate my experirnce
I have the CD (Spotmau), followed the instructions to the letter. However, when I tried to backup my HD, it told me that it failed to backup my partitions. NO reason given. I checked and I appear to have no problem with my partitions. I wrote to them on two occasions enquiring as to why my partitions would not backup. I received the standard reply ---- they wouLd refer this problem to their technical department.
After three months I am still waiting for a reply.
Do not be fooled---they have no "customer service" if you need them.

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Spotmau = Junkmau
Nov 15, 2007 2:32PM PST

INSTEAD OF BUYING THIS PRODUCT, TAKE YOUR MONEY AND THROW IT INTO THE STREET! This product is worthless! It doesn't do what it claims to do. The first problem, right out of the gate was I made three coasters before I could get the supplied burning program to make a proper disk. Then, it was totally incapable of repairing WinXP that hangs during the boot. The best they could do is tell me to use safe mode and make changes there. HELLO!!?? I can't even get into safe mode. The program must have been written by some preschool programmers because they can't spell, the grammar is poor and the interface is early DOS. I can't tell you how lame this program is. I should have seen "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!" I can only imagine the fun I'm going to have tomorrow trying to get my money back.

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Spotmau PowerSuite 2007 -- good deal
Dec 1, 2007 10:09AM PST

I just bought the Spotmau PowerSuite 2007 version. Fairly to say it is really worth the money. It has lots of functions: some are great and some are just so so. But the price is great. If you get all those functions elsewhere, you have to spend several hundred of dollars. Before I ordered this product I had read an article about it from PC Magazine. I believe this is a rather fair review and I would like to recommend it to all:,2704,2181248,00.asp

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return spotmau
Aug 6, 2009 2:51AM PDT

did you get your money back?

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Spotmau = No moneyback
Jun 23, 2011 9:48PM PDT

I'm in software developement/selling and trust me giving a refund is a lot cheaper than having an angry customer spreading evil rumors.

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WinXP hangs during the boot
Jan 12, 2011 10:01PM PST

I had the same problem with Windows 7. When I called MI Computers, the business that sold me a computer that they made, they told me that the first thing to look at if my computer hangs before/during/after the power on self test (I'm not sure about before/during/after), is any bootable usb drive(s). When I disconnected two external usb drives, the problem went away. I tried to ask the bios to disable usb booting to no avail, so right now I load windows with the usb drives disconnected.

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Spotmau = 6 months lost work
Jun 23, 2011 4:58AM PDT

I have tried most of the backup programs and trust me guys, there is only one 100% method: manually Copy folders from one HD to another.

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200% 300%
Jun 23, 2011 5:31AM PDT

Great advice. Repeat that for the 2nd and 3rd copy to other places and move a copy to high ground and it's as good as it gets.

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SpotMau is Crap!!
May 23, 2008 10:12AM PDT

A few weeks ago I experienced a problem with the hard drive on my Gateway Tower. Three programs were corrupted; HIMEM.SYS, DBLBUF.SYS, IFSHLP.SYS. Microsoft Windows 98 would go through it's boot up sequence and would stop as a result of these corrupted files. The final message I received on my pc is "Cannot find WIN.COM, unable to continue loading Windows.

I purchased this program because it made mention that it could repair these types of problems. I modified my pc to boot from the CD which I purchased. I was presented with a screen that showed a gasoline gauge of sorts to show you the status of the "reboot". This is as far as the program got. The program hung-up. Maybe this program would work if the Windows partition was in-tact, but in my case my pc has problems. Problems that I was hoping this program would correct.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PROGRAM!! I may go on to System Mechanic, although i fear I might receive more of the same.

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There is no customer service!!
Sep 12, 2009 1:53PM PDT

I paid for the whole thing including the CD.
I never got anything!!!!

The first download link they sent didn't work. They explained they accidentally send me an OLD LINK. So they sent another one which didn't work either.
I said I would wait for the CD but it never arrived.

I asked (within the 30day money back gaurantee period) for my money back..
They just kept sending me emails saying yes and to try other stuff while waiting.

I never received anything!! No money returned and NO program..NOTHING
They are just big rip off merchants..

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Had great customer service
Dec 19, 2009 8:39AM PST

I received the disk promptly,it worked without a flaw. A month later My granddaughter destroyed it. I asked Spatmau customer service if they could replace the disk,they said yes for $4.50. I said great and within 3 days I received the new disk. I highly recommend the Co.
and the programs, particularly the disk to disk clone option and their repair of missing Win Xp boot files. I don't know if the program will work on Windows Millennium or earlier.

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Rip off artists is not even the word
Nov 22, 2009 11:15PM PST

Their website came to me while I was searching a NTFS boot CD so I can boot to an OS and run some utilities on a dead HD to recover some lost files for a customer.

I checked them out on a deftly placed ad right smack in the middle of this freeware site. I thought it was the utility I was looking for, read the site and decided to give it a shot using PayPal I am pretty protected.

The download did not give me an ISO as their site describe. Instead I got and EXE that was going to install ALL the suit on my machine. The instructions said the EXE will extract into a folder then you find the ISO in the extraction. Nope. I immediately contacted Spotmau for a refund because if you can't get your information straight on your own sales website, and your technical documentation is innacurrate, then I want nothing to do with their company.

4 days later I finally got an approval for refund of my 49.95. I recieved in response to my refund request on Friday last an offer to have support on installing. I replied "no, I want a refund" The next email asked if I wanted to download the ISO directly, I repeated my request. The next was an offer for remote help and give them access to my PC, claiming I need help downloading and installing, I continued to reply in he same manner as before. After about 20 emails over the entire weekend I filed a PayPal dispute and replied to their email about the run-around I have been getting, and if they reply to me with any other words other than "We have authorized your refund", don't bother to contact me.

These guys are HORRIBLE! They are scammers, and they don't want to refund you for any reason. I literally wanted to smash my keyboard. Do not ever get this software, they hardly speak English I assume, or they are directed to stall in hopes the customer gives up and decides to keep it.

Find other utilities, like Ultimate Boot CD, or the like. There is no need to get anything from this company, they might make good useful software, but I'll never want to find out since their information and support are the worst I have ever seen.

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IF not Spotmau, what software would anyone suggest, Please!
Jan 10, 2008 10:22AM PST

I was thrilled about this Spotmau PC Utility program, unti, I researched it here at Cnet, and so glad that I did. Seems it is not what it says it is, so thank you all.

On the other hand is there another reasonable utility software, that anyone would suggest, like all the promises the Spotmau had made.

It needs to be easy to use, I am a senior. I use so many different programs, for registry cleaner, defrag, etc, would love to find software that has all these features in one place.

I am so thankful that there is a website like CNET, where we can research items, to help us on our computers! Ands, thank you for everyone that takes time to contribute, helping others to understand this complex world. Hugs Helene

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Jan 10, 2008 11:49AM PST

Hi there
Pleased that all the replies about Spotmau assisted you. I suggest that you use System Mechanic 7. It is a very simple program and really has all the software that you will need.
Unless you know what you are doing, using Spotmau (if it works!!!) you can run into trouble/
Try System Mechanic---I am sure this software will meet all your needs.
Good luck

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Jan 15, 2008 9:40AM PST

Thank you Anita. Who makes this System 7? Is it IOLO, or part of the AVG group? If so, I have looked into it, and it sounds good, but not at the stage to purchase yet, thanks sweetie, Helene

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Jan 15, 2008 11:56AM PST

Hi Helene
You are very welcome. It is part of the Iolo software. See if they have a trial version at present. This way you could at least try it.
Also try PC DOC Pro --great software. The trial version will show you ALL the errors (I know!!) but you will not be able to correct them on the trial version. Its worth trying just to see how many registry errors you have---I had lots believe me.
Good luck and let me know what you decide.

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Thank You Anita
Jan 16, 2008 12:39AM PST

Goodmorning, I made a mistake, lol, the IOLO System 7 came from Zone Alarm, and yes it looks like a good program. Not AVG.

I run Registry Genuis, which is a good program, weekly/Win Patrol is running too, keeping me alert to what is going on, or what is trying to change my settings, and Spybot, which I don't like this newer addition. I do a defrag and virus scan, weekly to keep things up and running. I would just like some program that does it all.

My task bar has too many icons running, some are necessary, and yes was told to go to msconfig, sorry I wrote it down could be wrong here, anyhow to get rid of many of the icons running. My system is running at 49%, when PC Pitstop said it should be at 30%, no wonder I am sluggish, lol.

Anyhow you have a fantastic day, and thank you for taking time to chat with me sweetie, God Bless, Helene

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Spotmau Power Suite
Apr 24, 2008 1:36PM PDT

I installed "Spotmau Power Suite" and "Norton Save and Restore" and used each program to backup my PC to an external hard drive. When I needed to restore my PC I tried using the Spotmau bootable recovery disk first. It was toatally useless. For a start there was no keyboard support so I couldn't type in the name of the backup file. Also it couldn't find my external drive which was connected and switched on. It therefore wasn't able to find the backup files automatically. I then booted with the Symantec Recovery disk and Norton Save and Restore worked perfectly. It restored all my partitions in 2 hours and I was up and running again.

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Spotmau ripoff
Mar 18, 2009 11:15PM PDT

Spotmau should be officially classified as malware. I also had major problems with attempting a recovery, and a refund. Their advertising is fraudulent and misleading, and their "support" is a joke.

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It works for me
Sep 11, 2009 8:05PM PDT

Strange, in my opinion all of their advertising are just and fair. It is not like the one that you see on advertisements from publishers like RegCure or Perfect Optimizer (FixTool) which is by the way still running although the second has been classified as "Misleading Software" in Symantec Online Threats Database. Both of these two publishers have promised to fix every PC problem that even related to boot failure and Windows blue screen while actually the ability that they offers is just registry cleaning.

Different from them, Spotmau really does offer us the tool we need to recover windows in various systems problems: independent system boot capability, NTLDR rebuilder, disk cloning and backup, password resetter, and many more. Boy, I just can't imagine if i had to buy each individual tool separately.

So let's be honest, yes of course it is not perfect. It is a collection of tools with price of just 50 bucks. What do you expect? Individual tools that as good as those from Norton Ghost or Acronis Disk Director Suite that if sold separately could cost you hundreds of dollars. You must be kidding me? Don't be cheap!

But I agree that their customer service should be more open and flexible in money back guarantee policy because sometimes the independent boot capability won't work on some systems.

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Spotmau Power Suite
Dec 5, 2009 2:42AM PST

I agree with the former post.
I am only using Power Suite and I recently bought it to clean & speed up a very sluggish computer[iMac with Bootcamp]. That is what it advertises and that is what it does beautifully.
It downloaded, opened and installed very smoothly and it transformed my tortoise into a hare. Further more, it must be working in the background because when I check now & then, all systems get a ?high? rating.
I cannot comment on their tech. support since I did not need them, but I find this software to be a little gem, I must have been lucky for once!

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Worst Mistake I Ever Made
Jan 25, 2008 6:24AM PST

This software created a major nightmare for me. It crashed both my office & home computers for different reasons. I have never had a problem like this on either computer. Their "professional support team" is incompetent and is also the reason, after following their instructions, that my home computer crashed. This started four days ago and both computers are still down. For the full thread:

Message was edited by: admin to correct link

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I read about half the discussion and could not find...
Jan 25, 2008 6:32AM PST

Where you had a backup of your system. Something was missing before you tried out their new (bum?) product.

What is the backup for these computers?


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Simply BAD!!! See this picture.
Jan 25, 2008 6:40AM PST
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Bought premium 2008 to recover files from hard drive
May 18, 2008 9:20AM PDT

So far this has not been a good purchase. I had an external hard drive that crashed due to a failed power supply. Got the hard drive back up in a new external case and had to format the drive to access it. I bought the software to recover the files and it worked partially. I recovered the files and saved them to another hard drive but none of them will open. The files are mostly picture files that have the correct titles and what appear to be correct file sizes but will not open. I have been dealing with their "tech support" now for two days and they assure me that the files are ok and should be able to recover them but don't offer how to do it.
here is the answer I got from the crack team.

"Spotmau Support 5/17/2008 5:49:47 PM
Dear customer,
Don't worry about it! And we will do our best to help you.Almost data(your picture\word\etc.) you recovered is OK,but some data is not be read again.Because them have been rewrited at one time by you or other persons.
Thank you for your attention.
Spotmau Support Team"

Not very good help. I think I will get my money back if they cannot answer my question today. Should not be to technical of a question to answer I would guess......
I would caution against buying this software.

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WIndows XP repair
Apr 10, 2008 11:46PM PDT

Hi, My windows xp won't boot up, i get a blue screen saying windows has encountered an error etc. I can only start in safe mode. I cannot access the BIOS bootup setup as it seems to have been hardwired (or is password protected) so I cannot even install a new version of windows xp or use a recovery disk...Has anyone experienced a similar problem and if so how do I fix this? will spotmau or similar do te job?

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