The Paradigm Cinema 90 CT system would be incredible. It's $850 from Amazon.

But, I'd suggest finding a Paradigm dealer (go to their website and do a dealer search. BTW, this brand is not carried in Big Box stores like Best Buy), so you can hear it before you buy, and so you can mix and match components (this would allow you to get a better subwoofer, for the Cinema CT's, while still good, isn't near as powerful as Paradigm's PDR-10). And, since Paradigm doesn't sell the rest of their products online, going to a Paradigm dealer would also allow you to hear their other products, such as the Monitor line, which has bigger speakers that won't break your budget too much, and can be combined with the Cinema speakers very well (the Studio, Millenia, and Signatures are most likely out of your price range, unless you'd be comfortable spending $10,000-$40,000!).

Anyway, this is what I'd look at first:

2 x Paradigm Cinema 90's (fronts)
1 x Paradigm Cinema CC (center)
2 x Paradigm Cinema ADPs (surrounds; if your receiver supports 7.1 surround sound, you could get 4)
1 x Paradigm PDR-10 subwoofer

Cost: about $1100

This would be an absolutely incredible speaker system.

But, whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM BOSE! BTW, this system here would be 100x better than even Bose's $4000 Lifestyle 48.