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So you praise vandalism?

Someone does something you disagree destroy their property?

Next time "the blacks" riot...and you bring it up?

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Who paid to put up the monuments?

The people who lived there at the time. He's the vandal, what he got was the punishment.

Proverbs 22:28
English Standard Version
Do not move the ancient landmark that your fathers have set.

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So using YOUR logic

IF you build it/paid for it....No one other than "you" can change or remove/improve anything?

IF the people from the past aren't alive to maintain they lose possession? When someone else changes they take possession? Why not?

The guy was hired by the people that have "custody of the monument"...the City. Possession IS 9/10 of the law.

RE;Who paid to put up the monuments? Individuals that are presently dead.

Who paid for the car? Someone that is alive.

So you think it's "vandalism"...yet you "praise" it? I'll remind you of your feelings on vandalism sometime in the future.

RE:Do not move the ancient landmark that your fathers have set

AND IF you used to go down the block and turn right at the gas station to get to the movie theater....AND they tore the gas station down...they would be removing a "landmark' and you couldn't find the movie theater.

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when you are in "custody of the police" do they have rules they must abide by in how they deal with you, take care of you, while "in custody"? Do they "own" you? Custody does NOT imply ownership, anymore than an underage heir who is "in custody" of a "regent". Your argument falls flat.

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RE:Your argument falls flat.

As does YOUR argument on YOUR "praise" of vandals...Oh haven't made any argument.

Strangely silent....interesting.....but not unexpected.

RE: custody....

comparing custody of a child to custody of a monument (an inanimate object)?

Were your children little statues?

Go stand out front on the lawn...I'll cut the grass around you and make sure the pigeons don't do their business on you.

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Reminds me of The Money Pit contractors.
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Of course...and as the saying goes...
"Two wrongs don't make a right"

It seems those who retaliate often get the worst of it in the end. Personally, I don't see why anyone today needs to feel ashamed or angry about such things they had no part in. History is to be learned from and trying to hide it away won't change tomorrow. I'm willing to bet there's not one among us who don't have ancestors that suffered what we today feel were atrocities. Sounds fairly equal to me. We're all in this together...or so I've heard said.
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Looks like the whip

needs to come out of retirement in that city, and find the proper backs to administer justice and understanding.

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A whip to the back

instead of a pat on the back(praise)?

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39 lashes allowed

it's in the book. Happy

Nothing like having one's wrong doing slapping down on their back to emphasize the point.

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RE: it's in the book.

And so is Sharia Law..."in the book"

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wrong book

No miracles, no proofs, just a blowhard named Mohammed who glorified himself and mislead now millions. Leader of the "broad way" that goes into hell.

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RE:wrong book

In YOUR mind...others have a different opinion.

How to prove you're right.

After you "pass on"...come on back, then you'll be "sure",(not saying anyone will believe you ) until then's a "belief/hope"...same as other religions.

IF you get to heaven and leave just to come back and say "I told you so", it might be frowned upon by the Gatekeeper and you will be refused readmission. Do you feel lucky?

I wonder why no one else ever had/took THAT option, perhaps it's not an option for numerous reasons.

IF you go to the other place....oh wait, you aren't going there.

I guess we won't be hearing from you after you go to the other side.

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You CAN come back
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You want me to come back and haunt you?!

Do you deserve it?

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