SoundShare or SoundConnect still supported?

I'm shopping for a new TV & soundbar combo, probably in 50" size HD or UHD (8850 or 6950 series if I go with Samsung). One of the best features of my current Panasonic Viera TV/bar setup is that the TV controls the soundbar so that it goes on and off with the TV and the TV volume control operates the soundbar volume.

I would like to keep this functionality and am wondering if any Samsung combination and hookup method will work this same way. One thing I saw mentioned when looking at a soundbar manual (HW-H450) was called SoundConnect or SoundShare and is a wireless audio/control interface between the TV and soundbar using an HDMI-ARC connection. However, none of the current TVs seem to mention this in either their spec sheets or user guides.

So is this still supported? And in any case, is there a TV-soundbar connection that makes it easy to adjust power and volume from the TV remote?

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Reporting: SoundShare or SoundConnect still supported?
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Sort of.

Samsung has been all over the map on this one. I can't explain why but if you consider a model, ask the seller if it does this as well as check out the web page. Be sure you tell the seller you will return products that fail to do what you want. No reason to keep such things today with all the other fine choices.

As to ARC, I ignore such as a failed promise.

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Yes, it does.

To preface, I'm a Samsung F8500, Samsung HW-F750, and Samsung Shape M7 owner. I love these products, and they've worked wonderfully for me. I've connected my F750 Sound System to the F8500 via optical, and use the 'Auto Power' feature which automatically powers on the F750 when the TV does. It does not automatically power off, but through SoundShare (now SoundConnect - don't know why they did that, since it just confuses consumers) you can completely sync power off/on and volume control.

Anyhow...for a more complete answer, I've provided a link below. Yes, I realize the link below is for a different model; however, every model that possesses SoundShare/Connect has the same syncing capability with a Samsung Smart TV. I hope this will aid in your purchase decision.

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Hi JakANN47


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Surround Effect

Hi mriand,

My apologies for such a late reply, especially considering you've probably already received an answer.

To my knowledge, I've never truly experienced a 7.1 effect unless I've actually heard/been in the presence of a 7.1 Surround Sound system. However, I will say that having both the HW-F750 & the M7 produces a high quality variation of Stereo, and that's good enough for me.

Hope this helps, and again, my apologies for the absurdly late reply.

- J

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SoundConnect & M7 speakers

Hi JAKann47,

Did you encounter any problem connecting the 2 M7 speakers to SoundConnect? I have been able to connect one speaker without any problem, but can't seem to sync up two speakers. I also own the Samsung F8500. Samsung tech support people that I speak to have no answers. Thanks for you help

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Samsung Hub

Hi jljay23,

My apologies, as mentioned above, for such a ridiculously late reply. I'm sure you've already gotten your answer, but I'll reply nonetheless.

From what I understand, the connection for 2 or more Samsung Shape speakers, is reliant upon the purchase of the Samsung Shape Hub, which relays the connection signal/sound over your WiFi network. If you're having problems with THAT process, I'm not sure I can help you. However, if your issue is connecting both speakers to your TV, then I'd say that what you're trying to do isn't possible. This is due to the fact that, as of now, SoundShare (essentially Bluetooth) only supports the concurrent connection of one device at a time.

Once again, my apologies for the late reply, but I hope my answer helps.

- J

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Pairing MULTIPLE Samsung speakers to Samsung TV

Dear JAKann47,

Hope you are readig this as I reply to an old post of you. I was searching on internet when I encountered some posts about connecting a Samsungtv with multiple samsung speakers. I own 2 M7 and 2 M5 speakers, and a Hub, and recently bought a new SamSung TV with the option TVsoundconnect. As many people on this Forum I can only connect 1 speaker to the TV via TV soundconnect, where I hoped it would be possible to pair the speakers and make the sound of the TV go via multiple speakers....(no idea why Samsung thought it was a good idea to advert with this option though you can only connect to 1 speaker...)

While I was trying it, for some reason it worked 2 short times to connect a speaker to the TV via the Multiroom app on my phone, though not via the TVsoundconnect option, but by selecting the speaker in the Multiroom app, directly choosing the TV as an option to connect (other options in the same Menu were bluetooth, AUX and TVsoundconnect), and then pressing 'Surround' and selecting another speaker. So then I had the sound of the TV via 2 speakers. When I tried it again, and wanting to select more than 2 speakers, it did not work anymore and I could not pair directly with the TV anymore...

Could you help me? If I want to connect my speakers to the TV, what should I do? I read something about buying a certain model Samsung soundbar, and then it would be possible to pair that up with the speakers, and have the sound of the TV via multiple sources...?

Thanks a lot!

ps. as you can read I am not very technical... Wink

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