Sound Sensor Technology

I'm wondering if the technology exists to be able to place sensors around my home that would sense a sound in a 6 inch radius and send a signal to a mobile app that identifies which sensor detected the sound?

For example, if I had one sensor in my bedroom closet and one in my kitchen cupboard, a sound originating w/in 6 inches of the closet sensor would send a signal the the mobile app identifying the sound came from the closet sensor ... and the kitchen sensor would not pick up the sound.

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Such could be made but

Your expectations are about to be dashed. That is, how would said sensor know it's 6 inches and not 8?

Most folk go with switches to doors and such. i.e. your basic alarm/security system.

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Could there be a sensitity adjustment?

It wouldn't have to be that precisely calibrated, i.e. the sensors would normally be at least 20 feet apart for the application I'm building. It would just have to be that only one sensor picks up the sound. Possible?

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Have to go with no.

Sensitivity is not "distance." Let me write I'm an electronics designer and have dealt with sensors for decades. You need to get a grasp of noise level does not give you distance. Until that is accepted then we can't proceed.

Today there are ways to create such a thing with Arduino and RasBerry as the basis but the issue is, is very basic. Noise level does not give you distance.

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Just to Clarify ...

I don't need the sensor to "give me distance". I just need to be certain that if the noise originates 6 inches from the sensor, the sensor 20 feet away does not also pick up the noise.

The sensors will be placed in locations where I KNOW sound will originate. For instance, let's say that the 6 sensors are each placed next to 6 different service counter bells, all at least 20 feet apart. When one of the bells is rung, I would want the app on my mobile to tell me which one was rung.

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Then no.

To gauge distance is a very tricky thing. You would need a sensor network and a pile of code to gauge (actually guess) where it came from. To do this with sound is far more work than to wire up the bells with matching switches.

Or make a small IoT device to make the bell sound and send a signal. Example:

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Pretty sure a gunshot, 6 inches from a sensor,

would be picked up a sensor 20 feet away.

Just saying.


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(NT) Small bell, not gunshot :-)
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Even a bell

Can reflect off someone and you'll get a misread. This sounds like a good idea but given the uncertainty I fear you would be unhappy with the results.

Rather than go with uncertain solutions, I suggest wired buttons or wireless buttons that send a packet to your monitoring system.

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Thank you ...

for the suggestion. The application will be something that will be sold over the counter as a package where they can place the sensor near the counter bells and sync them up to the app.

There has to be a way!

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Make each bell a different tone

Bell 1 sounds like a tuba
Bell 2 sounds like a fog horn
Bell 3 sounds like my ex ( OH No ! )
and so forth
Probably pretty newbie thinking but , there it is Mischief

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where's foghorn leghorn?


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Wisdom from Foghorn
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Not a bad idea but ...

The intent is to sell the app and sensors in big box stores (like Office Depot) and we won't be able to control the type of bells they buy. We could include the bells but we want it to be more dynamic, i.e. they can network up as many as they want into the app.

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In the mid 60's...

I was given as a b/day/Christmas present. it was an electronics kit with which you could make a radio/burglar alarm etc. I remember that you could make a burglar alarm which worked either with a light being turned on, or a noise in the room.
Distance wasn't a factor, but hours of fun with that. Laugh

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Let's say you want to build this.


Now you'll need more than a few of these to each detect the sound. And you'll have to put a filter on the frontend to listen for just the right frequency of the bell. Now with a network of these you have them all send in the information to a bigger computer (Rasberry Pi or PC) then more code to pick out which it was.

I think replacing the bells would be quicker, cheaper and more reliable.

More at

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Much appreciate the suggestion ...

We will research for sure!

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