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Sound problem Samsung LCD TV A550

Ok, I got this TV and it had been great. But, sometimes when I turned it on and it was set to a particular input, but the device that was connected to that input wasn't turned on, I'd hear an awful loud crackling/rumbling sound until I turned the device (i.e. cable box) on. No problem, I got used to turning on the device before the TV.

BUT, last night while watching cable tv, the audio started crackling/rumbling and there was no tv audio anymore. Instead I just had this crackling/rumbling noise. The sound persisted when I switched inputs between hdmi/component, etc., whether or not any device was even connected to the input that was selected. The sound only stopped when I "muted" the tv, not even when I lowered the volume to zero, manually. I turned off the tv and turned it on again, and it was fine for a few seconds until it started again. I cut power to my entire system, waited 10 minutes, started it up again, and now it's been fine. But, I'm scared there's a problem that will recur and that it's only a matter of time.

Any thoughts at all from anyone?????? Any advice whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!

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Reporting: Sound problem Samsung LCD TV A550
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I'm having same problem

I've had the same crackling sound, but mostly the audio just goes out and won't come back on until I turn it and leave it off for several minutes. When I called Samsung Customer Service, they told me to try replacing the cables. I switched from the HDMI connection to a cable connection and it worked fine for about a couple of months, now the sound is going out again, I switched back to HDMI and still no sound. The customer service at Samsung is horrible and I will never by another Samsung product again. Were you able to find a solution to your problem?

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I may have found a solution

I lost sound through HDMI as so I tried swapping cables and that didn't work. So what I did was I unplugged the power cable from the LCD (not from the outlet) and left it out for 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds, sound came back for me.

Its worth a shot. Hope it works for those looking for any kind of solution.

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Another sound problem

Thanks for the suggestion! I bought a 52" A550 last week and without warning (no crackling) the sound just disappeared. I tried unplugging the TV but it didn't work. But then I unplugged both the cable box and the TV and re-plugged in after 20 sec and the sound came back on. Love the picture but this is annoying, especially after just 1 week. Hope it isn't a pattern of things to come.

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It's a Pattern

There's definitely something wrong with these Samsung TV's. I tried unplugging it and left it off for several days, the sound came back, but of course it went out again. I contacted their customer service and they provided me with a service company. After speaking with the service company they told me that it is most likely the soundboard that has to be replaced. She told me the part alone was probably around $350 which did not include labor. Bottom line, it's just not worth it to repair. A friend of mine told me I may be able to purchase a surround sound system and run the audio through that. I have yet to try that, but plan on it. I will NEVER buy a Samsung product again, that's for sure. Good luck.

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Sorry to hear that...


The next time this happens, you should make sure it's the TV by trying another source on the TV (such as a DVD or camcorder plugged into the TV). It's interesting that unplugging the TV didn't fix the problem but when you unplugged the TV AND the cable box, it started to work. That might mean it's a cable box issue.

If it is the TV, then we can send somebody out to repair it (800-SAMSUNG) or you could take it back for an exchange. Try calling 1-800-Samsung before going through the headache of returning it. They can walk you though some things that might identify the problem.

Let us know what happens,

Mr. Samsung

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Never fixed it

When I had my problem (I started this thread) I tried different inputs, etc., and it was always the same problem. There is no doubt that it was the television. Luckily I had insurance on the tv and it was new enough that I was able to exchange it for a new television.

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37" 550 Audio

Boy the audio on this otherwise nice $1000 TV is a joke. The sound is so tinny it sounds like an old transistor radio, even with the touted but meaningless "Trusurround" engaged.

I do not want to invest in a major home theater system, and the sound bar I bought and brought home (and returned) didnt work out logistically. There are 2 audio output jacks on the back - can I simply add some plug-in speakers, or must any audio layering option include an amplifier?

Any other tips?

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A quick thought for you


There is no built in amplifier in the LN37A550, and yes, you?d need one. I?d normally recommend a surround sound system, but since you stated that a system doesn?t work for your application, there is a headphone jack on the side of the television. Many users have commented about using powered external computer speakers with positive results. You can get a 2.1 (.1 denotes sub) system and hook it into the television directly through the headphone jack.


Mr. Samsung

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A550 Audio

Thanks for the tip - I was pondering trying computer speakers but probably would not have thought of using the headphone jack. The TV is otherwise very nice...

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Yes, the sound was the determining factor for me

I was wavering between the Samsung ln37a550 and the Sony KDL-37XBR6. The pictures were very similar, both excellent, the determining factor for me was the terribly tinny sound out of the Samsung, and the great sound from the Sony. The TV is in the living room in a cabinet, so I need integrated sound rather than computer speakers that wouldn't fit in the cabinet along with a 37" TV, or a theater sound system with speakers all over the place. Not to mention another piece of electronics to control along with the TV, DVD player, HD cable box, etc. I like the simple, clean approach to entertainment whenever possible *smile*.

I also bought on the internet, so the price for the Sony was just a little higher than the Samsung, and I have a single piece of electronics that I'm very happy with and does what I need.

My previous TV was a Samsung, and I would have ended up with another one if they done a better job on the sound on the ln37a550.


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Thanks for the feedback

I read your feedback and appreciate your opinion.

I'll be sending that upward to our R&D people for review. Maybe next time we can get your business!


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Externel loudspakers to LED TV

I tried to use 5 on the connection Panel for an amplifier and turne on External speakers but it didn?t work

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Samsung audio keeps going out

I have a Samsung LCD TV (Model # LNT4642HX/XAA). Like many others stated here in this thread, the audio keeps going out after about 20 minutes or so. If I turn off the tv and back on the audio comes back. Likewise if I turn off the tuner, and back on, the audio comes back on. All of my troubleshooting seems to be leading to the TV itself. The problem I am having, Samsung says to call the cable tuner company and the cable tuner box company says to call Samsung.
This is all very frustrating and I only have untill June until my warranty is up.
What can I do?

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Samsung audio keeps going out

All, as I red above in this thread, I do have the audio keeps going out problem after a while. I have tried many many things.. It happens ONLY when using the HDMI cable. I even changed cable to another brand (monster cable)and used the other connector at the back. When using the Stereo jack the audio is ok but the picture quality sucks . The audio is good for a while and than I loose it. Turn the TV OFFand sound comes back. Is it a configuration issue?

I dont see any resolution proposal on this thread. Any suggestions?


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Sound problem - crackling - Samsung 46" LCD LNT4665FX/XAA

Shortly after buying this TV, the sound started making a crackling noise that increases as the volume increases, and dissappears when muted. It sounds like the speakers are blown, even though we have never turned the TV up to half the range. Samsung sent a technician to our home 2 times, with little improvement. I believe they replaced the speakers, wiring, and the sound board. Now instead of a constant annoyance, it is an intermittent problem, and I have scratches all over the front of the TV from the attempted "repair". Another, different, Samsung technician is scheduled to come to our house to have a go at correcting the problem. Unfortunately, he has been a no-show, once, and rescheduled twice, so far. I hope the third time is the charm...when he actually shows up. This has been a big inconvenience that I wouldn't expect from a $2k TV. Samsung customer service said that their policy is to continue to send technichians until the problem is deemed unrepairable. With an intermittent problem, I'm afraid this could be forever. I would expect a replacement and let Samsung deal with the problem.

Anyone have a similar experience? Any suggestions??

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No-Show Service is Unacceptable.


So I have this striaght: Your service tech has not shown up once, and then they rescheduled twice?

Please let me know the current status of this situation and I will be happy to help out if necessary.


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Crackling sound

I have had my new LN52A750 for about a week and have had a very quick loud crackle sound come and go three times. The TV didn't go off and the picture did not change. Otherwise it's working ok so far. All of this discussion about worse crackling problems has me worried. I'm feeding audio out to my sound system through the headphone jack.


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Have you attempted a firmware update on this unit?


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Firmware Update

Quite a few years ago, I tried a firmware update on a CD-ROM drive and on a computer motherboard. I had the wrong version and turned them into bricks. So I'm cautious, even though I've updated firmware many times since. I just figured that if I had the latest firmware already on my new ln52a750, I just as well not try to update it. I don't know what version is installed now. I suppose I could go ahead and try the update.


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Volume goes back to 0 on a 37A550

First I thought someone was just playing, but now I am pretty sure my two months old TV is doing the trick. Ok I deserve it why buy Samsung...

I turn on the volume and it automatically goes back to 0. No sound at all. I turn it up and it goes back to 0. Anyone seen something similar? Is normal sound on a TV too much to ask from Samsung?

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Not at all..

Having normal sound is not to much to ask.

Why not have the unit serviced?


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Full sound

For a change it went from no sound to blasting full sound why there is no other way to turn the TV off but to unplug it. It is rather disappointing after barely 2 months...

We will start off by replacing some panels. No TV for a couple weeks Happy

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Samsung LNT4065F suddenly no sound!

I bought my Samsung LNT4065F HDTV in February of 2008. Everything was fine. I turned my TV on today and there is no sound. I read a few threads on this forum, checked on through the Menu if TV sound is ON, it is. Then tried to watch a DVD and the sound came back. But when I try to watch cable, there is no sound at all. Please help!

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Samsung LNT4065F Suddenly no Sound when i turn on the tv

I bought my Samsung in june 2008. Everything was fine until three days ago. I turned my TV on today and there is no sound. I checked on through the Menu if TV sound is ON, it is. I switched off and Switched on again sound is back. Please help in finding the issue?

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Volume problem with samsung lcd tv

I have a samsung lcd tv model:LN40B500P3F. I bought it during 2009 Thanksgiving. Exactly after one year and one month, it started behaving odd today. The volume goes down to 0 automatically. I increase it using remote/tv side panel, again it goes down to 0 either immidiately or in few minutes(random)....I removed the batteries from remote(to make sure its not remote problem but even then same thing happened in few minutes)...Any idea what is causing this? I also noticed when i open the menu and move thru the different options in it, it doesnt do as per my control sometimes.....

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Two more problems.

This discussion is about an A550.
It's an old discussion.

I'll lock it now that I see you have a new discussion.

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I had the same issue

i actually had this same issue. It worked fine for a month or so, and then the sound went out on two channels, that I watch regularly. I fixed it by going to the sound options, and changing the Multi-Track Options, and now it works.

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Sound Problem LN-S4051D

My LCD has worked fine until the last few months. The sound has stopped working. You have to turn it off and on until there is sound. This may take 4 to 9 times. There will also be a cracking sound every now and then when we turn it on. I have it hooked onto my cable with no cable box. My HDMI is not effected by this, the sounds works every time. I also have another coaxial connection to my antenna (over the air) for HDTV. It is bothered with the same problems that my cable (coaxial)has. Any suggestions.

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TV Speakers making loud cracking noise

My TV is connected via HDMI to my Yamaha receiver. When I turn on my TV (sound is turned down to zero), the TV speakers (just the left one) make a horrible scratching/static sound for about 30 seconds. The sound goes from a constant to in and out and then to nothing. This has been happening for a few months, but it was not as loud or prevalent at the beginning. It is now happening every time I turn on the TV.

Anyone else had this happen?

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samsung sound problem

I have a similar problem, the sound totally stoped (video but no audio)

Samsung technical help was no help but found your blog and ubpluged the tv power cord for 20 seconds and bingo sound came back.

There is diffenatly a problem with samsung sound and their technical help either plays dumb or is! You would think someone at samsung would read this blog, duh.

I may never buy a samsung again, more because of the inability for technical support to solve the problem, than the problem itself.

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