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Sound icon missing in Vista

Mar 30, 2007 9:39PM PDT

I have a new Vista HP Laptop, and all was perfectly fine until today, when I noticed that the sound icon (for volume control and stuff), was missing from the taskbar. I read up on this and followed the instructions to get it back - Go to Taskbar and Start Menu Properties, and the Notification Area Tab. In the System Icons section, I have clock, Volume, Network, Power. Only Clock is checked, all the others are unchecked, and greyed out. I am unable to check the volume here.
Dones anyone know how to fix this? I have not installed anything on this machine in weeks, not even updates, and all was fine yesterday. Now this!
All help would be appreciated.


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Reporting: Sound icon missing in Vista
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Mar 30, 2007 11:56PM PDT

Did you try this,start>control panel>sounds and audio devices then check the box place volume icon in the task bar?


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Mar 31, 2007 6:59AM PDT

No, I am using Vista, I can't get to the sound options like that. That's the XP way.
I go - Start>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound. This only gives me the choices - Adjust System Volume, Change System Sounds, and Manage Audio Devices. None of these let me change wether I want the sound/volume control icon in the taskbar. On Vista, to get that, I have to right click on the Taskbar, choose Properties, then the Notification Area tab, then choose from the Sysyem Icons list - CLOCK, VOLUME, NETWORK, POWER. The only one that is not greyed out is CLOCK. The rest I can't change, and there is no other way of doing it that I can find. My sound works perfectly by the way, and the PC runs perfectly too. I just don't have the icon any more in the Taskbar.
Could be a Vista glitch.

Did you try this,start>control panel>sounds and audio devices then check the box place volume icon in the task bar?


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Ah, nope...
Mar 31, 2007 11:55AM PDT

Sorry to say this again, but in Windows Vista you can't do that. In Control Panel, there is no Add Remove Programs or Windows Setup tab, and no Icon for Multimedia Settings.
In Vista, I have: Control Panel> Programs. From here I can: Uninstall a Program, Turn off Windows Features, Run Windows Defender, Start/Stop Default Programs, Setup Windows Sideshow, Add/Uninstall Windows Sidebar Properties, and finally Get Programs Online. In Vista, there are No Multimedia Settings at all. I have searched every tab under every heading but I've found nothing at all to do with sound volume control, or multimedia settings. Once again, I think you are thinking about Windows XP. For some reason, Microsoft have, in their wisdom, been farting about with things again, and 'fixing' things. Very much appreciated.


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Curious question
Oct 3, 2007 5:02PM PDT

I know you fixed your problem but I was wondering about what you said is listed in your Control Panel. When you have the Control Panel folder open, is it in the categorized view or the Classic view? I hate the categorized view because it's like things are missing and it's not as easy to find what you are looking for. In the classic view you should find some of the things you said were not listed. If they still aren't listed, your system might be messed up.

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sound icon missing in vista
Apr 12, 2010 12:46PM PDT

You don?t have the exact words Sound Settings or Add and Remove in Vista its just Sound and Programs and features.
only the names have been changed to protect and confuse.

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Thank you tons!
Apr 12, 2010 12:39PM PDT

i had the same problem. one day the volume icon was missing. i had done nothing and it was just gone. I just had to re-enable it!. Thanks a ton!

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Here is another try
Sep 30, 2007 1:20PM PDT

I had this same problem on my Vista machine. After doing a little hunting, I did this:

Right Click on Taskbar > Properties > Notification Area tab > under system icons, check Volume. This worked for me, don't know if your situation is different? Give it a try.

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Sep 30, 2007 1:22PM PDT

Sorry, I just posted that post of mine, and then after posting and reading about your situation, I realize that you had already tried this. Disregard that last post of mine.

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Oct 3, 2007 12:29PM PDT

i just browse. FInd this page. Read ur lines. And fix the Volume Control problem in my Vista OS.

Thanx alot.

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sound icon missing in VISTA
Mar 28, 2008 12:42AM PDT

This works fine.....NOW! However, before I restarted my machine, the volume box was DISABLED. There were some other different things on my task bar that were not there before. I'm guessing VISTA was updated automatically and did something. I had previously reenabled by volume icon, then it disappeared, then the box was disabled, then it reenabled. This is confusing. Don't know what could be modifying this randomly. Another VISTA mystery.

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This time it worked for me too!
Apr 22, 2011 10:06AM PDT

I had the EXACT same problem, was NOT able to check the volume or the power buttons, and after restarting my computer they icons were both still gone. But after reading your post, I checked again, and this time I WAS able to check both boxes. Hopefully they'll still be there after I restart it the next time. Windows did update this morning and with it too both icons away. That's Microsoft for you!!

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Volume icon
Sep 9, 2009 9:01PM PDT

Thanks, this worked for me!

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This worked
Mar 24, 2010 4:48AM PDT

Had the same issue (just randomly appeared)... this solution of right clicking on the taskbar-> Properties ->Notifications worked.


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volume icon on vista
Apr 1, 2011 8:33AM PDT

Dear big, I tried the rt click thing. Also the control panel thing. Neither works. When I rt clk on the task bar the volume thing shows but it is grayed out. I clicked everything and can't get it to work. Help pls? ty Oh I also have Windows Vista.

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It worked
Jul 2, 2011 1:33PM PDT

It was so annoying for over a year without my sound icon, and your suggestion worked in 2 secs. Thank you.

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same way
Jul 24, 2011 6:17PM PDT

Same problem - same way to solve it. But that option to check the "volume box" was not active for some time, I don't know way, I did nothing and than after few days and few restarts of the PC it was active I checked and I have now the volume icon.

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Almost but it will not allow me to check the volume box
Sep 14, 2011 8:30AM PDT

I had the volume icon one day and gone the next on my Vista machine. I followed your directions but neither volume nor network boxes allowed me to click on them. In the past, I have had to restore to a previous date but there must be a better way. Thanks for helping

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Thank you
Nov 29, 2011 7:05AM PST

Thank you, this solved my problem! Happy

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Missing SOUND ICON......
Dec 14, 2011 6:15PM PST

Excellent bigblackhawk, I used your suggestion and it worked first time............!!!

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Re-enabling Vista's sound icon
May 13, 2010 6:07PM PDT

I had the same problem on Vista: no sound control icon, taskbar notification option is grayed out.

Restarting the computer did NOT solve the problem. This Microsoft KB article, however, did:

I followed the directions under "Let me fix it myself". Hope this helps.


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vol icon found
Oct 14, 2010 9:41AM PDT

thanks to ur help i followed exactly and it worked

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Re-enabling Vista's Sound Icon
Feb 4, 2011 1:56PM PST

i followed your link to MS and used the FixIt automated troubleshooter - worked great - thanks

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Mar 15, 2011 9:48PM PDT

Worked like a charm!

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Vista Sound icon
Jun 15, 2011 7:12AM PDT

Perfect solution!!! I have had this issue for a while with the sound, network and battery icons coming and going but this procedure has restored without the aggravation of a complete restart that I have found doesn't always work.

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Easy sollution
Oct 7, 2007 2:15AM PDT

I have vista home premium and i discovered the same problem a while back and have just recived it again.

this problem is easy to solve and i discovered the solution after a few minuites of searching on the internet.

The solution is simple,
1. click start > run and type regedit to open the registry editor.
2. Search for "iconstreams"
3. Delete all keys with the name "iconstreams" and "pasticonstreams" until "iconstreams" cannot be found in the registry
4. Restart Vista
5. if the icon is not there at startup, right click the taskbar, click properties then notification area and enable the icon like normal.

i found this solution at:

I hope this helps.
Joseph Campbell

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No "run" in my vista hp
Jan 12, 2008 2:50PM PST

am i missing it somewhere? i do not see "run" here in vista. the XP that runs in my desktop has "run
". the Network icon along with several others are missing, i can not enable it because it is grayed out.

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To Access A 'Run' Line On Vista
Jan 14, 2008 1:36AM PST

Click on the Vista Start button and in the "Search" line, type "Run", then click on OK or press the "Enter" key.. A "Run Line" will appear much the same as it did in XP.

Hope this helps.


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easiest way
Oct 8, 2008 9:57PM PDT

assuming that you cannot check the sound icon or the network icon at the taskbar properties... and you're using vista...

you will need to have CCleaner or Reg Mechanic...
if you have these registry cleaners then good... if you don't, better download it... you'll need it anyway...

if you have CCleaner, just click Run Cleaner then wait until it's complete then go to registry (still in the CCleaner) and click "scan for issues" then click "fix selected issues" don't make backups...
then reboot....

if it still doesn't work....

download Registry Mechanic
scan your registry
when you're done scanning
click "repair"
then reboot...

its recommended that you do both registry cleanups before rebooting for optimum results

those stupid icons should appear on your taskbar right after you restarted your computer

have a nice day!!!

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