Unfortunately, you've told us nothing about your computer.. Laptop or desktop? Brand name and model number? What operating system? How much RAM is installed? Things you've done to try to fix the issue? (other than install a new audio driver..)

First, please open up the computer case and blow out all the dust and junk from around the processor, heatsink, power supply, and all fans.. See if that helps things..

Next, because malware can cause such issue, if you haven't already, please try the free tool below. Download, install,update, then run a full system scan using the program:

SUPERAntispyware Removal Tool

Next, start by cleaning out the junk files, and shut down all the unnecessary startup programs and services that can bog down a computer. Use the links below for basic instructions..

For Windows 2000/XP, ignore the first couple of sentences about checking "resources" and the "Performance" tab in the link below but follow the rest of the procedures including the "Services" links at the bottom.

How To Shut Down Unnecessary Start Up Programs

After following all the procedures above, run Error Checking/Chkdsk and Defrag to optimize the hard drive:

How To Run 'Error Checking/Chkdsk' On Win2000/XP/Vista

Hope this helps.