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sould i replace my motherboard?? helo plzzzz

i have gateway 5082 media center desktop computer. with windows XP on it

and recently i had a problem where my computer would freeze in like 30 sec, it would boot from the cd or the hdd but it would freeze in 30sec. after putting my brains into extream test i finally found the problem, when ever there was a memory chip on the second slot the computer kept on freezing, if i removed it it would then work just fine. so i started using my computer with out a chip in the second memory slot( on the mother board) for about a week it worked just fine but some times a blue screen came up telling me "windows is shutting down to prevent damage on your computer AND SO on" now my computer would not let me open any external hdd or falsh drive, it would recognize it but not open it. now my computer just freezes and that blue screen would come up every 5 min.
i am sick of this i am planing to replace the mother board, i would it online for 79$$ you guys think i should replace the mother board??
if i plan to replace the mother board then do i need to buy any thing else or just the mother board?

( i am sure it is not a hdd problem because i tested the hdd on the other computer)
i do have a copy of windows XP and windows VISTA

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Reporting: sould i replace my motherboard?? helo plzzzz
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Don't replace the mainboard yet.

You don't want to replace your motherboard yet. Your motherboard may require dual-channel memory, in which case the two sticks are dependent on each other to function, if one of them is down the second one can't function. Another possibility is that the stick failed and your computer was left with too little memory to operate and hence the blue screens of death and the freezing.
In either case the best thing to do is to take the first stick to your local Fry's electronics and get another stick of memory, they'll help you match it with one that is compatible and if this doesn't take care of the problem you can always return it.

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if it's the exact same mobo

then it might be worthwhile. but you need to do a bit more troubleshooting since a flaky power supply can cause the same issues. you really need to test the ram, the power supply, and the mobo otherwise you might me wasting your money replacing the wrong component(s).

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ohh a new problem

my dad who is a engineer did test the power supply. he simply got a meter and he said there is a proper current flow so the power supply must be fine. altho i dont know if that is the real way to test a power supply.
( littel HISTORY- u had bought a monitor with this desktop, with in few months the monitor stoped woking, when ever i would turn on the power the screen would go blank in like 3 sec SO i bought a new monitor and with in few weeks the same problem SO i bought one more new monitor and in like 1.5 months the Same problem, i am thinking that this is a power problem. the computer i had before this also had a power supply failure, but i realized this after i bought this computer)
back to the current probem, i now have a new problem i can not run network setup wiz, when ever i click on it a window will pop up buy after some YES and NEXT it would close by itself.
and when ever i attach a external hdd or flash drive my computer will reconize it but when i go to my computer the double click on it, NOTHING happens

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you can't fully test a power supply with a meter

a power supply can pass a meter test and still be putting out bad current that is fluctuating or above/below spec. also, power supply's behavior changes as it warms up and as it's load changes. since you have a history of power problems, i suspect the power supply is flaky. swap it out with another power supply if you possible.

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i dont have a extra power supply but i think i will buy a new one or just replace from a computer that is working fine

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ok i did some more test

ok so i got a power supply from a working computer and pluged it in this computer and turned on the computer and all i could see is blank screen, in fact there was no signal send to the monitor at all.
one thing i noticed is that the cpu fan keeps on running on high speed
when this computer was working fine the cpu fan would only turn on to high speed when the CPU is hot and for few sec when i turn on my computer, but when i installed the new power supply that fan kept on running on high speed.

second test
i installed the old power supply and turned on the computer, the computer turned on completely fine but i still had the freezing and then the blue screen problem.

third test
i exchanged the hard drive from a working computer and see if that worked. well the computer started and right before it was about to come the windows screen it restarted by itself. i tried to boot again and the same thing happened, but when i installed back the old hdd the computer booted just fine and i was able to get to the desktop but again i had the freezing and then the blue screen problem

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